What does Bumble Snooze Indefinitely mean?

What does Bumble Snooze Indefinitely mean?

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Sometimes, you just need a break, perhaps for a vacation or a time out, a respite from Bumble or other dating apps can be what you need.

On Bumble, however, one way to do this is by using the Snooze mode.

But how does this work? and how does the indefinite section work? This article should explain this.

Understanding How Bumble Snooze Works

If you’ve ever found yourself thinking about how you could just hit a pause button on this dating app, then the snooze feature can be a live saver.

When you set your profile to ‘Snooze,’ it essentially puts your Bumble activity on hold.

You’re still a member of the Bumble community, but you’re taking a breather. This feature gives you the freedom to take a break without losing your connections or conversations.

You’re not visible in the swipe deck, and you can’t be swiped right or left on – but you’re still there, waiting for when you’re ready to dive back in.

The beauty of this is in its simplicity.

No need to worry about explaining your absence to your matches or lose those valuable connections you’ve worked on, as Bumble would instantly send them a notification.

Your conversations would also stay intact, and your profile ready when you get back in..

Now, ‘Snooze’ can be set for specific periods – 24 hours, 72 hours, a week, or – here’s where it gets interesting – indefinitely.

Let’s take a look at Bumble indefinitely properly in the next section…

What does Bumble Snooze indefinitely mean?

So, what does ‘Snooze indefinitely’ mean?

In simple terms, it’s a setting that allows you to put your Bumble profile on hold for an unspecified period.

Unlike the standard ‘Snooze’ options of 24 hours, 72 hours, or a week, the ‘Snooze indefinitely’ option doesn’t have a set end date. Your profile will stay on Snooze mode until you decide you’re ready to return back.

So, how does it work?

It’s pretty straightforward, actually.

To activate this feature, you’d go to the app settings, find the ‘Snooze’ option, and select ‘Snooze indefinitely.’ Your profile then slips into a state of quiet slumber, becoming invisible to others while retaining all your connections and conversations.

But what happens when you’re ready to return?

Simply go back to your settings and turn off the Snooze mode. Your profile will be instantly reactivated, showing up in swipe decks and being accessible to your matches again.

Bumble Snooze Vs Other Available Options

So what if the snooze feature doesn’t align well with what you have in mind? Are there other alternative options to take?

First up, you can easily ‘Log Out’ of the app.

This is pretty much as straightforward as it sounds.

When you log out, you still have your conversations, messages, and matches active, but won’t receive any new notifications. So maybe, it doesn’t solve the problem of most people using the snooze mode (which actually makes you inactive).

Also, logging out means you’re also logged out of all Bumble modes – not just Bumble Date, but Bumble BFF and Bumble Bizz, too.

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Next on the list is ‘Deleting Your Account.’

This is the nuclear option, the point of no return. Once you delete your account, that’s it. Everything’s gone – matches, conversations, profile details – and you can’t get them back.

If you decide to return to Bumble, you’ll need to start from scratch. It’s a clean break, but it’s also a bit drastic if you’re just looking for a temporary hiatus.

Now, let’s circle back to the ‘Snooze’ function. Here, your profile is hidden, and you’re off the swipe deck, but your matches and conversations stay intact. You’re on a break, but only for as long as you want. Plus, you can choose to Snooze just Bumble Date while keeping Bumble BFF and Bumble Bizz active.

So, when you compare ‘Snooze’ to the other options, it’s pretty clear why it kinda works better.


In a nutshell, the ‘Snooze indefinitely’ feature is about putting you in control of your dating journey. It allows you to take a pause, recharge, and then return when you’re good and ready. Sounds pretty empowering, right?

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