Understanding Hinge Standouts Algorithm (Tricks and Tips)

Understanding Hinge Standouts Algorithm (Tricks and Tips)

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Finding the perfect match isn’t always easy. But Hinge tries to make it a bit simpler with its Standouts feature. This is all thanks to a special formula, or algorithm, that they use. Stick around, and we’ll explore this algorithm and share some tips for getting the most out of it.

How the Standout Algorithm Works on Hinge

First things first, it’s important to know that algorithms – like the one Hinge uses – are like behind-the-scenes recipes. They take in various ingredients (in this case, user data) and churn out a result (your standout matches).

A snapshot of profiles on Hinge Standout
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The Standout Algorithm works with the principle of understanding your preferences. When you use Hinge, you’re not just aimlessly swiping.

Every like, comment, and skip you make provides valuable data.

Think of it as silently telling the app, “Hey, I liked this profile because they enjoy hiking,” or “Hmm, I’ll pass on this one; they’re not really my type.” Over time, the app gets to ‘know’ what you’re looking for in a partner.

Now, this doesn’t mean Hinge knows everything about your love life. Far from it.

But it does start to recognize patterns in the types of profiles you interact with.

Maybe you have a thing for people who love dogs or those who are into classical music. The Standout Algorithm is continuously learning, adjusting, and recalibrating based on these inputs, making it better than the normal feed.

So, once Hinge has a good idea of your preferences, it uses the Standout Algorithm to sift through profiles, identifying those that align closely with what you seem to be interested in.

These selected profiles then make their way into your Standouts section. They’re essentially Hinge’s way of saying, “Hey, based on what you’ve liked before, we think you might find these profiles interesting.”

It’s also worth noting that the algorithm isn’t static.

As the user base grows and more data comes in, the Standout Algorithm adapts.

This ensures that the recommendations stay relevant, even as new profiles join the platform and as your own preferences evolve.

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How to Become a Hinge Standout

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Alright, so now we have a decent understanding of how Hinge selects the profiles that appear in our Standout section. But there’s another side to this coin: how do you, as a user, become a Standout for others? Of course, Standout are actually normal profiles who are recommended; nothing special.

Well, becoming a standout on Hinge isn’t just about being the most attractive or having the wittiest responses.

Yes, those make a good contribution, but there are other things to note…

The first and possibly the most important aspect is your profile pictures. You might have heard this a million times, but visuals are your first impression.

Ensure your photos are clear, well-lit, and genuinely represent who you are. A mix of shots, including close-ups and full-body images, alongside a few that showcase your interests or personality, will give viewers a rounded perspective about you.

Next up, your prompt responses.

Hinge allows users to answer three prompts from a pretty extensive list of options. This is not just a space filler but a remarkable opportunity to let your personality shine through.

Are you funny? Philosophical? Sarcastic? Your responses should be a reflection of your genuine self because, remember, the goal here is to attract people who are into the real you.

The third pillar to consider is the ‘My Vitals’ section.

Vitals section on Hinge

Be honest and accurate in the basic info you provide about yourself – age, height, location, and so on.

These might seem like minor details, but they play a pivotal role when the algorithm sifts through profiles to recommend Standouts.

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Now, remember when we discussed how your interactions (likes, comments, etc.) feed the algorithm? It works both ways!

When others engage with your profile, it signals to Hinge that you might be Standout material. So, creating an engaging, interesting, and genuine profile will naturally prompt more users to interact with it.

More interactions mean a higher likelihood of appearing in the Standout section for others.

Moreover, being active on most dating apps is important.

Regularly updating your profile, actively sending likes, and engaging in conversations are activities that keep you relevant on the Hinge.

It indicates that you’re serious about connecting with people and increases your visibility to others on the platform.

In essence, becoming a Hinge Standout isn’t about trying to be universally appealing.

Instead, it’s about being your authentic self and actively engaging on the platform. This authenticity will resonate with people who share similar interests and values, thereby increasing the chances of being highlighted as a Standout to the right people.

So, take a moment to reflect on your profile. Are your pictures the best representation of you? Do your prompt answers reflect your genuine personality? Have you been honest in your ‘My Vitals’?

Consider these aspects, tweak accordingly, and watch how you become a standout in someone’s Hinge experience!

But the funny part is how you can’t really tell you’re a Standout not until you learn how to.


The Standout Algorithm is basically Hinge’s method of fine-tuning the matchmaking process. It’s like a helpful friend who’s been observing your choices and then suggests potential matches based on what they’ve noticed. While no algorithm is perfect, it’s pretty impressive how Hinge tries to make the search for meaningful connections a bit more precise.

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