Does Bumble Show Your Name?

Does Bumble Show Your Name?

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When setting up your profile on Bumble, you’ll find the process quite straightforward. The app, committed to user privacy and security, only asks for a certain amount of personal information.

For most users, the worry isn’t necessarily about the information they willingly provide, but how much of that information gets displayed to potential matches. So what gives?

Does Bumble Show Your Name?

The good news is, when you sign up on Bumble, your full name isn’t shown to other users. What appears on your profile is your first name only.

You don’t have to worry about anyone seeing your last name, as Bumble keeps this information confidential to uphold user privacy.

It’s a system that aims to provide some level of anonymity while still allowing for the human connection of first name basis interaction.

However, you must understand that whatever name you provide during the sign-up process is what appears on your profile. If you’ve registered with a nickname, then that’s the name others will see. If you’ve used your real first name, that’s what will be displayed.

Why does Bumble use this method?

The key here is to strike a balance.

According to the platform, their aim is to provide a solution where users can make meaningful connections, and using a real first name can add a more personal touch to the interaction.

At the same time, by not revealing last names, users can retain a level of privacy and security, which is of utmost importance in the world of online dating.

Should you use your Real Name?

When you sign up on Bumble, the platform encourages you to use your real first name.

This approach fosters an atmosphere of authenticity and transparency, elements that are fundamental to forming meaningful connections.

Using your real first name can make interactions feel more personal and genuine. So, it’s always best in the real sense, especially in a dating app.

However, the decision ultimately lies in your hands. You can choose to use a nickname or an alias if that makes you feel more comfortable.

Now, what if you’ve chosen a name and later decide that you want to change it?

Perhaps you started with a nickname and now want to switch to your real name, or vice versa.

While there’s no setting as you’d find in most apps, say a social media like facebook, Bumble advises users to contact them if the need to change name arises.

Changing name on Bumble

Basically, to change your name on Bumble, you’ll need to reach out to the Bumble customer service team. You can contact them via the app’s ‘Contact & FAQ’ section.

Once you send them a request, they will facilitate the process for you. As of now, users cannot change their names on their own directly in the app.

What other information About you does Bumble Show to the Public?

Once you’ve sorted out your name on Bumble, there’s other information that the app displays as part of your public profile. So what exactly are we talking about here?

1. Pictures

Obviously, Bumble shows each and every one of the photos you upload to the platform, to begin with.

When you create your profile, you have the option to upload up to six pictures. These images, naturally, are public and can be viewed by any other user you match with.

2. Bio

This is a brief description of yourself that you provide, which can include details about your interests, hobbies, profession, or what you’re looking for on the platform.

Remember, this information is entirely up to you. You control what you put out there.

3. Others

In addition to your photos and bio, Bumble also displays other optional details based on the information you choose to share.

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This can include your job title and company, education, and the city you live in. Remember, all of these are optional fields. You get to choose whether to include these details or keep them private.

Also, if you link your Bumble account to your Instagram or Spotify, selected details or playlists from those platforms may be visible as well.


Ultimately, Bumble aims to provide a platform for users to show off their personalities and interests while also maintaining an essential level of privacy. Each piece of information you decide to share contributes to that goal, but you always remain in control of your public persona.

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