How to Get Hinge Standouts on Normal Feed

How to Get Hinge Standouts on Normal Feed

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Using a rose on Hinge Standouts can feel a bit much sometimes. What if you could find those standout profiles in your everyday feed? Here’s a simple guide to help you do just that.

Why do the profiles on Standouts look like they’re better than the normal feeds?

When you’re scrolling through Hinge, you might notice something interesting.

The profiles in the Standouts section often seem a bit… well, standout-ish compared to the ones in your normal feed. Ever wondered why that’s the case?

black lady wondering Why do the profiles on Standouts look like they're better than the normal feeds

Here’s the thing. Hinge looks at what you like. The app pays attention to the profiles you’re interested in.

Using this info, it picks some profiles that might be just right for you. These profiles are what you see in the Standouts.

Now, why is this better than the normal feed? The normal feed is also personalized, right?

Well, yes, but is basically random.

It’s like walking into a store without a list. You might find something you like, but you might also walk around a lot without finding anything. Standouts, on the other hand, are like having a shopping list. It directs you to what you might want.

Another thing about Standouts is the quality.

Since they are picked based on your likes, there’s a good chance you’ll find them interesting. It’s a bit like having a friend who knows your taste in music and recommends songs. Most of the time, you’ll like what they suggest.

So, in simple words, Standouts are better because:

  1. They are picked just for you.
  2. They save you time. No need to go through lots of profiles.
  3. The quality is often better than the random feed, even though these profiles still come up on the normal occasionally.

Now, this doesn’t mean the normal feed is bad. Some people like to explore and see different profiles. But if you want something more focused, Standouts are the way to go.

How to Get Hinge Standouts on Normal Feed

Hinge Standouts are actually good.

But the only catch? If you want to show interest, you need to use a rose.

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Now, roses are limited. They cost money.

I get it. We’ve all been there. So, the big question becomes, how can you find these standout profiles in your regular feed without using that precious rose?

Well, there’s no magic. It can’t happen by making taps, but there are a few tips we can share.

Firstly, profiles on standouts are just regular profiles, and as a matter of fact, don’t even know they’re standouts. Hinge doesn’t notify. In other words, just like every normal profile you find on your Discover feed, you could also find a Standout profile.

Now how can you increase the chances of this happening?

1. Be Patient and Active

This might sound basic, but patience is key. The profiles you see in Standouts don’t come from nowhere.

They’re pulled from the same pool of people as your regular feed.

Lady waiting patiently to Get Hinge Standouts on her Normal Feed

By swiping regularly and staying active on the app, there’s a good chance you’ll come across these standout profiles naturally over time.

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2. Update Your Preferences

Hinge uses the information you provide to curate your Standouts.

Think about the preferences you’ve set in the app, like age range, distance, and more.

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By slightly adjusting these, you might increase the chance of those Standouts appearing in your regular feed. Try it out, but make sure you still stay true to what you’re genuinely looking for.

3. Engage With More Profiles

Hinge’s algorithm takes note of the profiles you interact with. If you’re only engaging with a small subset, it narrows your Standouts accordingly.

man strongly engaging on Hinge to Get Hinge Standouts on Normal Feed

To widen the net, try giving more profiles a chance. By engaging (liking or commenting on pictures/questions), you’re essentially telling the app to show you a broader range of people.

4. Refresh Your Own Profile

This might sound a bit off the beaten path, but refreshing your own profile can make a difference.

If the standout profiles see updated, fresh content from you, they might just engage. Once they do, they’ll naturally appear in your feed without you having to spend a rose.

5. Understand the Algorithm (A Bit)

Now, none of us are tech whizzes here (well, most of us aren’t), but it’s good to have a basic idea of how the Hinge algorithm works.

It shows you profiles based on your activity and preferences. So, if you’re engaging with a lot of profiles that share similarities with a standout, there’s a good chance that standout will appear in your regular feed soon.

6. Check Back Regularly

Lastly, and this goes without saying, be sure to check your feed regularly. New profiles join and update all the time.

The more you’re on, the higher the chances of stumbling upon that special standout profile without using your rose.

Final Thoughts

Dating apps have their own quirks and features, and Hinge is no exception.

The Standouts feature can feel a bit like a teaser, especially when that rose is so precious. But it’s all part of the game.

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