Flirty Questions to ask on Hinge (and How to do it the right way)

Flirty Questions to ask on Hinge (and How to do it Properly)

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So, you’ve matched with someone cute on Hinge and you’re excited to get to know them better.

But how do you break the ice and make the conversation flirty and fun?

The answer is simple: ask some creative and unique questions.

Now, I know what you’re thinking.

“But I’m not good at coming up with questions!” I’ve got your back.

How to Answer Flirty Questions on Dating Apps

Before we get into the list of flirty questions, let’s talk about how to answer them (If you’re not interested in taking our tips and want to jump into the questions, use the outline above)

1. Setting the Tone:

Online conversations lack the non-verbal cues we often rely on in person. Therefore, reading between the lines becomes critical.

If they’re sending longer messages, using emojis, or responding quickly, it’s a sign they’re engaged.

If they’re not, you may want to re-think before flirting around.

Next, be neutral…

Before delving into flirtation, kick things off with simple questions like, “How was your day?” or “What’s your favorite way to spend a weekend?”

This helps establish a basic rapport and lets you gauge their current mood.

Pace Yourself: Conversational pacing is vital. You might be ready to jump into fun, flirty banter, but they may still be warming up.

Let the conversation progress organically. If they start sharing more personal stories or details, it’s a good sign they’re comfortable and you can introduce some playful flirtation.

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  • “That’s a great photo with the dog! What’s its name?”
  • “I saw you like hiking. Do you have any favorite trails?”
  • “I’m curious about your adventure in skydiving. On a scale from 1-10, how much did it boost your adrenaline?”
  • “I noticed you enjoy cooking. If you were a chef for a day, what’s the one dish you’d be most proud to serve?”
  • “Your profile mentions you love mysteries. Have you ever tried escaping a real-life escape room?”
  • “I noticed you enjoy cooking. If you were a chef for a day, what’s the one dish you’d be most proud to serve?”
  • “Your profile says you’re a bookworm. If you had to be trapped in a novel’s world for a week, which would it be?”
  • “I’m curious about your adventure in skydiving. On a scale from 1-10, how much did it boost your adrenaline?”
  • “I saw you’ve been to Italy from your photos. If you had to describe your trip using only three emojis, which ones would you pick?”
  • You have a photo in what looks like a concert. Which band were you there to see? Any fun stories from the night?”

2. General Principles:

1. Respect Boundaries

Online dating thrives on mutual respect. Every individual has their comfort level, and it’s essential to recognize and respect that. If you sense hesitation or if they outright tell you they’re uncomfortable, apologize if needed and shift the topic.

Example: If you ask, “Do you believe in love at first swipe?” and they respond with a simple “Not sure,” it’s better to steer away from deep romantic questions for now.

2. Be Genuine

Authenticity is attractive. Rather than throwing out generic flirty lines, focus on what truly interests you about their profile or your conversation. Personalized questions show you’re paying attention.

Example: Instead of just saying, “You have beautiful eyes,” say, “I couldn’t help but notice your eyes in that photo by the beach. They remind me of the ocean. Have you always lived by the coast?”

3. Stay Positive

Keep the conversation light and upbeat, especially in the initial stages. While it’s okay to acknowledge a bad day or discuss deeper topics later on, try to focus on the positives to create an enjoyable conversation environment.

Example: If they mention having a stressful day, you can respond with, “Sorry to hear that. Is there a favorite song or activity that helps you unwind? I find music always lifts my mood!”

4. Avoid Being Too Forward

There’s a delicate balance between being flirty and being forward. Remember, what one person finds charming, another might find overbearing. Listen actively and adjust based on their feedback.

Example: Instead of saying, “You look hot in that dress,” consider, “You have a great sense of style. That dress in your photo really caught my eye!”

5. Humor is Your Friend:

A little humor can break the ice and set a light-hearted tone. Just ensure your jokes are in good taste and not at someone else’s expense.

Example: “I’d say something charming right now, but I’m sure you’ve heard them all. So, tell me, which ones should I avoid?”

