What does the blue badge mean on Bumble?

What does the blue badge mean on Bumble?

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Have you noticed a little blue badge on some profiles while swiping through Bumble? Ever wondered what it means and why only some users have it?

Well, this is something most people don’t know about and this article would cover it in detail.

What does the blue badge mean on Bumble?

Now, we all know online dating can sometimes feel like a bit of a minefield.

There’s that whole thing about figuring out who’s genuine, who’s just trying to pass time, and deciphering cryptic profile descriptions that can seem like they’re written in another language.

One of the tools that Bumble uses to help simplify this process is the blue badge.

Unlike the new here badge, the blue checkmark is Bumble’s way of saying, “We’ve checked this profile out, and it’s legit.” The badge appears on a profile after a person has passed Bumble’s photo verification process.

Here’s what it looks like…

What does the blue badge mean on Bumble?

The photo verification process is quite straightforward.

Users are asked to take a selfie, copying a gesture shown by Bumble. This selfie isn’t visible on their profile; it’s only for Bumble’s internal team to verify that the person in the photos is the same one creating the account.

Seeing that little blue badge can help reassure you that you’re not about to engage with a catfish, or someone pretending to be someone they’re not. It’s a way of fostering a sense of safety and trust, two crucial ingredients on online dating.

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But, while the blue badge is a great tool, it’s always important to exercise caution online.

Keep your personal information to yourself and be sure to meet up in a public place if you decide to take things offline.

Is the Blue Badge a must on Bumble? and how can you get it?

So, you’ve seen that little blue checkmark on people’s profiles and now you’re thinking, “Hey, I want one of those.” Good news, it’s a relatively simple process.

When you open Bumble, the app might prompt you to verify your account. If not, you can navigate to your profile, hit ‘Verify Your Account,’ and Bumble will guide you from there.

They’ll show you a specific gesture, and all you need to do is take a selfie copying that gesture. Remember, this selfie is not for public view. It’s for the eyes of the Bumble team only.

Gestures on Bumble for Blue badge verification
A common example of gestures you might be making | Source: Researchgates

Once you’ve sent it in, you’ll typically get a response in a few minutes. If everything checks out, you’ll see that beautiful blue badge appear on your profile, voila! You’re officially verified.

Here’s a video that shows this properly…

Now, what if you’re thinking, “I’m not really keen on this whole verification thing”

That’s totally okay. Using Bumble doesn’t require you to have a blue badge on your profile. You can still swipe, match, and chat to your heart’s content.

The badge is just an additional feature designed to promote trust and authenticity, but it’s by no means compulsory.

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However, keep in mind that users might be more inclined to engage with profiles that have a blue badge because it gives them a sense of security. They know the person they’re chatting with is confirmed to be real by the Bumble team. But hey, you do you.

Tips to be More Succesful on Bumble

First off, make sure you have a range of good-quality photos on your profile. But remember, it’s not a modeling portfolio.

Sure, a couple of nice headshots are great, but also include some pictures that show you doing the things you love. Whether that’s hiking, cooking, painting, or chilling with your pet, these photos give potential matches a glimpse into your world.

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Next, your bio – it’s more important than you think. It’s your chance to show off your personality and your interests. Don’t just say you love movies – say which one is your favorite and why.

Got a travel bug? Share the most interesting place you’ve been. You could also add a fun fact about yourself or a conversation starter. Think of your bio as a little appetizer that leaves people wanting to know more.

Now let’s talk about that first message. In Bumble, women make the first move, and it’s more than just a ‘hey.’

Try to personalize it, maybe comment on something interesting from their profile. Starting with a question is also a great way to get a conversation going.

Finally, remember to be patient and keep a positive attitude.

Not every match will lead to a great conversation, and not every conversation will lead to a date. That’s okay. Don’t get disheartened.


Wrapping up, the blue badge on Bumble is all about fostering authenticity and trust among users. Although it’s not compulsory, this small verification step can enhance your onli

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