Are Tinder Top Picks Super Likes?

Are Tinder Top Picks Super Likes?

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If you’re an avid user of dating apps, you’re likely familiar with Tinder, the app that pioneered the swiping culture and made online dating a breeze for millions worldwide. Generally, they’ve been very influential in the dating industry, making them the biggest dating platform.

However, regardless of this popularity and supposed flexibility, there’d always be confusion somewhere. One of them is the topic of today. So, let’s take a look at it properly.

Are Tinder Top Picks Super Likes?

To be clear, no, Tinder Top Picks and Super Likes are not the same, even though they might seem like they serve similar functions.

Tinder Top Picks, introduced in 2018, is a premium feature designed to showcase a curated list of 4 to 10 profiles that the algorithm deems to be most compatible with you.

This is based on several factors such as your swiping habits, your interests, and the details in your profile. Tinder Top Picks aims to save you time and effort by presenting you with profiles that are most likely to pique your interest.

On the other hand, Super Likes, a feature rolled out in 2015, are all about making your interest known explicitly.

The only relation between these two features is the fact that you’d find the super-like, symbolized by the blue star, displayed on every profile you find on Tinder’s top pick.

The blue star icon on top picks tinder
The Super Like blue star on top picks

When you Super Like someone, it lets the other person know you’ve swiped right on them with a star icon.

This gives them the chance to see your profile among their potential matches, even before they swipe on you. It’s a way of saying, “Hey, I’m really into you.”

A Brief Overview of How Top Picks Works

Top Picks, as we mentioned earlier, is a daily selection of profiles specially chosen for you by Tinder’s algorithm.

But what are the mechanisms behind this process?

Essentially, the algorithm assesses your swiping patterns, the types of profiles you show interest in, and the information you’ve listed on your profile. All these factors are considered when Tinder selects your Top Picks.

Let’s make this clearer with an example.

Say you’re someone who swipes right more often on profiles of individuals who love outdoor activities and have listed hiking as their interest.

Over time, the algorithm learns from this pattern and will curate your Top Picks to include more profiles of people who enjoy hiking or the outdoors.

It’s like having a personal matchmaker observing your preferences and handpicking profiles just for you, but in a digital format.

Note, however, that you only get access to the Top Picks feature if you’re a Tinder Gold or Platinum subscriber. While free users can view their one daily Top Pick, only paying members can see all of their daily Top Picks and swipe right on them without any limitations.

Does Tinder Picks Cost Money To Join?

No. To be featured as a Top Pick doesn’t cost you a penny.

The selection process is handled entirely by Tinder’s algorithm, which identifies shown profiles based on your profile details and activities on the app.

Whether you’re chosen or not as a Top Pick doesn’t hinge on any form of payment from you. So, you can breathe a sigh of relief – your wallet isn’t going to take a hit for that.

Now, while being featured as a Top Pick is free, accessing the list of Top Picks isn’t. To see your personalized list of Top Picks, you’ll need to subscribe to either Tinder Gold or Tinder Platinum, Tinder’s premium services.

At the time of writing, Tinder Gold costs around $29.99 per month, though the price can vary depending on your location and the length of the subscription. Tinder Platinum, the highest level of premium subscription, comes in at about $39.99 per month.

What these subscriptions offer, among other features, is the ability to view and swipe on your daily Top Picks. While Tinder Gold provides a limited number of Top Picks per day, Tinder Platinum users enjoy the perk of unlimited Top Picks.


So, in essence, Top Picks and Super Likes serve two distinct purposes on Tinder. While a Super Like is a tool you can use to express your intense interest in a profile, Top Picks are hand-picked profiles presented to you, the user, based on your perceived preferences.

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