What Happens when You Remove Someone on Hinge?

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Have you ever swiped left on someone on Hinge and then realized later that you made a mistake?

Or maybe you’ve been chatting with someone and things just aren’t working out. Whatever the reason may be, you’re now wondering what happens when you remove someone on Hinge. This article should guide you.

What happens when you remove someone on Hinge

When you remove someone on Hinge, to begin with, they won’t receive any notification of your action. So, no need to worry about hurting anyone’s feelings.

In fact, they won’t even know you removed them unless they try accessing your profile again in the future or notice your absence.

And even if they try, they can’t certainly tell you removed them, because the conversation you heard with them would have long disappeared, the moment you removed them.

Next, they can’t access your profile.

As we said earlier, you guys would both lose your conversations and as a result, would no longer be able to access each other profiles.

Generally, on Hinge, removing someone puts an end to all communication you both have had from the beginning, just like the block feature we have on several social media apps, say Facebook, messenger, etc.

For instance, if the person you removed liked your profile before, the like would be erased. There will no longer be notifications or a list of matches that includes their like.

However, it’s worth mentioning that removing someone has no impact on how they use the app. They can still swipe on other profiles, use Hinge, and meet new people. They only get blocked from sending messages to you.

Authors note: Removing Someone on Hinge is typically the same thing as blocking or unmatching them. On Hinge, removing is the company’s own terminology of the word “block”.

Now, what if the reason you decided to remove is a result of them violating the company’s rules? It’s always best to report them.

When you may want to Remove Someone on Hinge

As much as we all hope for fairy-tale endings in our online dating experiences, not every match is meant to last.

Sometimes, a match just doesn’t go as planned and it’s time to move on. But why exactly do people remove matches on Hinge? Here are some common reasons:

The conversation wasn’t flowing:

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Let’s face it, not every conversation is going to be a home run.

Sometimes, the conversation just falls flat and there’s no chemistry. If that’s the case, removing the match can be a kind of way to signal that it’s not working out.

You found someone you like more:

The dating game can be unpredictable at times, and you might meet someone in whom you just have more interest, or maybe don’t find the other person attractive.

In that instance, it’s acceptable to delete a match that you are no longer interested in so that you may concentrate on things more important to you.

Red flags:

Red flags can sometimes appear in the middle of a conversation.

For your safety and well-being, it may be preferable to remove the match if someone says or does something that makes you feel uneasy.

Should you actually remove someone on Hinge? Here are some Alternatives

When a match isn’t working out, it might just be the right time to remove the offending party from Hinge. But then, that’s not the only option available.

Before hitting the “Remove” button, consider these alternatives:

Give it another chance:

If you’ve only had a few discussions with a match and things haven’t clicked yet, you can try giving it another chance.

Maybe they were distracted or having a rough day, perhaps they were the type that ignored your messages, a new beginning might help rekindle the relationship.

Report the match:

Thankfully, just like most 21st-century apps, Hinge has the feature to report users that may have violated the company rules which are typically made to guide users’ privacy.

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If someone’s actions or words cause you to feel uncomfortable, do not hesitate to report someone them. The platform takes user safety seriously and will look into any reported events to provide a secure and satisfying user experience. It’s a better option for them than to have a user delete their profile.

How to remove someone on Hinge

Regardless of the reason, removing people on Hinge is a typically easy process.

So how can you do this? Below is how:

Screenshot of the unhide, we met, unmatch, and report feature | Removing someone on Hinge
  1. Open your Hinge app and find the profile you intend to remove
  2. Tap on the 3-rounded button that represents a menu, when you’re on the user profile.
  3. You’ll be prompted with an option that allows you to either unmatch, or report the fellow. Tap on the unmatch.


When you remove a match on Hinge, it’s a two-way street. They disappear from your matches, and you disappear from theirs. It’s a mutual fading out designed to keep things smooth and easy, just like the blocking feature you find on most social media or dating apps.

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