How to fix “Tinder Profile Hidden Due to Inactivity”

How to fix "Tinder Profile Hidden Due to Inactivity"

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If you’ve encountered the message ‘Your profile is about to be hidden due to inactivity. No worries, just swipe now to stay visible!’ on your Tinder profile, it’s important you understand what it really means.

And not just what it means (obviously, it’s self-explanatory), but how to, as well, fix it.

But how do you do this? Let’s talk about this in the next section.

How to fix “Tinder Profile Hidden Due to Inactivity”

This issue typically happens when you’ve been dormant on Tinder for an extended period. The platform automatically hides your profile to keep the user pool active and engaging.

It’s like Tinder’s way of saying, “Hey, we missed you. Come back!”

Keep in mind that this only happens when your profile has been kept inactive for a very long time. On a norm, being temporarily inactive isn’t this harmful.

First off, it’s important to understand that this isn’t a problem with your account, it’s a feature. Yet, if you’re looking to get back in the game, you may need to fix it, at least to make sure nothing is holding you.

Getting your profile back in action is fairly straightforward.

All you need to do is log back into your account and start swiping. That’s it, really. Tinder takes your swiping activity as a sign of your interest, and your profile becomes visible once again.

However, if you’ve been swiping and it still says your profile is hidden, then you might need to contact Tinder support. It might take a little while for the status to change, but it’ll eventually be stopped.

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What actually Does Tinder Define as Active?

When Tinder refers to a user being “active,” it means that the person is regularly using the app.

This includes actions like swiping left or right on profiles, sending messages to matches, updating profile information or photos, and reading received messages. Essentially, any interaction with the app constitutes being “active.”

In other words, if you’re not doing these things you may be considered inactive.

It’s also essential to note that Tinder does not publicly disclose the exact parameters or timeframe that constitutes an “active” user.

The definition of active can range from logging in a few times a week to multiple times per day. It could also vary depending on how a person is engaging with the app.

For example, someone who just logs in and swipes might be considered less active than a user who regularly chats and updates their profile.

Therefore, the usage patterns that Tinder sees as “active” could vary from person to person. But generally speaking, if you’re consistently engaging with the app and its various features, Tinder would consider you an active user.

Is Being Active directly proportional to your success on the app?

Now you may be thinking, “Okay, so I’ve got my profile back up and running. Does that mean I’m all set?” Well, not quite.

Activity on Tinder, as with many other social platforms, can indeed play a significant role in your overall success rate. But how?

Tinder, like many dating apps, uses an algorithm to match users.

In the simplest terms, these algorithms favor those who are more active. Why? It’s straightforward when you think about it.

Active users contribute to the vitality of the platform. They’re swiping, they’re matching, they’re starting conversations – they’re engaging with the app and its community.

So, by regularly logging in, swiping, and messaging, you’re not just showing the app that you’re active – you’re showing new profiles that you’re involved in and ready to connect.

This could lead to more matches seeing your profile, which, in turn, increases the odds of making meaningful connections.

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But does this mean you should obsessively swipe right to ensure your activity stays high? Not at all. Quality still trumps quantity. Engage with the profiles that genuinely interest you. Start meaningful conversations, rather than sending out a flood of half-hearted “Hey”s.


The key takeaway is to keep being active. Not just for visibility, but also because the Tinder algorithm is more likely to show your profile to others if you’re a regular user. Plus, of course, it increases your chances of finding your perfect match.

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