Is it Rude to Unmatch on Hinge?

Is it Rude to Unmatch on Hinge?

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We’ve all been there: You’ve matched with someone on Hinge, and the conversation isn’t going quite as planned. Is it really okay to just…unmatch?

Let’s talk exclusively about this in today’s article.

Is it Rude to Unmatch on Hinge?

Let’s be real, there are no absolute rules when it comes to online dating etiquette, but it’s essential to be mindful and respectful in our actions.

First off, we need to acknowledge that everyone is on Hinge, or any dating app for that matter, with the ultimate goal of finding a connection, whether that’s for a casual chat, a date, or something more serious.

When two people match, it’s because they’ve found something intriguing in each other’s profiles, maybe a spark.

But, as we all know, not every spark becomes a flame.

So, what do you do if you realize the match isn’t what you’re looking for?

It’s important to mention that unmatching is not a bad action, but it may depend on the way you use it.

Screenshot of the unhide, we met, unmatch, and report feature | Removing someone on Hinge
A snapshot of the process of unmatching people

If you’re not interested in pursuing the connection further, isn’t it more genuine to unmatch rather than leading someone on with half-hearted conversations or radio silence like ghosting?

However, it’s still important you do it the right way, since unmatching can be seen as the equivalent of walking away from a conversation without a word.

From this perspective, it might seem like unmatching could be seen as a tad rude. After all, no one likes to be left hanging or feel dismissed without a second thought.

How to Unmatch Politely and Respectfully

So let’s say you’ve decided to unmatch with someone.

How do you do it respectfully?

Here are a few ideas to ensure you’re doing it in a manner that maintains dignity and respect for all parties involved.

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First, honesty is usually the best policy.

But remember, honesty doesn’t have to be brutal.

If you’ve had a few exchanges with someone but you’re not feeling the connection, it’s perfectly okay to let them know.

A simple message like, “I’ve enjoyed our conversation, but I don’t feel the connection I’m looking for. I wish you the best in finding what you’re seeking!” can go a long way. This way, they’re not left in the dark and you’ve ended things on a polite note.

The golden rule of “do unto others as you would have them do unto you” is worth mentioning here.

Think about how you would want someone to unmatch with you. Would you prefer a clear closure or be left wondering what happened?

However, in cases where you’ve had no or very limited interaction, unmatching without an explanation might be okay.

But if you’ve had deeper conversations, offering a kind and clear explanation shows respect for the time you’ve both invested.

This is applicable to just every dating app you find yourself on, say Tinder, or Bumble.

When is it Considered Rude to Unmatch?

We’ve already discussed that there are various reasons for unmatching and that they don’t necessarily equate to rudeness.

However, there are instances where the unmatching action can leave a bad taste.

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Let’s start with timing.

If you’ve been engaging in a lively conversation with someone, suddenly unmatching in the middle of it might seem a bit harsh. It’s like abruptly leaving a face-to-face conversation without a word.

In such cases, it might be courteous to give a heads up or provide an honest, gentle explanation for your decision to unmatch.

Now, what about unmatching right after getting a response to your message?

That’d definitely feel impolite to the person on the other end.

For instance, imagine you send a message, eagerly wait for a response, and just when you receive it, you get unmatched. That’s likely to sting, no doubt.

Unmatching could be considered rude is when it happens after a date, especially if the date seemed to go well. It can leave the other person feeling confused and, perhaps, a bit hurt.

Of course, this doesn’t mean you should compromise your comfort or safety for the sake of politeness. If you feel uncomfortable or unsafe at any point, unmatching immediately is not just understandable, but necessary.


There are no hard and fast rules, only guidelines based on mutual respect and empathy. Whether or not unmatching on Hinge is rude can depend on the context, the timing, and your approach.

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