Tinder Likes Sent Explained in Details

Tinder Likes Sent Explained in Details

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Understanding how functions on dating apps work can make a significant difference in your overall experience. For the like button, yes, It’s just a simple heart icon; but there’s more to it, and I’m here to break it down for you.

Tinder Likes Sent Explained in Details

Now, let’s start with the basics. The “Like” feature, denoted by the green heart symbol, is the primary way to express interest in someone on Tinder.

When you swipe right or tap the green heart on someone’s profile, you’re sending them a “Like”. But what happens next?

Well, if the person you liked swipes right on your profile too, it’s a match. You can then start messaging each other within the app.

However, if they swipe left (which means they’re not interested), your like simply disappears. It’s a fairly simple yet effective system designed to get people together based on mutual attraction.

But the real question is, how many likes can you send?

For basic Tinder users, you can swipe right up to 100 times every day. The rationale behind this limit is to encourage thoughtful swiping and discourage mindless right-swiping.

If you’ve chosen to go for premium whether Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold, which are the paid versions of the app, you get to enjoy the benefit of unlimited likes.

You also get more control over your likes, with features like five Super Likes per day, and a Rewind feature that allows you to take back your last swipe if it was a mistake.

One more thing to bear in mind is that the number of likes you send doesn’t affect your chances of getting a match. It’s not a numbers game. It’s about mutual interest.

Try to use your likes on profiles you are genuinely interested in, and where you think there might be a good chance of reciprocation.

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How Much Likes Should You Give Out?

Tinder gives basic users the ability to swipe right (indicating a like) up to 100 times every single day. If you’re a Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold user, your likes are unlimited. But just because you can send unlimited likes, does that mean you should?

Well, not necessarily.

While it may seem that playing the numbers game could increase your chances of getting a match, mindlessly swiping right can backfire. Why, you ask?

Tinder’s algorithm is designed to penalize indiscriminate swipers.

If you swipe right on too many profiles without getting a proportionate number of matches, the algorithm may deem you less desirable, pushing your profile further down the stack.

So what’s the right number?

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer because it really depends on your intentions and what you’re looking for. If you’re interested in meaningful connections, it’s better to be selective, swiping right only on those profiles you’re genuinely interested in.

However, if your aim is to explore and meet a variety of people, you might opt to be more generous with your likes, bearing in mind not to swipe right too indiscriminately.

How To Get More Likes on Tinder

1. Fix Your Profile Picture

The first thing you want to begin fixing is your profile picture.

The is the first thing everyone sees, so make sure it represents you accurately and attractively. Your profile picture should ideally be a clear, high-quality image of yourself alone.

Group pictures on Tinder
Avoid group photos when taking profile pictures

Group pictures can confuse potential matches, and while pets are adorable, save your fur-baby photos for the additional images section.

2. Don’t Limit The Number of Images You Have

Speaking of additional images, use this area to show off your interests and personality.

Pictures of you engaging in hobbies or traveling to interesting places can be conversation starters. But remember, authenticity is key. Choose images that genuinely represent your life and interests.

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3. Put More Effort Optimizing Your Bio.

This is where you showcase your personality in text form. Be creative, be witty, but most importantly, be yourself.

Avoid clichés and instead, share something interesting or unique about yourself that could spark a conversation.

4. Be Active

The Tinder algorithm also rewards activity on the app.

Regularly updating your profile, swiping, and sending messages increases your visibility, which in turn can lead to more likes. But avoid mindless swiping – the algorithm can detect this and might lower your visibility as a result.

5. Premium Features Can Be Helpful

Tinder boost snapshot

One feature to consider is Tinder Boost. Available as a paid option, it pushes your profile to the top of your area’s swipe list for 30 minutes, increasing your visibility drastically.


To wrap things up, Tinder, at its core, is all about connecting people. The ‘like’ system is just one tool that helps out.

So, use your likes wisely, be authentic, and, most importantly, keep in mind that getting more likes isn’t just about quantity, but quality.

Engage in meaningful conversations rather than focusing solely on accumulating likes. After all, the ultimate goal is to create connections, not collect likes.

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