What Closing Tinder Without Swiping Does…

What Closing Tinder Without Swiping Does...

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Tinder’s signature swipe feature is a key part of the app, prompting us to make split-second decisions about whether we’re interested in someone or not.

But what happens if you spot a familiar face, maybe someone you know in real life and you’d rather not engage with them on this platform? Or maybe you just don’t have a decision over their profile.

The question is, if you close the app without swiping, can you avoid having to make that choice? Let’s unpack this.

What Closing Tinder Without Swiping Does

Tinder’s mechanism is fairly straightforward, yet clever.

It continuously shows you profiles based on your search parameters until you run out of new profiles.

The profiles that you swipe left (indicating no interest) don’t appear again. However, those profiles you’ve swiped right (indicating interest) are cataloged, and if they also swipe right on your profile, it’s a match!

But what happens if you see a profile and don’t swipe either way, rather just closed the app?

Well, when you close the app without swiping, you’re essentially not providing any new data to the algorithm.

This lack of action doesn’t signal disinterest or interest—it’s a non-decision. As a result, the profile that was on your screen when you exited will likely be there when you return, as the system didn’t receive any indication of what to do with it.

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In other words, you haven’t avoided the profile by simply closing the app; you’ve merely delayed your decision.

And if you eventually log back in, you’d have the profile shown to you, if not instant, would eventually come. This is one of the reasons people complain about a particular profile appearing multiple times.

Now, even if it does (which would be rare), repeatedly doing this can be harmful to your algorithm and could lead to you, suddenly getting no like. Of course, you can’t have a match without swiping right.

Can you Avoid a Profile You Know By Not Swiping?

In the current mechanics of Tinder, the answer is not as straightforward as one might hope.

As we discussed in the earlier section, when you encounter a profile and decide to exit the app without swiping either left or right, the profile remains in your queue and will most likely appear again when you log back in.

However, there are a few workarounds.

The discovery settings on Tinder
Distance Parameter on Tinder

One way is to adjust your distance parameters to try and avoid coming across people from certain areas.

But this isn’t a foolproof method, as the person you’re trying to avoid might still fall into your selected distance range.

A more reliable strategy is using Tinder’s premium features, like Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold.

Tinder only people you've liked  feature

These paid versions give you the “Only people I’ve liked” setting, which ensures your profile is only visible to individuals you’ve swiped right on.

Although this doesn’t remove the familiar profiles from your stack, it guarantees they won’t see you unless you have already expressed interest.

What Is A Good Strategy to Approach Tinder?

While your Tinder strategy should be about what feels right for you, you still want to do it right. Of course, your goal on the platform is to find a partner, right?

Without much ado, let’s go over this strategy…

1. Your Profile Should Be furnished

Your profile is your first impression, so you want it to represent you accurately and appealingly. Use clear, high-quality photos that show off your personality and your interests.

You don’t have to look like a model; just be yourself. Your bio is equally important. Use it to express who you are, what you’re passionate about, or what you’re looking for on Tinder. If possible, make sure they’re completed to 100%.

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Being authentic and upfront about your intentions can help filter potential matches and save both you and others some time.

2. Figure out your “swiping strategy”

Are you going to swipe right on everyone and sort them out later, or are you going to take a more selective approach? Both strategies have their pros and cons.

The first one might give you more matches, but also more people you’re not really interested in. The second one might result in fewer matches, but ones that you’re genuinely interested in.

3. Be Responsive

Once you match with someone, start a conversation! A simple “Hello, how’s your day going?” can kick things off.

Keep the conversation flowing and be sure to ask questions – it shows you’re interested and helps you get to know them better.

4. Have Patience

Don’t forget to be patient and keep an open mind. Not every match will lead to a meaningful conversation or a date, and that’s okay.

Online dating is a numbers game, and sometimes it takes a bit of trial and error.


In the end, closing Tinder without swiping is more like hitting the pause button on your decision-making process. The app will wait patiently for your return, and would eventually end up showing you the profile again.

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