When Does The New Here On Bumble Go Away?

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Are you a Bumble user who’s wondering when the “new here” label will disappear from your profile? If so, you’re not alone. 

This is a common question that has been in our inbox. So when exactly does this happen? Well, we’ll talk about this in detail, here.

Why does Bumble add the “New Here” Label?

If you’re new on Bumble, you may have noticed a little label under your name that says “new here.” It’s a small detail, but not everyone finds it appealing. 

So why did Bumble decide to add this label in the first place?

Well, basically to help users identify and connect with other newbies on the platform. 

When you’re just starting on Bumble, it can be intimidating to compete with more established users who have already built up a network of matches and connections. 

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By labeling new users as “new here,” Bumble is giving them a chance to find others who are in the same boat and potentially form connections more easily.

This is because, most time, humans are programmed to easily connect with newbies easily and better, rather than they would, with people they have been familiar with.

Hence, the ‘New Here’ tag can act as a conversation starter, prompting existing users to break the ice and reach out to newbies.

But not just literally, Bumble does actually give new profiles a kind of priority over old profiles. This is the reason why some people delete their old accounts to create new ones. So being new should be an advantage, you know?

When Does The New Here On Bumble Go Away?

While there may be some tricks to get rid of the label, it doesn’t actually have a fixed timeframe.

Typically, it stays on your profile for around two weeks.

However, it’s important to note that the duration can vary depending on several factors such as how often you use the app and the level of interaction you have with other users. In essence, the more active you are on Bumble, the quicker the label may go away.

Think of it this way…

Bumble is like a class room, and when you’re new, you get a bit of extra attention. But after a while, once you’ve made your rounds, talked to a few people, and maybe even had a dance or two, you’re no longer the newcomer.

Similarly, when you’ve spent some time on Bumble, swiped through profiles, and engaged in conversations, the “New Here” label simply fades away.

It’s also important to bear in mind that the “New Here” label is not a sign of inexperience or a cause for any discomfort. It’s just a gentle nudge from Bumble to encourage interaction and to help you get the most out of your online dating experience.

Can New Here Label Affect Your Progress On Bumble?

Firstly, let’s dispel any fears that the “New Here” label might be a drawback. On the contrary, it’s there to assist you.

As we mentioned before, this label is like a friendly shoutout from Bumble saying and is designed to help new profiles gain visibility and kickstart interactions with potential matches.

So, how does it affect your progress?

In the initial stages, the label could actually boost your progress. Remember, Bumble’s algorithm tends to promote new profiles.

This means when you first join, you’ll likely be appearing in more user’s stacks, which increases the chances of getting matches and starting conversations.

But what about when the label disappears?

Well, by that time, you would have hopefully built some momentum – perhaps you’ve matched with interesting people, had some engaging conversations, or even scheduled a date or two.

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Your progress from here depends more on your continued activity on the app rather than the presence (or absence) of the “New Here” label.


In summary, the “New Here” label on Bumble acts as your introductory badge when you first join. It sticks around for a while, usually about two weeks, boosting your profile’s visibility during this period.

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