4 Reasons You’re Suddenly Getting No Likes on Tinder

4 Reasons You're Suddenly Getting No Likes on Tinder

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Whether you’ve been using Tinder for years or you’re relatively new to the app, experiencing a sudden decline in ‘likes’ can feel discouraging.

But before you declare it a hopeless case and abandon the app altogether, take a moment to understand that this sudden shift might not be as random as it seems.

The Reason You’re Suddenly Getting no Likes on Tinder

Man using his laptop confused by how he suddenly stopped getting likes on Tinder

1. You’re not active

The algorithm is designed to show active users, those who engage regularly, to one another.

The logic here is simple – if you’re actively engaging on the platform, the algorithm nudges your profile to others who are similarly active.

Conversely, if your usage drops, your visibility to potential matches follows suit. So, if you’ve been swiping less frequently or haven’t updated your profile in a while, you might be caught in a cycle of decreased activity leading to less visibility, and consequently, fewer ‘likes’. In essence, it’s a cause-and-effect situation; less visibility equates to fewer ‘likes’.

You also want to take note of your timing activity as it may impact your visibility, as well.

For instance, Tinder users tend to be most active in the evenings, so if you’re swiping or messaging during off-peak hours, you might be missing out, from our few researches.

2. You’re Profile is Outdated

Now, the relevance of your profile to others matters a big time.

When was the last time you gave your bio a thorough read? Is it still a fair representation of who you are? And what about your profile pictures? Do they reflect your current appearance and personality?

Sometimes, all it takes for the ‘likes’ to dwindle is an outdated bio or a few old photos. Keeping your profile updated and aligned with your true self can help maintain its appeal to potential matches.

Keep in mind that, user preferences may change over time, hence if your profile no longer aligns with the evolving trends or preferences of your potential matches, it may lead to a reduced number of ‘likes’.

3. It’s Probably a Season of Fewer Likes

Girl wondering why always get fewer likes on Tinder

It’s crucial to remember that life, much like Tinder, has its seasons. There are periods of high activity and times of quiet.

This is true for all aspects of life, including social media and dating apps. In fact, fluctuations in the number of ‘likes’ you receive are as normal as the daily ebb and flow of the tide.

While it’s essential to understand and adapt to the factors within your control, remember that it’s equally important to be patient and realistic.

Tips to Increase the Number of Likes you Get

1. Perfecting Your Profile Picture:

    This is where your journey starts. Your first image is often the deciding factor for a potential match. Keep it clean, crisp, and clear.

    Avoid sunglasses or hats; you want to give people a real sense of who you are. Opt for a picture that shows you in a comfortable, relaxed setting and not group of people like the picture below.

    Group pictures on Tinder
    Avoid group photos when taking profile pictures

    Show that you have a life outside the app. Include pictures from your travels, hobbies, or just you hanging out with your pet. This helps to portray a more well-rounded image of your personality.

    2. Curate Your Bio:

    No, “Ask me anything” is not an interesting bio. Your bio is your chance to showcase your personality.

    Don’t sell yourself short. It should be a balanced mix of humor, hobbies, and a little bit about what you’re looking for. Just keep it authentic!

    3. Timing is Crucial:

    Tinder’s algorithm likes it when you’re active. So, swipe regularly but avoid the late-night or early morning swiping sprees. Studies suggest the best time to be active is between 7 PM to 9 PM.

    4. Opening Lines Matter:

    Got a match? Great! The first message is critical. Generic messages like “Hi” or “Hello” are often overlooked. A unique opener related to their profile can be a game-changer. Remember, be respectful and genuine.

    5. Invest in Premium Features:

    Tinder Plus or Gold offer additional features like Boost and Super Like. If used strategically, these can significantly increase your visibility, leading to more potential matches.


    As you’ve seen, the ebb and flow of ‘likes’ on Tinder are influenced by an array of factors. However, with the right strategies – be it staying active, updating your profile, or optimizing your swiping habits – you can turn the tide in your favor.

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