Hinge Active Now vs Active Today: What You Need to Know

Hinge Active now vs Active Today: The Key differences

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Have you ever wondered how Hinge shows who’s online?

Hinge has two features they randomly use (perhaps not randomly) to display how recently a user has been online. But as with any online indicator say Facebook, for instance, questions like how they work, the time range of their display, etc, are pretty much asked a lot.

For this article, our bone of contention is the comparison of the Active Now and Active Today features on Hinge. How does each work? When are they used successively?

Let’s talk about this properly.

Overview Of The Active Now Feature On Hinge

When you’re browsing through Hinge, knowing if someone is currently active can be quite helpful.

This is precisely what the “Active Now” feature does. It’s a little indicator on a user’s profile that lights up when they are actively using the app. Think of it as a signal that someone is ‘at home’ in their digital dating space.

Hinge active now status
The active now status on a Hinge user profile

But how exactly does this feature work? Thanks to insights shared by a Reddit user who tested this, we have a clearer understanding.

The “Active Now” status is triggered when someone starts using the app. This status stays active for 2 hours from the moment they last use the app.

For example, let’s say a user checks their notifications at 8 pm and continues browsing their likes and conversations until 9 pm.

When they stop using the app at 9 pm, their profile will show “Active Now” until 11 pm – which is 2 hours after they last used it.

This feature is useful for gauging the best time to send a message, hoping for a prompt response.

If you see someone is “Active Now,” it suggests they might see and reply to your message sooner, as they’re currently engaged with the app.

Considering the 2 hours delay and other factors you can tell the “Active Now” feature isn’t 100% accurate. In other words, someone with an “Active Now” doesn’t translate to a person currently or immediately responsive to your chats.

Overview Of The Active Today Feature On Hinge

While “Active Now” tells you who’s using the app right at that moment, “Active Today” is a bit different.

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It’s relatable to a friend telling you they saw someone at a café earlier in the day. It doesn’t mean they are there right now, but they were there sometime during the day.

“Active Today” appears on a user’s profile to indicate that they have used the Hinge app at some point in the last 24 hours.

It’s a helpful way to know that someone has been recently active, even if they aren’t online at that exact moment you are checking their profile.

Why is this useful?

Well, it gives you a hint about who’s regularly checking their Hinge account.

If you’re planning to send a message, knowing that the person was active today increases the chances they’ll see your message soon, even if they’re not online right now.

However, it’s important to understand that “Active Today” doesn’t pinpoint the exact time someone was online.

It’s a broader indicator compared to “Active Now.”

So, while it’s a useful feature, it requires a bit more patience when you’re waiting for a response.

Also, remember that people use Hinge differently.

Some may check it several times a day, while others might just pop in once.

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The “Active Today” feature helps you get a sense of their recent activity, but it doesn’t tell the whole story.

In short, “Active Today” on Hinge is a handy feature that shows you who’s been active in the last 24 hours. It’s a good way to gauge who’s regularly using the app and could be more likely to respond to your messages.

Comparing Active Now and Active Today

So, how do these features stack up against each other?

“Active Now” is like a snapshot, a quick glimpse into someone’s current activity. It’s dynamic and immediate.

On the other hand, “Active Today” is like a summary of the day’s activity. It’s more about consistent presence than real-time engagement.

From a personal standpoint, I’ve found “Active Now” to be useful for spontaneous interactions.

It’s exciting to know that you’re browsing at the same time as someone else, increasing the chances of an immediate connection.

However, “Active Today” has its merits too. It provides a broader view of who’s regularly active, which can be reassuring in its own way.


In wrapping up, both “Active Now” and “Active Today” serve unique purposes on Hinge. They provide valuable insights into a user’s online activity, helping you to strategize your interactions. “Active Now” is great for seizing the moment, while “Active Today” gives you a sense of someone’s daily engagement on the app.

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