Why do Guys unmatch on Bumble?

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There’s a certain thrill to swiping right on Bumble, that buzzing promise of a new connection. But what makes guys decide to unmatch after that initial thrill? No doubt, this can be a fraustrating experience, but why?

Let’s take a deep dive into this in today’s article.

Why do Guys Unmatch on Bumble?

If you’ve ever found yourself swiping right on Bumble, you’re probably no stranger to the often disappearance of matches in your queue, at least once in a while. This may look like this…

what happens when someone unmatches – bumble end chat look
Bumble ended the chat interface we’re talking about

…leaving a note that says “Looks like Bumble ended the chat.”

That moment when you open up your conversation thread, ready to send an endearing (or maybe just casual) message, only to find that your potential match has disappeared.

To be honest, there is a myriad of reasons why a guy might unmatch.

Sometimes, it’s as simple as a change of heart.

Maybe he swiped right too hastily, and upon a second look at your profile, realized you’re not his type. This doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with you—it just means that tastes can vary wildly, and that’s perfectly okay.

It could also be an accidental unmatch, who knows? We’ve seen people talk about that.

Or perhaps he’s trying to manage his matches.

Let’s face it, juggling multiple conversations can be overwhelming, especially when trying to give each one the attention it deserves. So, some guys may unmatch to keep things manageable and maintain focus on a select few.

It’s also for this reason we’ve seen a couple of people that unmatch with their serious partners on Bumble all to still keep texting.

It could also be because the conversation didn’t spark as expected.

While your opening line might have been a great one, it’s possible that the conversation fizzled out. Remember, maintaining a lively chat in the early stages is crucial to keep the interest alive.

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But, there’s a less pleasant side to this coin too.

People may also unmatch after getting what they want, be it a boost to their ego or just a brief distraction. Unfortunately, not everyone on these platforms has the best intentions.

Understanding how the unmatch feature works on Bumble

So how does the unmatch feature even work on Bumble?” you might ask.

At its core, the unmatch feature is pretty straightforward.

If a user decides they no longer want to stay connected with a match, all they have to do is navigate to the conversation, click on the three-dot menu in the top right corner, and select the “Unmatch” option. Voila!

That match gets unmatched (more like blocked, as we’ve explained before).

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But, there’s more to it.

Once you’re unmatched, Bumble doesn’t send any notifications to inform you of this event, nor to the second party.

You simply see the conversation vanish from your list.

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But for the person on the receiving end, they get a message saying “looks like #name has ended the chat.”

Also, it’s worth noting that unmatching is a permanent action.

That means once someone decides to unmatch, there’s no going back.

That connection is lost forever, unless, by some lucky chance, you both swipe right on each other again in the future – of which the chances are quite poor.

Now, you might wonder why such a feature exists.

Well, it’s all about user comfort and safety. Bumble aims to create a respectful and welcoming community, and allowing users to unmatch provides them control over their interactions and the ability to leave conversations that make them uncomfortable.

So, while being unmatched can sting a little (or a lot), remember that this feature serves a purpose.


The truth is, online dating, like any form of dating, can be messy.

There will be matches that excite you and matches that leave you wondering. Unmatching is just another facet of this complex journey. Understand that it’s not a reflection of your value, but rather a natural part of navigating the waters of digital romance.

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