Hinge Remove Vs Report: Difference and When to use each of them properly

Hinge Remove Vs Report

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One minute you’re matching with someone who seems like they could be the one, and the next you’re swiping left on someone who looks like they just stepped out of a 90s sitcom.

That’s the system we see, unfortunately!

But what do you do when you come across a match that’s not just a bad fit, but a red flag?

Maybe they’re using a profile picture that’s clearly from a magazine (seriously, who falls for that?), or they’re sending you messages that seem like fraud.

Do you remove them from your tab or do you report them to Hinge and risk feeling like a snitch?

In this post, I will discuss the ins and outs of removing and reporting, while giving you some real talk on how to handle those less-than-desirable matches.

So grab a drink (alcoholic or not, we won’t judge), get comfy, and let’s get into this.

What Does It Mean to Remove Someone on Hinge?

Imagine scrolling through Hinge, and you come across someone you’re sure you don’t want to see again.

Maybe you’ve seen them before, and you’ve already decided they’re not for you.

Now, you could just press ‘X’ and move on, but sometimes Hinge might bring that profile back in front of you. This is where the option to remove someone becomes useful.

Removing someone on Hinge is like saying, “Please don’t show me this person again.”

It’s a step beyond just pressing ‘X’ because it’s more final. It’s not about unmatching – that’s for people you’ve already said ‘Yes’ to but have changed your mind about. Removing is for profiles you haven’t matched with.

Why would you want to use this option? It’s simple.

If a profile keeps showing up and you’re not interested, removing them helps keep your feed clean. It’s about making sure that the people you see are ones you might want to connect with.

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Here’s the thing: when you remove someone, they won’t know it. It’s completely private. They won’t get an alert or a message; they simply won’t appear in your feed anymore.

It keeps things polite and drama-free.

Using the remove feature is straightforward.

If you’re sure you don’t want to see someone again, you choose to remove their profile. This way, you’re in control of who can pop up in your searches, making your Hinge experience better tailored to what you’re looking for.

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What Does It Mean to Report Someone on Hinge?

Reporting someone on Hinge isn’t a feature you’d typically use every day.

Advisably it should only be used when things get serious – when another user’s behavior crosses a line or makes you feel uncomfortable.

Now, let’s explain what it really means to report someone on Hinge.

First, let’s get the basics down.

Whether you’ve swiped right and matched or you’ve just seen a profile pop up, you can report someone. Matched or not, if a user’s conduct is off, Hinge has made it simple to let them know.

Reporting is straightforward.

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If you’re on someone’s profile, look for the three dots that usually sit at the top corner. Tap that, and you’ll see the option to report.

A screenshot of the tray of option you're prompted after tapping on report someone on hinge

Select it, and Hinge will guide you through a few steps to complete the report. This is where you can explain what’s up, what rule you think they’ve broken, or why their behavior is a no-go.

So why report?

Think of it as a community service.

By reporting, you’re not just looking out for yourself; you’re helping keep the dating environment a bit safer and more genuine for everyone else.

It’s like you’re part of the Hinge neighborhood watch, keeping an eye out for the well-being of the community.

Remember, reporting is anonymous.

The person you report won’t know it was you. And once you report someone, their profile vanishes from your feed, never to return. It’s as if you’re saying, “This isn’t okay,” and Hinge responds with, “We’ve got your back.”

Keep in mind, this isn’t a feature for minor annoyances or a sort of revenge feature.

It’s for those moments that make you pause and think, “That’s not right.”

It’s for the times when someone’s behavior is clearly against the guidelines Hinge has set to ensure everyone plays fair and respects each other.

What Is The Difference Between Removing And Reporting Someone On Hinge?

Let’s start with removing.

Think about removing as your personal edit button. You see someone you’re sure you don’t want to meet, maybe because you have different interests or they’re not your type.

You hit remove, and they’re gone from your feed, just like that. It’s your way of fine-tuning your Hinge feed without making a fuss.

Reporting, on the other hand, is more serious. It’s like sounding the alarm.

When you report someone, you’re telling Hinge that this person is breaking the rules, being inappropriate, or making you feel unsafe.

It’s not about personal preference anymore; it’s about protecting yourself and other users. When you report, Hinge listens and takes action to investigate and, if necessary, remove the user from the platform.

Now, what happens after I remove or report someone?

If you remove someone, they simply vanish from your sight. No harm, no foul.

But when you report someone, Hinge steps in to review the report and decides on the right course of action.

They might warn the person, suspend their account, or even permanently ban them from Hinge if they’re causing real trouble.

The bottom line is, removal is for your eyes only; it’s similar to turning off a TV show you don’t want to watch.

Reporting is for safety; it’s basically calling the authorities when you see something wrong.

Both features are there to make sure you use Hinge as safe as possible.

Generally, this can include anything from fake profiles to inappropriate messages to weird stalker-like behavior.

Common Reasons you may want to Remove Or Report Someone On Hinge?

Now that we’ve talked about the difference between removing and reporting someone on Hinge, let’s dive into some common reasons why you might need to use one option over the other.

They’re Fake

We’ve all seen them before.

Maybe they’re using a celebrity’s photos, or they just look too good to be true.

Either way, if you come across a profile that seems suspicious, it’s always a good idea to report it. That way, Hinge can investigate and keep their platform as legit as possible.

What if you didn’t know they were fake until they you met with them?

While, yeah, it’s a good idea to report them, and even unmatch them if you had mistakenly matched with them.

Now, if you’ve met with them you can choose to give a feedback to Hinge, thanks to the We Met feature, which would occasionally pop out like this…

The occasional we met pop up you get from Hinge

You can also manually use the We Met feature individually as shown below…

Screenshot of the unhide, we met, unmatch, and report feature | Removing someone on Hinge

You’re not interested in them

Sometimes, a person’s behavior might just seem off.

They are overly aggressive or just giving off weird vibes, that don’t typically match yours. You can choose to block or remove them.

Note, reporting them, in this case, is not required, since they didn’t do anything bad to you. You could simply remove them.

They keep on spamming you

We all hate spam. Whether it’s in our email inbox or our dating app matches.

If someone is spamming you with messages or links to external websites after matching with them, report them so they don’t keep bothering you (and potentially others)..


Hinge is all about connecting real people looking for real relationships.

So, if you ever feel like someone is not on the same page as you or not respecting your boundaries, don’t be afraid to remove or report them.

But, always make sure you have a valid reason to do so, and keep it positive and respectful.

If you do happen to get reported or removed and you think it was done unfairly, don’t panic.

Hinge has an appeal process in place, and you can always reach out to their support team for help.

But, let’s all do our part to keep the app a safe and positive space for everyone.

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