Why is Tinder Only Showing Me Ugly Guys?

Why is Tinder Only Showing Me Ugly Guys?

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You’re probably here because you’re not happy with the matches Tinder has been showing you.

Maybe your feed is full of guys who just aren’t your interest, or perhaps you’re wondering if the app even understands your taste at all.

It’s a good question, and you’re not alone in this and there are actually several reasons why Tinder might be giving you matches that you’re not attracted to.

Why is Tinder Only Showing Me Ugly Guys?

1. Algorithmic Limitations

First and foremost, let’s talk about Tinder’s algorithm.

While it’s not public knowledge, it’s designed to keep you engaged on the platform, showing you a range of profiles based on your swiping history, geographical location, and other data points.

If you’re relatively new to the app or haven’t used it much, the algorithm hasn’t had enough time to understand your preferences fully.

This means it may cast a wider net initially, showing you a broad range of profiles, not all of which you’ll find attractive. The more you swipe and engage, the better it gets at serving up matches that align with your taste.

Also, If you’ve been swiping right too freely like most guys or left too often, the algorithm might be a bit confused about your preferences.

2. Geographic Constraints

Tinder uses location data to suggest matches near you.

While this sounds like a great idea in theory—after all, you don’t want to fall for someone located halfway across the world—it can limit your pool of suggested profiles.

If you live in a smaller town or rural area, you might find that your local dating pool isn’t as extensive or diverse as you’d like, leading to fewer matches that meet your criteria for attractiveness.

Tinder can only show you profiles of those who are actually using the app in your set radius.

This means that your options are inherently limited to who’s available. If you’re in a smaller town or a place with fewer Tinder users who fit your filters, the pickings might be slim, affecting your perception of the matches you see.

3. Profile and Search Settings

Have you examined your profile and search settings lately?

The discovery settings on Tinder

Factors such as the age range you’ve set and the distance within which you’re willing to meet someone can significantly impact the quality of your matches.

If your settings are too restrictive or too broad, you could be limiting the algorithm’s ability to find matches that suit your preferences. Adjusting these parameters can sometimes yield a more attractive array of options.

4. Data Skewness

Another point to consider is the gender imbalance on dating platforms.

According to various studies, men are more likely to swipe right and less selective in whom they consider a match.

This behavior could flood your match queue with profiles that don’t particularly interest you. It’s not necessarily that attractive guys are absent from the platform; it’s just that they might be buried under a pile of other profiles.

5. Psychological Factors

Last but not least, let’s talk about psychology.

Studies have shown that when presented with too many choices, individuals find it harder to make a selection.

This phenomenon, known as “choice overload,” might be affecting your perception of attractiveness on Tinder. After seeing and swiping through dozens of profiles, they can all start to blend together, making it difficult to appreciate each individual’s unique qualities.

How to get Profiles that Match your Preference on Tinder

Let’s face it, swiping left endlessly without running into someone who sparks your interest can be a frustrating experience.

1. Revise Your Settings

First things first, go back and look at your settings. Did you set your radius to only a couple of miles around you? Or is your age range too broad or too narrow?

By tweaking these, you can either broaden or refine the pool of potential matches. This may seem elementary, but you’d be surprised how many people overlook these basic filters and then wonder why they’re not getting suitable matches.

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2. Swipe Mindfully

Your swiping behavior is the bread and butter of Tinder’s algorithm. If you indiscriminately swipe right or left, the app can get confused and less effective at showing you profiles you’d actually like.

So take a moment before you swipe. This teaches the algorithm more about your preferences over time.

3. Get a Profile Boost

Now, this is a paid feature, but it’s worth considering.

A profile boost moves your profile higher up in the queue for a set amount of time, which increases your visibility and the likelihood that people will swipe right on you.

The more right swipes you get, the more ‘data’ the algorithm has to work with, and the better it becomes at serving you profiles that are more likely to catch your eye.

4. Update Your Profile Periodically

You’ve probably evolved since you first created your Tinder profile. Make sure your profile reflects that.

Fresh photos and a bio that accurately represents who you are can make a significant difference. This can affect the type of people who swipe right on you, giving the algorithm new cues about who to put in your feed.

5. Use Tinder’s Premium Features

Features like Passport, which allows you to swipe in cities you’re not currently in, or Super Likes, which let you show keen interest in particular profiles, give you more control over your swiping destiny.

These are again paid features, but they can fine-tune your experience if you’re willing to invest a bit.

6. Take Breaks

If all else fails, don’t underestimate the value of taking a break from the app.

Sometimes resetting your account can give you a fresh start with the algorithm, especially if you feel like you’ve fallen into a ‘bad cycle’ with your swiping.


If you’re not happy with the matches you’re seeing on Tinder, there are actionable steps you can take to improve your experience.

Understanding how the algorithm works, optimizing your profile, and being more active can all contribute to seeing profiles that align better with your preferences.

As frustrating as it might be now, a few changes could have you swiping right more often than you think.

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