Is Tinder Gold Worth it for Guys?

Is Tinder Gold Worth it for Guys?

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So, you’ve been on Tinder for a while now, or perhaps you’re new and just thinking about getting into the whole online dating thing.

Either way, there’s one question you’ve probably asked yourself: “Is Tinder Gold worth it for me?” Trust me, you’re not alone. And this article will cover this in detail.

Is Tinder Gold Worth it for Guys?

Now, before getting into the specifics, let’s understand what Tinder Gold offers.

Tinder Gold typically includes all the features of Tinder Plus (like unlimited likes, Passport, Rewind, one Boost per month, and more likes control), plus some additional ones:

You get to see who likes you before you swipe, and also access to top picks, a feature that shows you a curated selection of profiles Tinder thinks you’ll like, updated daily.

snapshot of my tinder top picks
A Snapshot of the Top Picks Feature on Tinder

But let’s break this down further, from the perspective of a guy using the app.

FeatureTinder FreeTinder Gold
Unlimited LikesNoYes
Passport (Swipe around the world)NoYes
Rewind (Take back the last swipe)NoYes
Boost (Get more profile visibility)No1 free Boost per month
Super LikesLimited to 1 per day5 Super Likes per day
No AdsNoYes
See who Likes YouNoYes
Top PicksNoYes (access to daily top picks)

First off, let’s get one thing straight…

The value of any product, including Tinder Gold, largely depends on what you’re looking to get out of it.

If you’re a casual swiper not overly concerned with matching and just browsing through for fun, then you might not see the need to upgrade from the free version.

On the other hand, if you’re actively looking for a meaningful connection or trying to maximize your chances of finding a match, then Tinder Gold could certainly be a game-changer.

The main advantages that come with a Tinder Gold subscription are its premium features, which go beyond the scope of a regular Tinder account.

These include unlimited likes, the capacity to rewind your last swipe, five super likes per day, one boost per month, passport swipe around the world, and, crucially, the ability to see who likes you before you’ve liked them.

However, you always want to be moderate when using these features. For instance, you don’t want to swipe too much as well as under swipe.

In other words, Tinder Gold removes much of the guesswork from the process and gives you a strategic edge.

You’re no longer swiping blindly; you can see who’s interested and decide if you’re interested too. Plus, features like ‘boost’ allow you to stand out from the crowd and potentially catch the attention of more users.

Now, let’s talk about the cost.

As of now, Tinder Gold comes with a monthly subscription fee. The exact pricing can vary based on your location and age, but it’s generally more expensive than the standard Tinder Plus subscription.

Tinder Gold Vs Tinder Plus: What Makes Tinder Gold Better?

Deciding whether Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold is better is like standing at a crossroads. Both routes offer their own advantages, but which one is the right path for you?

Let’s start with what’s common between the two.

Both Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold offer features like unlimited likes, Passport, Rewind, and one Boost per month. They also both remove ads, which can be a real bonus if you’re someone who likes to keep their swiping smooth and uninterrupted.

FeatureTinder PlusTinder Gold
Unlimited LikesYesYes
Passport (Swipe around the world)YesYes
Rewind (Take back the last swipe)YesYes
Boost (Get more profile visibility)1 free Boost per month1 free Boost per month
Super Likes5 Super Likes per day5 Super Likes per day
No AdsYesYes
See who Likes YouNoYes
Top PicksNoYes (access to daily top picks)

Now, where these two diverge is in the additional features that Tinder Gold offers.

The two significant additions with Tinder Gold are the ability to see who likes you before you swipe, and the daily top picks feature.

Seeing who likes you can be a major time-saver, as we explained earlier, as it allows you to bypass the guesswork and uncertainty, giving you the option to directly match with those who have already expressed interest.

The top picks feature, on the other hand, provides a daily selection of profiles that Tinder thinks you’ll like, based on your swiping history and preferences.

So, is Tinder Plus better?

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Not necessarily. It’s less expensive than Tinder Gold, which may make it a better option for those on a budget or who aren’t as committed to using the app.

However, the extra features of Tinder Gold can significantly enhance your Tinder experience if you’re actively seeking matches and don’t mind the extra cost.

Is there a better Alternative to Tinder Gold?

While Tinder Gold might be a good fit for some, others might find different apps better suited to their needs and preferences. It’s like a giant dating buffet out there, with plenty of options to explore.

Let’s talk about a few notable ones.

1. Bumble

bumble as an alternative to tinder gold

Unlike Tinder, Bumble gives women the first move, which can lead to more meaningful conversations and less spam.

It also includes a BFF feature if you’re looking to expand your social circle, and a networking feature for professional connections.

Bumble Boost, their premium tier, gives you features like extending the 24-hour match window and seeing everyone who has swiped right on you, somewhat similar to Tinder Gold’s offerings.

2. Hinge

The dating app  designed to be deleted as an alternative to Tinder gold

Next, there’s Hinge, an app that’s designed to be deleted, as their tagline goes.

Hinge focuses on helping users form deep connections, and its interface encourages more profile exploration and interaction compared to the swipe-centric Tinder.

With Hinge Preferred, you get unlimited likes and an option to see everyone who likes you in a single view, mirroring some of Tinder Gold’s features.

3 Okcupid

OkCupid is another platform to consider. Their matching algorithm is based on questions that you can answer at your discretion.

The more questions you answer, the better the algorithm works. With OkCupid’s premium A-List packages, you can see who likes you and get more search options, among other features.

The question of whether there’s a better alternative to Tinder Gold depends on what you’re looking for. Each platform has its unique approach to online dating, and the best one for you depends on your individual preferences, goals, and comfort level.

Wrapping Up

Ultimately, determining whether Tinder Gold is worth it or not boils down to personal preference and how you prefer to navigate your online dating journey. It’s about weighing up the potential advantages and deciding if they justify the monthly subscription cost for you.

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