What Happens when you Unmatch on Hinge?

What Happens when you Unmatch on Hinge?

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We’ve all been there – chatting with someone on Hinge, and then, for whatever reason, we decide it’s time to hit the ‘unmatch’ button. What happens afterward?

Let’s take a deep dive at this in this article.

What Happens when you Unmatch on Hinge?

Well, in the simplest terms, unmatching is like waving goodbye to a profile.

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When you decide to unmatch with someone, that person is removed from your matches. You won’t see them in your feed, and they won’t see you in theirs. It’s like that connection just never happened.

So, why would anyone want to unmatch?

There can be a number of reasons. Perhaps the conversation wasn’t flowing the way you’d hoped. Or maybe you found a profile that fits you better.

Sometimes, it’s just about not feeling that spark. Unmatching allows you to manage your matches, keeping your feed filled with the profiles that interest you most.

Now, Unmatching is a one-way street.

Once you’ve unmatched someone, there’s no turning back. That connection is gone for good. Hinge won’t allow you to revisit their profile, and the user you’ve unmatched won’t be able to reach out to you on the platform again, either.

This is because they’d technically disappear from your account.

And what about the other person?

Well, when you unmatch with someone, they lose the match too. They’ll no longer see your messages or profile.

Unmatching can feel a bit harsh, but remember, it’s all part of the process of dating online.

It’s about finding the right fit, and sometimes that means saying goodbye to matches that don’t quite make the cut. The important thing is to approach each match with respect and kindness – unmatch if you must, but do so thoughtfully.

Things to Consider Before Unmatching

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Before you hit that unmatch button, there are a few things you might want to consider.

First off, are you giving it enough time?

Remember, connections don’t always spark instantaneously. Sometimes, it takes a few exchanges to really get a conversation rolling. It might be worth giving it a bit more time before deciding to unmatch.

This works especially when you’re good with someone (their physical looks), but not with how they converse with you.

You may also want to have your expectations right.

Communication is key in any form of dating.

If something is bothering you, it might be worth expressing your feelings before making a decision to unmatch. You never know, the other person might be feeling the same way, and your honesty could open the door to a more meaningful conversation.

And finally, there’s no going back.

Are you ready for the finality of unmatching? Remember, once you unmatch on Hinge, there’s no going back. That connection is gone for good. So, before you take that step, make sure it’s what you really want.

Can the Other Person Know You Unmatched Them?

A fair question and one we’ve all thought about at some point. So what’s the answer?

Well, Hinge does not explicitly notify the other person that they’ve been unmatched. There won’t be a pop-up message or an email in their inbox saying, ‘Hey, your match just disappeared.’

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But that doesn’t mean they won’t notice. Most people won’t be able to accurately tell you unmatched them, but would certainly have a guess.

The most obvious clue? They won’t see your profile in their matches anymore. Plus, if you had a conversation going, that will vanish too.

But this also happens when someone deletes their account. So the confusion will usually be between whether you deleted your account or unmatched them.

Now, the question of whether or not this is fair comes up often.

And the answer is, well, it’s complicated. Online dating is complex, and unmatching is just one part of it.

While it can be disappointing for the other person, it’s also important to remember that everyone has the right to choose who they want to interact with.

Final Thoughts

While unmatching on Hinge may lead to disappointment or unanswered questions, if you feel like you need to do it for a profile, it’s totally not a bad idea.

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