Why Are Hinge Standouts so Much Better?

Why Are Hinge Standouts so Much Better?

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Hinge is changing the way we find love online with its ‘Standouts’ feature. Unlike the endless swiping on other apps, Standouts presents you with a selection of profiles that might just be what you’re looking for.

Through this article, we’ll go through why Hinge Standouts is a more user-friendly feature and why you find better profiles there

Why Are Hinge Standouts So Much Better?

If you’ve used the app, you might have noticed the standouts section on the app. They’re different from the normal feed. But how? And why are they seen as better?

First, let’s talk about what the normal feed is.

When you open Hinge, you see a list of people.

Vital or Basic section on the about me of a Hinge Profile
Vital or Basic section on the about me of a Hinge Profile

These are profiles based on your basic settings. Things like age, distance, and some preferences. It’s like walking into a big room and seeing everyone there. You get a bit of everything.

Now, standouts are different. Think of them as a special list.

Hinge picks these profiles because they’ve got something that stands out. Maybe it’s a fun answer to a question. Or a unique photo. It’s like Hinge is saying, “Hey, look here! This person has something cool to share.”

But why are standouts seen as better? There are a few reasons.

  1. Better Matches: Hinge uses your ‘likes’ and actions to learn what you prefer. Over time, it gets better at showing you profiles you might be interested in. Standouts are a result of this. They’re profiles that Hinge thinks you’ll like based on your past actions.
  2. Quality Over Quantity: With the normal feed, you see many profiles. With standouts, it’s fewer but more focused. This means you’re more likely to find someone you click with.
  3. Saves Time: Scrolling through many profiles can take time. But with standouts, you have a smaller list. This means you can spend more time getting to know someone rather than just swiping.
  4. Fresh Content: Standouts are updated regularly. This means you get to see new profiles often. It keeps things interesting.

In short, Hinge standouts offer a special experience. They’re like a hand-picked list just for you. While the normal feed is great for exploring, standouts is a section where the profiles are focused.

And that’s why they’re actually better.

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How Standouts Actually Work

Alright, so we’ve talked about why standouts are special. But how do they really work? Let’s break it down in a simple way.

When you use Hinge, the app is always watching. Not in a creepy way! It’s just trying to learn what you like. Every time you like a profile, send a message, or even pass on someone, Hinge is taking notes.

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Now, with all this information, Hinge has a good idea of your type. Maybe you like people who are funny. Or maybe you prefer profiles with a lot of photos. Hinge knows.

Standouts come from all this learning. Here’s how:

  1. Your Likes: The profiles you’ve liked in the past play a big part. If you’ve liked a lot of profiles that have, let’s say, travel photos, then standouts will show more of such profiles.
  2. Profile Prompts: Hinge looks at the prompts or questions profiles answer. If you often like profiles with fun answers, standouts will have more of them.
  3. Your Activity: It’s not just about likes. If you send messages to certain profiles or spend more time on some, Hinge sees that. It uses this to pick standouts.
  4. Updates: Standouts don’t stay the same. They change. Hinge updates them based on new profiles and your recent activity.

Now, you might wonder: “Is it always perfect?” Well, no. No system is perfect. Sometimes, you might see a standout that makes you think, “Why is this here?” But that’s okay. The more you use the app, the better it gets.

What’s nice about standouts is that they’re easy to use. You see them, and if you like what you see, you can send a message or a like. If not, just move on. No stress. They’re chances of them returning back if you missed out on one.

Can you become a Hinge standout?

Now, after hearing so much about standouts, there’s a question many of us might have: Can I become a standout? It’s a fair question. Everyone wants to be noticed, right?

Let’s get into it.

A snapshot of profiles on Hinge Standout
Source: emlovz

The simple answer is yes, but it’s not something you can just choose. Hinge decides who becomes a standout based on a few things. Here’s what matters:

1. Profile Completeness

A full profile has a better chance. That means having all the photos slots filled and answering the prompts. People want to see who you are and what you’re about. A complete profile gives them that.

Here are some of our tips…

  1. Photos:
    • Use All Slots: Hinge allows multiple photo slots. Don’t leave any empty. Each photo is a chance to show a different side of you.
    • Variety: Include different types of pictures. A mix of close-ups, full-body shots, and photos of you doing activities you love can offer a well-rounded view.
    • Quality Over Quantity: While it’s important to use all slots, ensure each photo is clear and of good quality. Blurry or pixelated photos might not leave the best impression.
  2. Prompts:
    • Answer All: Don’t skip any. Every prompt is a chance to share something unique about yourself.
    • Be Genuine: It’s tempting to write what you think people want to hear, but authenticity is key. Genuine answers can lead to more meaningful connections.
    • Avoid One-Word Answers: Elaborate a bit. Instead of just saying “beaches” when asked about your favorite getaway, you could say “Sunny beaches where I can relax with a good book.

2. Engaging Content

It’s not just about having a profile. It’s about what’s in it.

Good photos, clear images, and interesting answers can make you stand out. If people often like or comment on your answers, Hinge sees that as a good sign.

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In addition, here are some tips

1. Choose Diverse Prompts:

  • Mix It Up: Avoid answering prompts that are too similar. If one prompt talks about travel, choose another that dives into hobbies or personal anecdotes.
  • Ask Questions: Turn a prompt into an invitation for conversation. For instance, if discussing favorite books, end with, “What’s your favorite read?”

2. Photo Captions:

  • Add Context: If you have a photo from a trip or an event, add a caption that gives a bit of background. It can be a conversation starter.
  • Short and Sweet: Keep captions concise but interesting. Remember, you want to pique curiosity.

3. Activity

If you’re active on Hinge, you have a better shot. Responding to messages, sending likes, and overall being a part of the Hinge community helps. The app likes users who are active and engaged.

Lastly, being kind and genuine matters. If you have good chats and people respond well to your messages, it can boost your chances. Remember, it’s a community, and positive interactions count.

Now, while these tips can increase your chances, there’s no sure way to become a standout. Hinge uses its own system, and it’s always changing.

What’s important is to be yourself. Authenticity is key. People are drawn to genuine profiles. It’s not about being perfect, but about showing who you really are.

Another thing to remember is that being a standout is not the end goal. The goal is to connect with people, to find matches that matter. So, even if you don’t become a standout, it’s okay. Focus on creating genuine connections and enjoying the journey.

This is the reason, funnily enough, profiles on Standouts can’t tell they’re standout unless someone else tells them. Hinge doesn’t notify unless you try to figure things out for yourself.

To wrap it up, yes, you can become a standout on Hinge. But, it’s about the quality of connections, not just the spotlight.


Hinge standouts offer a unique way to see profiles. It’s like having a special list made just for you.

We’ve learned why they’re seen as better, how they work, and even some tips to be recommended on the platform. In the end, while being a standout is great, what’s more important is making real connections.

So, whether you’re a standout or just browsing, the goal is to find meaningful matches. And with Hinge, that journey is made a little bit easier.

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