How to Respond to a rose on Hinge

How to respond to a rose on hinge: The Ultimate Guide

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When you receive a rose on Hinge, it shows someone has a serious interest in your profile. They’ve deemed you special, and have decided to use one of their limited roses to stand out from the crowd in your likes. But how do you respond to them?

This article will cover what you need to know about how roses work and how best to respond to them.

How Roses Work On Hinge

Just like the super-like feature we have on Tinder, Roses are a premium feature on Hinge that allows users to show a heightened level of interest in another person.

Every Hinge user receives one free rose each Sunday, but additional roses can be purchased from the app’s store. The aim of the rose feature is to emphasize a genuine connection and encourage meaningful conversations.

When a user sends a rose to another person, it is a sign of serious interest. It’s a step above a standard ‘like’, serving as a standout gesture that signals the sender is really captivated by your profile.

From the recipient’s perspective, a rose indicates that you’ve made a strong impression on someone and are keen to explore a deeper connection.

On the receiver’s end, a rose will appear in the section of the app where likes and other interactions are stored. It stands out visually, making it easy to recognize among other interactions.

What you see when someone sends you a rose
What you see when someone sends you a rose

When you receive a rose, you can choose to match with the sender and reply, indicating you’re interested in further conversation. If you choose not to reply or match, the rose will eventually disappear, clearing your interaction with them.

How to respond to a rose on Hinge

As we said earlier, when you receive a rose on Hinge, it shows someone is likely seriously interested in you.

But how should you respond to such an overture? Well, this process isn’t a science, it’s more of an art, reflecting your style and the vibe you want to give out.

The first thing to remember is to keep your response authentic and personal. Remember, someone has decided to spend their rose – something, not often being seen – on you.

It’s an indication that they find your profile especially appealing. So, if you’re interested, it’s a good opportunity to express genuine curiosity about them, and acknowledge their gesture.

Begin your response with a thank you. A simple “Thanks for the rose, [their name]! It was a nice surprise.” works as an effective icebreaker and it’s polite to recognize their effort.

From there, you can start to explore shared interests or aspects of their profile that caught your attention. It’s a great way to keep the conversation flowing and build a connection.

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It’s also essential to keep your response engaging.

For instance, if you both share a love for travelling, rather than simply saying, “I see you like to travel, so do I,” you could say something like, “I see you’re a fellow globe-trotter. What’s the most exciting place you’ve been to?”

This not only shows that you’ve taken time to understand their interests, but it also gives them something to respond to, making the conversation more interactive.

Now, what if you’re not interested? It’s okay to not reciprocate someone’s feelings, but it’s important to be kind and respectful when communicating this. There’s no need to ghost or ignore them. There could also be the possibility that they accidentally sent you the rose.

Generally, a respectful, brief message is the way to go. For example, “Hi [their name], I appreciate the rose, but I don’t think we’re quite a match. Best of luck in your search!”

This acknowledges their gesture and communicates your disinterest in a kind and straightforward manner.

It’s also important to remember that a rose is a unique feature of Hinge that allows users to highlight someone they’re especially interested in. It doesn’t automatically oblige you to have a full-fledged conversation or go on a date.

There’s no pressure to reciprocate simply because you received a rose. It’s always about mutual interest, respect, and connection.

Final Thoughts

Responding to a rose on Hinge is about authenticity, engagement, and respect. Whether you’re interested or not, it’s always important to respond in a manner that represents you genuinely and fosters a positive dating environment.

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