Can Anyone Start The Chat On Hinge? and Who?

Can Anyone Start The Chat On Hinge? and Who?

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Are you tired of scrolling through dating apps, wondering if you’ll ever find someone worth swiping right for? Do you want to ditch the endless small talk and get to know someone on a deeper level? If so, Hinge might be the app for you.

Unlike other dating apps, Hinge encourages users to spark conversations through unique prompts and questions.

Whether it’s “Two truths and a lie” or “What’s your typical Sunday?”, Hinge’s approach to dating is refreshingly unconventional.

But here’s the million-dollar question: can anyone start a chat on Hinge, or do you have to wait for the other person to make the first move, like on Bumble?

Can Anyone Start The Chat On Hinge?

The short answer is yes.

Unlike other dating apps for instance Bumble, where only one person can initiate a conversation after a match, Hinge allows both parties to start a chat once they’ve expressed interest in each other’s profiles.

So, what’s the catch? Well, there’s a bit of a catch. While anyone can start a chat on Hinge, you can only send a message in response to a specific part of someone’s profile.

This means that you can’t just send a generic “Hey, what’s up?” message and hope for the best. Instead, you have to show that you’ve read the other person’s profile and are interested in what they have to say.

This might sound intimidating, but it’s a great way to break the ice and start a meaningful conversation.

This is the reason why you should learn to respond to Hinge prompts right.

For example, if someone mentions that they love hiking in their profile, you can start the chat by asking them about their favourite hiking spot or sharing a funny story from your hiking adventures.

But what if you’re not sure what to say?

Well, the app offers a variety of conversation starters and icebreakers that you can use to get the ball rolling.

From thought-provoking jokes to flirty questions, these prompts are designed to spark interesting conversations and help you get to know your matches better.

How To Initiate The Chat On Hinge

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Now that you know that anyone can start a chat on Hinge, you might be wondering how to initiate the conversation.

As I mentioned earlier, Hinge requires users to respond to a specific part of someone’s profile to start a chat.

But what does that look like in practice?

First things first, take some time to read through the other person’s profile and find something that interests you.

It could be a shared hobby, a favourite book, or even a quirky fact about themselves.

Once you’ve found something that catches your attention, use it as a conversation starter.

Here are a few examples of how to initiate a chat on Hinge:

  • “I noticed that you’re into yoga. I’ve been trying to get into it myself – any tips for a beginner?”
  • “Your profile says you love hiking. Have you ever done any trails in [insert nearby location]? I’ve been wanting to try them out.”
  • “I couldn’t help but laugh at your ‘two truths and a lie.’ I’m pretty sure I could guess which one is the lie, but I want to hear your explanation.”

As you can see, the key to initiating a chat on Hinge is to be specific and thoughtful in your message.

Avoid generic pick-up lines and instead focus on something unique about the other person’s profile. Not only does this show that you’re genuinely interested in getting to know them, but it also sets the stage for a more interesting and engaging conversation.

Of course, not every chat will lead to a lasting connection, and that’s okay.

The beauty of Hinge is that it allows you to explore your options and see who’s out there.

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The Etiquette Guidelines For Starting A Chat On Hinge

Now that you know how to initiate a chat on Hinge, let’s talk about some etiquette guidelines to keep in mind. While Hinge encourages users to be themselves and have fun with their messages, there are a few do’s and don’ts to keep in mind.


  • Be respectful: Treat others the way you would like to be treated.  Avoid making inappropriate or offensive comments, and always ask before sharing personal information.
  • Show interest: Take the time to read through someone’s profile and find something that genuinely interests you. This will help you start a more engaging conversation and increase your chances of making a connection.
  • Be yourself: Don’t try to be someone you’re not in your messages. Be authentic to yourself, and you’ll attract people who appreciate you for who you are.


  • Sending generic messages: As we mentioned earlier, Hinge requires users to respond to a specific part of someone’s profile to start a chat.  Avoid sending generic messages like “hey, what’s up?” or “how’s your day going?” as they are less likely to spark a meaningful conversation.
  • Coming on too strong: While it’s great to show interest, be mindful of coming on too strong.  Avoid bombarding someone with too many messages or making overly personal comments too soon.
  • Ghost someone: If you’re not feeling a connection with someone, it’s okay to politely end the conversation. However, ghosting someone by suddenly stopping all communication is never a good idea. Show some respect and let them know that you’re not interested in pursuing things further.

By following these etiquette guidelines, you can ensure that your chats on Hinge are respectful, engaging, and fun.

Remember, the goal is to find someone who shares your interests and values, so be yourself and have fun with the process.

Are There Any Other Features that can quicken these process?

In addition to the tips I have already shared, Hinge offers several features that can help you start a chat and make meaningful connections with others.

Here are a few of our favorites:


Hinge prompts are pre-written questions or statements that you can respond to on your profile.

They’re a great way to showcase your personality and interests, and they also make it easier for others to start a chat with you.

When responding to prompts, try to be specific and add some personality to your answers – this will make it easier for others to find common ground and start a conversation.


Hinge allows users to comment on specific parts of someone’s profile, even if they haven’t matched yet. This is a great way to show interest and start a conversation, without having to wait for a match.

For example, if you see someone’s profile picture taken at a concert, you could comment and ask them what their favorite band is.

“We Met” feature

The “We Met” feature is designed to help Hinge learn more about your preferences and improve your matches over time.

After going on a date with someone you’ve met on Hinge, you’ll be prompted to leave feedback about the experience.

This can help Hinge understand what you’re looking for in a partner and suggest better matches in the future.

Video Chat

Hinge recently introduced a video chat feature, which allows users to connect with matches face-to-face before meeting in person.

This is a great way to get to know someone better and build a deeper connection, without the pressure of meeting in person right away.

By taking advantage of these features, you can make the most of your time on the app and increase your chances of finding someone special. So why not give them a try and see where they take you?


And there you have it, I have covered everything from who can start the chat on Hinge to the etiquette guidelines and features that can help you make meaningful connections.

I know that starting conversations can be nerve-wracking, but with my tips and tricks, you’re sure to be a chat-starting pro in no time.

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