Is Sending a Rose on Hinge Weird?

Is Sending a Rose on Hinge Weird?

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Imagine you’re scrolling through Hinge and you see someone you really like.

You think about sending a rose, but then you pause. Is it weird? In this article, we’re going to explore this question. We’ll look at both sides and help you decide if sending a rose is the right move

The Rose Feature on Hinge

If you’re new to Hinge or haven’t used it in a while, you might not know about this feature.

Basically, a rose is a special way to show someone you’re really interested in them. It’s you saying, “Hey, I think you’re great!” but without words.

When you send a rose, your profile shows up at the top of the other person’s list.

Sending a rose to someone on Hinge

This means they see you before they see other people. It’s a way to stand out and say, “I’d really like to get to know you.”

On Hinge, you get one free rose every week. You can also buy more if you want.

Now, why use a rose instead of just liking someone’s profile?

The idea is that a rose is more powerful.

But, there’s something important to remember. Just because you send a rose, it doesn’t guarantee that the other person will like you back, especially when they’re a “standout” and gets a ton of them daily.

They might, or they might not.

So, is sending a rose a good move?

It depends.

If you really feel a connection with someone’s profile, and you think, “Wow, this person seems amazing,” then a rose could be a great way to show that.


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Now, let’s talk about why some people hesitate to send roses on Hinge. It’s a common thing, really.

When you think about it, sending a rose is a bit like putting yourself out there, isn’t it?

It’s saying, “I’m interested in you,” in a very direct way. And that can feel a bit scary.

One reason people hesitate is the fear of rejection.

It’s normal to worry about what happens if you send a rose and get no response.

That uncertainty can make people think twice before sending a rose.

Another reason is the value of the rose.

Since you only get one free rose per week, there’s this pressure to make it count. People often think, “Should I really use my rose on this profile, or should I wait for someone I’m more sure about?” It’s a bit of a gamble.

Then there’s the worry about coming on too strong.

Some people think sending a rose might be too much, too soon. They wonder if it might scare the other person off.

It’s a delicate balance, right? You want to show interest, but not too much, too fast.

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But dating is all about trial and error. It’s all about experimenting.

Is Sending a Rose on Hinge Weird?

Firstly, the idea of ‘weird’ is pretty subjective, right?

What’s weird for one person might be totally normal for another.

Well, In the world of online dating, gestures like sending a rose can be seen in many ways.

But keep in mind, that the whole point of Hinge and its features is to help people connect and stand out in a crowded dating scene.

Sending a rose is a bold move, sure.

Think about it – getting a rose can make someone feel special and noticed. And isn’t that a good thing in the often impersonal world of online dating?

Now, should you send a rose?

Well, that depends.

If you find someone’s profile that has your attention, and you feel a genuine connection, then why not?

Sending a rose can show that you’re serious about wanting to know them better. It’s a step above a simple like.

However, it’s good to be selective. Save it for those profiles where you feel a real pull. This way, when you do send a rose, it has more meaning.

And let’s not forget, there’s no guaranteed outcome.

Just like in real life, sending a rose doesn’t ensure that the other person will feel the same way. But it’s a chance worth taking.

After all, taking chances is part of what dating is about.


So, is sending a rose on Hinge weird? The answer is, it depends. It depends on who you’re sending it to, and how you follow up. It can be a charming gesture, but it’s not right for every situation. Like in real life, what works for one person might not work for another. The key is to be thoughtful and considerate. Use the rose as a way to show genuine interest, but don’t rely on it alone. In the end, it’s about the connection you build, not just the way you start the conversation.

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