Can you rematch with someone you unmatched on Bumble?

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You’re sifting through profiles on Bumble, and oops! You accidentally unmatched with someone intriguing.

Or let’s just say you did that intentionally, only to find regret creeping in later. Can you turn back the clock? Can you rematch with someone you once unmatched?

Can you Rematch with Someone you unmatched on Bumble?

Swipe, match, chat, unmatch — quite the rollercoaster, isn’t it?

No doubt, this cycle is all too familiar. But let’s rewind a bit. What happens if you’ve unmatched with someone, only to later have a change of heart? Can you, in the world of Bumble, get a second chance?

Now, for anyone not yet immersed in the online dating game, this might seem like a trivial question. But if you’re an active Bumble user, you know all too well that sometimes regret hits just after the ‘unmatch’ button is pressed.

Maybe you’ve had a change of heart, maybe you’ve reassessed the potential of the connection, or maybe — just maybe — you unmatched by accident (it happens to the best of us!). So, is it possible to right that wrong, to turn back the clock and get a do-over?

Here’s the rub: once you’ve unmatched with someone on Bumble, that match is gone, and the connection disappears from your chat queue on your end.

On the other person’s end, they get a message that says “Looks like #name has ended the chat with you,” like the one below…

what happens when someone unmatches – bumble end chat look
The screen someone who’s unmatched faces

This is a security measure designed to keep Bumble a safe and respectful space. It ensures that once you decide to break a connection, it stays broken. There’s no option to go back and rematch, at least not directly.

There’s a catch though…

Unlike using the block feature, there’s always a chance that you might stumble across the same profile that’s unmatched. And if you do, a fresh swipe right can reignite the connection. But remember, they also have to swipe right for a new match to occur.

But the likelihood of this happening is really poor.

So, in essence, while there’s no straightforward way to rematch with someone you’ve unmatched, the dynamic nature of Bumble means that a second chance may just be a few swipes away.

So what about Rematching? Can it work here?

To kick things off, let’s first clear up any misconceptions.

Contrary to popular belief, rematching doesn’t mean you can revisit old matches that you’ve unmatched with and swipe right again.

As we’ve previously discussed, once you’ve unmatched with someone on Bumble, that match disappears from your chat queue for good. And you can’t revert it.

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But there’s an interesting twist to the tale! Bumble does offer a feature called ‘Rematch,’ but it works quite differently than you might assume.

Typically, the rematch feature comes into play when a match expires.

Allow me to elaborate.

On Bumble, once two users have mutually swiped right on each other (resulting in a ‘match’), the woman (in a heterosexual match) has 24 hours to send the first message. If she doesn’t, the match expires.

This is where the Rematch feature comes in…

The feature allows you to reconnect with expired matches, renewing them.

But there’s a catch — this feature is only available to Bumble Boost subscribers, which is the app’s premium subscription service. For normal users, they’re restricted to one-time rematch a day.

So, the essence of rematching on Bumble isn’t about getting back old unmatched connections but about giving a second chance to those conversations that never took off due to expired matches.

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Can you match with someone more than once?

Can you match with someone more than once? And what about if you’ve unmatched them before?

To begin withf, as we’ve previously established, it is indeed possible to match with the same person more than once on Bumble.

The app’s rotation-based algorithm might eventually present you with profiles you’ve seen or even matched with before. So, you may just get that second shot at swiping right on someone who initially caught your eye.

Now, let’s add a twist into the mix. What if you’ve previously unmatched with this person? Can you still get another swing at the bat?

Once you unmatch with someone on Bumble, the connection is effectively severed.

The unmatch feature is designed as a safety measure to ensure that once a user decides to break a connection, it stays broken.

There’s no direct way to rematch with someone you’ve unmatched. So, if you’ve clicked that unmatch button, it’s usually a one-way ticket.

It’s also worth mentioning that there could be exceptions in rare cases.

Given that Bumble operates on a rotation basis, there’s a slim chance that you could encounter the profile of the person you unmatched with again. If this happens, and you both swipe right, you could indeed form a new match.

But remember, the key word here is ‘chance.’ The app’s algorithm and the user’s actions are both variables in this equation.

Final thoughts

To rematch with someone you unmatched on Bumble, you would need to employ alternative methods such as finding them on other social media platforms or reaching out to them directly if you have their contact information. Otherwise, it’s almost impossible to rematch traditionally through the app.

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