Why Does Hinge Keep Suggesting The Same Person?

Why Does Hinge Keep Suggesting The Same Person?

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Hinge, a dating app that promises to be the key to finding love in the modern world.

Swipe, match, chat, repeat.

But what happens when the app keeps suggesting the same person over and over again? Is it fate, the Hinge algorithm being at its worst, or just plain bad luck?

As a regular Hinge user myself, I’ve encountered this more times than I care to admit. So, let’s explore the reasons behind this.

Why Does Hinge Keep Suggesting The Same Person?

As you swipe through Hinge, you start to notice a pattern…

The same person keeps popping up in your suggested matches, despite your efforts to move on to greener pastures.

You might start to wonder if Hinge is trying to tell you something, or if there’s a glitch in the system.

But the truth is, there’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes of the Hinge algorithm that determines who you see in your suggested matches.

It’s not as simple as just randomly picking people for you to swipe on.

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First and foremost, Hinge takes into account your preferences and behavior on the app.

This includes things like the age range and location you set, as well as the types of profiles you tend to swipe on.

If you consistently swipe on profiles with certain characteristics, Hinge will show you more profiles with those same characteristics.

If you’re unfortunate, you can find yourself with unattractive profiles based on your standard. But for this, the major factor that influences is Location.

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But that’s not all.

Hinge also uses a machine learning algorithm to analyze your interactions with profiles on the app. It looks at things like the amount of time you spend looking at a profile, whether you like or comment on it, and how quickly you tend to swipe left or right.

Based on this data, Hinge could create a “compatibility score” for each profile that takes into account how likely you are to match with that person.

The higher the score, the more likely you are to see that person in your suggested matches.

Why is all of this? Well, Hinge believes people could accidentally swipe left on a match.

This could happen when they’re in a hurry  (probably the reason they track your interaction), or make a mistake. For instance, we’ve seen people that claim to accidentally delete their match.

So, what does all of this have to do with seeing the same person over and over again?

Well, if you consistently interact with a certain profile and have a high compatibility score with them, Hinge will likely show you that person, but at maximum twice.

If gets more than once, then there’s a problem.

It could be that your network connection is turned off or has low connectivity resulting in your app not being able to load properly. And hence the reason you’re you get the same profile over and over again.

Understanding How Hinge algorithm works

Hinge takes into account your preferences when suggesting matches. This includes your age range, gender preferences, and geographic location.

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If you’re looking for someone who lives within a certain distance of you, for example, Hinge will prioritize potential matches who fit that criteria.

But Hinge’s algorithm goes beyond just these basic preferences. It also takes into account factors like your past swiping behavior, the profiles you’ve liked and passed on, and the types of conversations you’ve had with potential matches.

This helps Hinge get a better sense of what you’re looking for in a partner, and tailor its suggestions accordingly.

One unique feature of Hinge’s algorithm is its “Most Compatible” feature, which uses a proprietary algorithm to suggest potential matches who are highly likely to be a good fit for you. ‘

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This feature takes into account a variety of factors, including your mutual friends, shared interests, and past messaging behavior, to determine who you’re most likely to hit it off with.

Of course, no algorithm is perfect, and sometimes Hinge may suggest matches that don’t quite hit the mark. But by taking a holistic approach to matching, and constantly refining its algorithm based on user behavior and feedback, Hinge is able to offer a highly personalized and effective dating experience.

Other points to consider:

  • The algorithm is constantly evolving based on user feedback and data analysis, meaning that the matches you see today may be different from the ones you saw last month.
  • The more information you provide on your Hinge profile, the better the algorithm will be able to suggest matches that meet your criteria.
  • Hinge also offers a “We Met” feature, which allows users to give feedback on their dates and provide additional data points for the algorithm to use in future matching.

How to Make the Algorithm Favor you

Firstly, make sure your profile is complete and up-to-date.

This means filling out all the sections, including your favorite activities, interests, and relationship preferences. The more information you provide, the better the algorithm will be able to suggest matches that fit your criteria.

But it’s not just about what you put on your profile – it’s also about how you use the app. When you’re swiping, be thoughtful and selective.

Don’t just swipe right on every profile you see – take the time to read each person’s profile and decide whether they’re really a good fit for you.

Remember, the algorithm takes into account your past swiping behavior when suggesting matches, so being thoughtful and intentional can pay off in the long run.

One other way to make the algorithm work in your favor is by using the “We Met” feature. This feature allows you to give feedback on your dates and provide additional data points for the algorithm to use in future matching.

By providing honest feedback on your matches, you can help the algorithm get a better sense of what you’re looking for in a partner and increase your chances of finding a compatible match.

Of course, engaging with your matches is also key. Hinge’s algorithm takes into account your past messaging behavior, so it’s important to have meaningful conversations with your matches.

Ask good questions —flirty, thoughtful, open-ended, etc—, share your own interests and experiences, and try to build a rapport with your matches to increase your chances of a successful match.

You should also be able to keep up with good conversations and respond to prompts rightly. Don’t be that guy that takes forever to respond to chats.

And if you’re not seeing the types of matches you’re looking for, don’t be afraid to adjust your preferences. Consider expanding your age or distance range, or tweaking other preferences like height or education level to see if it leads to more compatible matches.


There are typically several factors that can lead to Hinge suggesting the same profile multiple times, including the user’s swiping behavior, profile preferences, and the limited pool of potential matches

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