What happens when you Press We met on Hinge?

What happens when you Press we met on Hinge?

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Let’s say you’ve been chatting with someone interesting on Hinge, you’ve met up in person, and then your dating app pops the question: Did you meet your match?

That’s exactly what Hinge does with the”we met” feature.

Now, let’s take a look at this from the big view…

What happens when you Press We met on Hinge?

If you’ve been using Hinge, you’ve likely come across the ‘We Met’ button. So, what does it do?

Well, the feature is essentially Hinge’s way of checking in on your offline experiences and detecting off behaviors since they don’t have data on that.

It’s like the app saying, “Hey, we noticed you two have been chatting for a while, did you meet in person?” When you click ‘Yes’ to that question, it triggers the ‘We Met’ feature.

You could also access the we met feature by navigating to the option, available on every profile, like the one below…

Screenshot of the unhide, we met, unmatch, and report feature | Removing someone on Hinge
Tapping on the We Met feature on Hinge

After you’ve pressed ‘We Met’, Hinge waits a little while, then asks how the date went.

And this isn’t for idle curiosity or to indulge in the gossip of your love life – there’s a practical reason behind it.

Hinge uses this feedback to improve its algorithm.

You see, Hinge prides itself on being the dating app ‘designed to be deleted’.

A snapshot of hinge with the quote "The dating app designed to be deleted"
Hinge Quote: The Dating app is designed to be deleted

According to them, the whole thing is all about helping you find that one person who makes you want to leave the dating apps for good.

To do that effectively, you need to learn from your experiences.

Your responses to the feature and subsequent questions help Hinge understand what kind of dates went well and which ones didn’t.

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This feedback is then used to refine your future match suggestions, ideally making them more suited to your preferences.

It’s also worth mentioning that the We Met feature is typically different from the Unmatch.

Should you use the Hinge We Met feature?

Here’s the straightforward answer: Yes, absolutely.

But, as with most things in life, it’s not just about the ‘what’, but also the ‘why’.

First off, remember how we mentioned that Hinge uses your feedback to fine-tune its algorithm?

Well, that’s a big deal.

If you want Hinge to get better at finding matches that you’ll click with, using the ‘We Met’ feature is key. It works like a personal assistant.

The more feedback you give, the better they understand your preferences, and the better they become at their job.

And also, if you had a bad experience with a match you just met with, you’re free to report it.

Secondly, using ‘We Met’ is a great way to reflect on your dates.

It prompts you to think about how the date went, what you liked, what you didn’t, and whether you’d want to see that person again.

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This self-reflection can be really valuable in your dating journey, helping you understand what you’re really looking for.

Basically, the whole thing is a small way to contribute to the overall Hinge community.

Why Hinge Wants to Know If You Met Your Match

Now, you might be wondering why Hinge wants to know if you’ve met your match in person.

It’s a fair question.

After all, isn’t the purpose of a dating app fulfilled once you’ve made a connection and taken things offline?

Well, yes and no. You see, Hinge isn’t just any dating app. It’s a dating app that is ‘designed to be deleted’. That’s their motto, and they take it seriously.

They’re not interested in keeping you swiping and matching indefinitely, as advertised.

Instead, they’re focused on helping you find that one person who’s so right for you that you don’t need the app anymore.

Knowing whether or not you met someone—and if the date went well—enables Hinge to learn more about your preferences.

This isn’t about the superficial stuff, like hair color or fashion sense, but the deeper aspects that can lead to a meaningful relationship. It’s about compatibility.

The more data Hinge collects, the better it gets at suggesting profiles that you’re likely to click with, not just on the app, but in person too.

Hence, you’re not only helping Hinge to help you, but you’re also contributing to the overall effectiveness of the app for others.


The ‘We Met’ feature on Hinge isn’t just a button, it’s more like a commitment to a better dating experience. Using it helps the app understands us better, refine its match suggestions, and get us one step closer to finding our perfect match

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