Is Tinder Free For Females?

Is Tinder Free For Females?

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Many people have been curious about this, considering the number of dating apps that have different pricing models. But is there actually a sort of preferential advantage like this on the app?

Well, this article will take a look at this alongside other related questions, such as how the app’s premium features.

Is Tinder Free For Females?

When it comes to Tinder, it’s important to know right off the bat that it follows an egalitarian approach to online dating.

This means that, regardless of gender, everyone has access to the same basic features without needing to pay a single dime. So, the straightforward answer is yes, Tinder is free for females, just as it is for males.

Tinder’s free version allows you to set up your profile, swipe right or left on other profiles, and exchange messages with your matches.

However, like with many freemium services, Tinder does offer extra features through its premium subscriptions – Tinder Plus, Tinder Gold, and Tinder Platinum – which apply to all users, regardless of gender.

But then, they don’t guarantee matches as we’ve seen most people make mistakes with.

Purchasing one of these subscriptions provides benefits such as unlimited likes, the ability to rewind your last swipe if you’ve made a mistake, the chance to boost your profile visibility, and see who likes you before you decide to swipe right or left.

see who likes you feature on tinder

Additionally, these packages allow users to use Passport – a feature that lets you match with people worldwide, which is particularly useful if you’re into international dating or planning to travel.

The cost of these subscriptions can vary depending on your age and location, but they aren’t gender-specific. Tinder does not have a policy that charges males more or females less; the app is designed to be fair for all its users.

The Different Types of Premium Features on Tinder

1. Tinder Plus

First on our list is Tinder Plus. It’s a subscription plan that unlocks a suite of additional features to enhance your Tinder experience.

For starters, it gives you unlimited likes, so you’re no longer bound by the swipe limit that comes with the free version. You can swipe right till your heart’s content.

Additionally, it introduces the Passport feature, which allows you to connect with people worldwide, breaking the geographical boundaries.

Tinder boost snapshot

Tinder Plus also offers one free Boost a month, which pushes your profile to the top of the local area queue for 30 minutes, increasing your visibility.

And finally, you can take advantage of five Super Likes per day and a Rewind feature to undo any accidental swipes.

2. Tinder Gold

Tinder Gold is essentially Tinder Plus with a golden twist. It includes all the Tinder Plus features with a few significant additions.

It offers the ‘Likes You’ feature, which shows you who has swiped right on your profile before you’ve even swiped on theirs. This feature can be a real-time-saver and increases your chances of finding a match.

Additionally, Tinder Gold provides you with more profile controls and a curated selection of Top Picks every day. And it’s worth it for most people.

3. Tinder Platinum

Tinder platinum

Works like the cream of the crop, the pinnacle of what Tinder has to offer. It includes all the features of Tinder Gold, plus two exclusive additions.

It allows you to send a message before matching, giving you a chance to catch someone’s attention right off the bat. Plus, you’ll get a ‘Priority Like’ feature, making your likes more noticeable to potential matches.

Are the Premium Features Worth It?

If you’re someone who’s very active on the app, using it daily and engaging with a multitude of people, then the unlimited likes feature offered by Tinder Plus might be beneficial.

You no longer have to worry about running out of swipes and can engage freely with the vast pool of profiles. The Rewind feature can also be handy if you tend to be a bit swipe-happy and occasionally pass over profiles you’re actually interested in.

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The Passport feature, also part of the Tinder Plus and higher packages, might be particularly useful for those who travel frequently or are planning to move to a new city.

You can start swiping and connecting with locals ahead of time, which could potentially lead to some exciting encounters.

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Now, if you’re keen on saving time and want to see who’s interested in you right away, the Tinder Gold’s ‘Likes You’ feature could be a game-changer. It removes some of the guesswork from the process, allowing you to focus on profiles that have already expressed interest in yours.

Tinder Platinum, the most premium option, is perhaps best suited for those who are seriously invested in their Tinder experience and are keen on maximizing their potential matches. The ability to send a message before matching could be particularly beneficial in standing out from the crowd.

All these are actually important and useful. And if you’re ready to invest in your dating experience, why not? Perhaps you can start with the smallest plan, Tinder Plus.


To sum up, yes, Tinder is free for females, just as it is free for males. However, for those who wish to optimize their experience and enhance their chances of finding a match, Tinder offers paid features at an additional cost. Happy swiping!

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