How long does Hinge say Active Now?

How long does Hinge say active now?

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There’s a certain thrill when the person you’re interested in shows up as “active now” on Hinge. But just how long does this last?

Hinge active now status
The active now status on a user profile on Hinge

You don’t want to message someone, feeling that they’re actively viewing your message (due to a turned Active Now status) and it turns out they aren’t – maybe this could explain the reason why you have times you feel your messages weren’t going through.

Because unfortunately, Hinge doesn’t have any ticker (aside from the Active now status), that shows up when someone views your message.

Regardless, this article should provide you with the information you need to know.

How Long Does Hinge Say Active Now?

The phrase “active now” on Hinge is a status that indicates when a user is currently using the app. But how long is “now,” exactly?

To determine this, we have carried out extensive research and reached out to multiple sources to find an accurate answer to this frequently asked question. And, well, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer.

Here’s the scoop: The “active now” status doesn’t linger for an eternity.

Once a user closes the app or switches to a different one, they’re no longer active. But, the status can stick around for a short period after a user has navigated away.

Hinge hasn’t specified the exact duration, but through a series of tests and anecdotal evidence from users, it seems like the status lasts around an hour or so after the last activity.

So, if you see “active now” on someone’s profile, they have likely used the app within the past hour. This is where Active Now differentiates itself from the Active today feature

That being said, a key aspect to note is the variation in the “active now” status.

Different users might experience differing time frames based on their app usage, network connectivity, and potentially, the type of device they’re using.

It’s also important to mention that the “active now” feature might not necessarily mean the person is currently swiping or messaging.

They could be adjusting their profile settings or simply checking their notifications. So, while it’s a good indicator of recent activity, it doesn’t specifically indicate interaction.

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Typically, the “active now” status is a helpful tool to gauge recent activity on a profile but not a definitive marker of the real-time presence or somewhat of an overly accurate tool.

Rather, it gives a rough estimate, a blurry snapshot of the person’s recent activity, but it’s not a crystal clear image.

Does Hinge Active Now Update In Real-Time Or Are There A Sort of Delay?

Now, while Hinge has not publicly stated the exact mechanics of their “active now” feature, from our experience, there could be a slight delay between when you open the app and when your activity status updates to ‘Active Now’ for other users, as well as when it goes out.

From our research, this delay took only a few minutes, but it can vary depending on factors such as your internet connection and the speed of your device.

To test this out, we conducted our experiment by opening two Matched Hinge profiles on two different devices at the same time.

We then checked each device’s activity status on the other one to see if there was a delay.

Sure enough, there was a slight delay of a few minutes before the activity status updated to ‘Active Now’ on the other device.

This delay was consistent across both iOS and Android devices, and it was present whether we were on Wi-Fi or cellular data.

So why does this delay exist? According to Hinge, it’s due to the way that their servers process activity data. We can also confirm that we have such delays between other social media apps like Facebook and its likes.

When you open the app, Hinge’s servers need to receive and process that data before updating your activity status for other users.

While this usually happens quickly, there can be a slight delay depending on various factors.

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If you’re waiting for someone to respond to a message or hoping to catch them online, it’s possible that their activity status may not update immediately after they open the app.

Final Thoughts

There you have it.

The Hinge Active now is not a real-time update, but rather a loose indication that a user has engaged with the app within the last hour or so. So keep this in mind while chatting!

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