Why Does Hinge Only Show Fat?

Why Does Hinge Only Show Fat?

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If you’re reading this article, you might’ve noticed something about a larger number of profiles belonging to plus-sized individuals.

No, it’s not just you; numerous users report experiencing the same.

But before we jump to any conclusions, let’s cover why this is happening.

How Does the Algorithm Work on Hinge?

The core of any dating app, including Hinge, is its algorithm – the magic sauce if you will.

But this is no hocus pocus; it’s a product of sophisticated technology and data science. So, what’s happening behind the scenes when you’re swiping and clicking?

First, it’s important to note that Hinge’s mission statement is to be “designed to be deleted.”

Essentially, the app aims to help users find a match serious enough that they no longer need the service. This objective informs how the algorithm is structured.

At its heart, the Hinge algorithm learns from your actions. It registers your ‘likes’ and ‘dislikes’, and who you end up having conversations with.

It’s observing, learning about your preferences, and using this data to make better match suggestions over time.

However, it’s not as simple as showing you people similar to the ones you’ve liked before.

Hinge also incorporates a degree of randomness to its matches.

This randomness allows for the possibility of you discovering a great match that you might not have considered otherwise.

Discovery settings for Hinge

Factors like proximity and the preferences you set in your Discovery settings are also very important.

The algorithm weighs all these factors to curate a selection of profiles for you to peruse each day.

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This blend of user behavior, stated preferences, and a dash of randomness is what drives Hinge’s algorithm.

The algorithm helps to make sense of your experiences on the app.

Yet, it’s still a machine, and sometimes, machines don’t perfectly translate the complexity of human attraction.

Take, for instance, the complaints from users about seeing certain profiles multiple times.

In fact, this is quite common on other dating platforms like Tinder and Bumble.

This might lead to the impression of a certain ‘type’ being shown more often, such as the concern ‘Why does Hinge only show fat?’

It’s not intentional, but a consequence of how the app learns and adapts from your interactions.

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Why Does Hinge Only Show Fat?

It’s important to first clear up a common misconception: Hinge, like any other dating app, does not consciously ‘choose’ to show any specific body type or characteristic.

This is for those who always complain about their Algorithm being bad.

Algorithms are impartial and function based on data inputs and set programming. They lack human judgment or bias.

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They work based on the data they get from you.

Now, one of the probable reasons why you might perceive Hinge as showing only a particular body type could be due to its algorithmic functionality.

The app’s algorithm is designed to learn and adapt to your preferences over time.

A man seeing a lot of fatties on Hinge

If you’ve liked or interacted with profiles of a certain type in the past, the app assumes you prefer that type and will show you more of the same.

It’s a basic form of machine learning, the app trying to give you more of what it thinks you want.

Something to also note is the demographic of the app in your area.

Hinge, like all dating apps, depends on local user demographics. The profiles you see are of people who’ve chosen to be on the app in your geographical region.

It’s possible that there’s a higher representation of a certain body type, leading to the assumption that the app ‘only shows fat’.

Lastly, the way you set your preferences matters.

The app’s interface allows you to set certain preferences for the profiles you wish to see, including height, age, religion, and yes, even body type. If you’re not seeing the diversity you’d like, it might be time to revisit these settings.

How Can You Stop Seeing Fat People on Hinge

Of course. It’s worth emphasizing that everyone has their own preferences when it comes to attraction and dating, and it’s perfectly okay to seek out what you prefer.

If you’re noticing a trend that’s not in line with what you’re looking for on Hinge, there are ways to adjust your experience on the app.

However, it’s important to underscore that Hinge, like most dating apps, does not allow users to filter matches based on physical attributes such as body size or shape, out of respect for its diverse user base.

This approach encourages a more inclusive space where individuals are not reduced to their physical attributes.

So, what can you do if you’re not satisfied with the profiles you’re seeing? Let’s get into the practical steps you can take to improve your Hinge experience:

Interact Honestly:

Hinge’s algorithm learns from your actions.

If you’re consistently liking and interacting with profiles that align with your preferences, over time, you should start seeing more profiles that match those preferences.

Be conscious about who you’re liking or dismissing.

Adjust Your Discovery Preferences:

You can’t filter for body size, but you can adjust other preferences like age, height, distance, ethnicity, religion, and more.

Make sure your Discovery settings align with what you’re looking for.

If your location has a lot of plus-sized men, you shouldn’t expect any magic from Bumble — You’ll also get plus-sized men on your feed.

For a situation like this, your safest bet would be to increase the distance in the discovery settings slightly more.

Reconsider Your Approach:

Sometimes, an unexpected match can turn into a meaningful connection.

Consider giving a chance to individuals you might not initially think are your ‘type.’

After all, the aim of dating apps like Hinge is to foster genuine relationships, and these often go deeper than physical appearances.

Try Different Platforms:

If Hinge’s approach doesn’t work for you, you might want to explore other dating platforms.

Each app has its own unique algorithm and matching mechanics, and you might find another one suits your preferences better.

Consider going through our guide on the only two dating apps every single should have.


The main takeaway? The more you interact genuinely with the app, the better it becomes at showing profiles that align with your preferences.

And keep in mind, Hinge is just a tool to meet people. The real magic happens in the conversations, dates, and connections you make along the way.


Why is Hinge Full of Fatties?

Hinge’s algorithm learns from your interactions on the app, and it also adds a degree of randomness to mimic real-world dating. If you’re seeing more users with a certain body type, it’s likely a result of these factors. Keep in mind that Hinge, like many dating platforms, embraces diversity and does not allow for filtering based on body size or shape.

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