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Top Flirty Questions To Ask On Hinge

Now to the nitty-gritty of this article, below are our list of answers:

  1. “If we were both characters in a romantic movie, what would our plot twist be?”
  2. “On a scale of 1 to America’s Got Talent, how would you rate our conversational chemistry so far?”
  3. “If we had a dance-off right now, what’s your go-to move to ensure victory?”
  4. “What’s a hidden talent of yours that would totally surprise me?”
  5. “If we were stranded on a deserted island and you could have one luxury item, what would it be? (Hint: Choose wisely, I might judge a bit!)”
  6. “Which song would play in the background during our epic slow-motion walk in a movie?”
  7. “If our first date were a treasure hunt, what three clues would lead me to you?”
  8. “Do you believe in love potions? Because this conversation is making me think they might be real.”
  9. “If we were co-stars in a sitcom about online dating, what would it be called?”
  10. “If you were to give me a nickname right now, what would it be?”
  11. “Is there a memory that always makes you smile, and are you willing to share it with a total (but charming) stranger?”
  12. “What’s the most flirtatious emoji in your arsenal?”
  13. “If our lives were a spy movie, what roles would we play? Partners in crime or rival agents?”
  14. “If you could be any fictional character’s date to a fancy ball, who would you pick?”
  15. “What’s a fun fact about yourself that isn’t on your Hinge profile?”
  16. “Describe our first fictional vacation using just five words.”
  17. “What’s the most rebellious thing you’ve done that you’re secretly proud of?”
  18. “Do you have a favorite constellation? Want to star-gaze together someday?”
  19. “What’s the most magical place you’ve ever been to, and would you take me there?”
  20. “Are you a morning person or a night owl? And when are you at your flirtiest?”
  21. “If we entered a couple’s game night right now, would we be allies or adorable rivals?”
  22. “How do you feel about romantic clichés? Would you share an umbrella in the rain?”
  23. “Which fictional couple do you think we’d beat in a couple’s trivia night?”
  24. “What’s the sassiest thing you’ve ever said to someone?”
  25. “If you had to pick a song that describes our chat vibe so far, what would it be?”
  26. “What’s your idea of a perfect date during each season of the year?”
  27. “How would you charm someone using only three words?”
  28. “If we were to have a karaoke duet, which song would you choose for us?”
  29. “Do you believe in fate or that we forge our own destiny? Because this chat feels a bit fated.”
  30. “Would you ever go on a spontaneous road trip? And if yes, beach, mountains, or city?”
  31. “Is there a fun challenge you’d want to dare me to do?”
  32. “Imagine we’re writing a story together. What’s our opening line?”
  33. “Are you the type to make the first move on the dance floor or wait to be asked?”
  34. “If we were to exchange one secret right now, what would you want to know?”
  35. “Do you have any guilty pleasures you’re brave enough to share?”
  36. “If you could teleport anywhere in the world right now, where would you take me?”
  37. “Is there an outfit in your closet you wear when you want to feel super confident?”
  38. “If you had a magic wand, what’s one thing you’d change about our world? (Besides bringing us closer, of course!)”
  39. “Which board game are you secretly unbeatable at?”
  40. “Do you have a favorite fairy tale? And do you see yourself as the hero or the mischief maker?”
  41. “What’s your favorite midnight snack? And would you share it on a late-night date?”
  42. “If you could serenade someone, which song would you pick?”
  43. “Do you have a favorite love quote or line from a song that’s stuck with you?”
  44. “Is there an adventure or activity you’ve never tried but would want someone to join you in?”
  45. “Are you the type to whisper secrets or shout declarations?”
  46. “Do you have any dance moves named after you?”
  47. “If you could wish for one talent to magically have by tomorrow, what would it be?”
  48. “What’s your most charming quality that’s hidden from your profile?”
  49. “How would you describe the sparks between us? Fireworks or a slow-burning flame?”
  50. “Is there an exotic food you’d want to try on a date? Or better yet, cook together?”
  51. “If you could pick a backdrop for our first selfie together, where would it be?”
  52. Do you think you’re a good kisser?
  53. “If we were to start a two-person band right now, what would our name be and what kind of music would we play?”
  54. “Imagine we’re both on a mystery date show. Based on our chat, would you choose to unveil the curtain?”
  55. “If you were to give me a tour of your hometown, where’s the one spot you’d want to share a secret kiss?”
  56. “In an alternate universe where we’re both superheroes, what powers do we have? And more importantly, are we allies or playful adversaries?”
  57. “Do you have a go-to song that always puts you in a flirty mood? Should I cue it up?”
  58. “If we were to cast each other in a movie about our lives, which actors would we choose for the roles?”
  59. “Imagine we’re in a photo booth right now. What poses would we strike for our four photos?”
  60. “Would you rather challenge me to a dance-off or a cook-off for our first date?”
  61. “If we were to create a secret handshake right now, what quirky move would you add to it?”
  62. “Imagine we’re in a world where we can only communicate with song lyrics. Which line would you send me right now?”

Final Thoughts

Flirty questions can be a fun way to get to know someone on Hinge, but always remember the importance of mutual respect and boundaries. Dating apps are a platform to connect, get to know one another, and have fun. Always prioritize genuine interest and communication over forced flirtation.

Note: Always be aware of cultural and personal sensitivities when engaging in online conversations. Some questions may be more or less appropriate depending on the context and individual.

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