Are Hinge Standouts Active?

Are Hinge Standouts Active?

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Have you ever wondered about the people on Hinge standouts? Are they really active? We’ve all had that moment where we’re curious if sending a rose to someone in standouts will get a response.

Let’s get into it and find out more.

Are Hinge Standouts Active?

It’s natural to be curious about the activity levels of users spotlighted in the standouts section. After all, we’re investing time and hope when we engage with matches on the app.

So, when considering whether to send that special rose, it’s important to know if it’s likely to be seen.

Now, to the heart of our topic. If you’re contemplating sending a rose, you’d obviously want it to be noticed. Are these standouts checking their profiles regularly?

Short answer: Yes, for the most part.

From our research and discussions with regular Hinge users, the algorithm does tend to favor profiles that have shown recent activity. It makes sense. An active user is more likely to engage, respond, and eventually form a connection

Woman active on hinge and on the Hinge standout, smiling

And It’s logical when you think about it—actually, no dating app does otherwise.

However, “active” is a term that can have some wiggle room. Does it mean they logged in a few times this week? Or that they’re frequently engaging daily?

While it’s hard to pinpoint the exact metrics Hinge uses, we can reasonably infer that these users have been online recently, perhaps within the past week or so.

Now, this also doesn’t mean that every standout you see is guaranteed to have been active in the last day or week. The algorithm behind the system is far more complex. They take into account many factors like your preferences, profile activity, and more.

So, while activity is a significant factor, it’s not the only one. This is what makes them better.

Now even if a standout was active when you sent a rose, it doesn’t guarantee they’ll respond immediately or at all, unfortunately.

They might be chatting with others, busy with real-life commitments, or even taking a short break from the app.

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In essence, while standouts are more likely to be among the active users, patience is key. After all, good things often come to those who wait!

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How Hinge Decides on Standouts

Apart from activity, there are other factors that Hinge looks at when deciding on standouts.

Ever been curious about how Hinge picks those standout profiles? It’s not magic, but it’s certainly more than just a roll of the dice. Let’s break it down a bit.

Hinge uses an algorithm, a sort of behind-the-scenes formula, to determine which profiles to show you in the standouts section.

A snapshot of profiles on Hinge Standout
Source: emlovz

Now, I know “algorithm” might sound like a fancy word, but it’s just a set of rules the app follows to make decisions. Think of it as the brain of the app, processing heaps of information to help you potentially find a match.

One of the primary factors the algorithm considers is compatibility.

Based on the preferences you’ve set and your activity on the app, Hinge tries to predict which profiles you’d be most interested in.

The idea is to highlight people who share similar interests, values, and other characteristics that could form the basis of a genuine connection.

But it doesn’t stop there. The algorithm also factors in things like prompt responses, photos, and overall profile engagement. If someone gets a lot of positive responses or interacts more frequently on the platform, there’s a good chance they might pop up in the standouts.

Finally, remember our talk on activity? Yep, the algorithm does lean towards profiles that show signs of recent activity. It’s a balance of compatibility and activity that determines those shining standouts.

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Should You Send That Rose?

Firstly, roses are a way to show genuine interest.

By sending one, you’re signaling to the other person that their profile stands out from the crowd. It’s a step above the regular ‘like.’

However, roses are limited. For free users, you get one per week.

And once it’s gone, it’s gone until the next reset. This scarcity is by design to ensure users don’t just spam roses to everyone. So, it’s crucial to use it wisely.

When deciding if you should send that rose, consider a few things:

  1. Profile Depth: Does the profile have thoughtful answers to prompts? Are there clear photos? A well-curated profile often indicates a more serious user.
  2. Shared Interests: Are there commonalities or shared interests that could spark a genuine conversation or connection?
  3. Gut Feeling: Sometimes, it’s just about that instinct. If something about the profile just clicks with you, that might be reason enough.

If you see someone in standouts that catches your eye, and you feel there might be potential there, why not?

They might respond, they might not. But you won’t know unless you try!


Hinge standouts are an interesting feature of the app that attempts to make things more personalized. While the people in this section are typically active, everyone’s experience is unique.

Sometimes, you might get a flurry of responses, and other times, it could be quieter. The key is to keep an open mind, be genuine, and enjoy the journey of meeting new people.

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