Do Hinge Standouts Show Up in Regular Feed?

Do Hinge Standouts Show Up in Regular Feed?

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Have you ever been curious about the profiles you see on Hinge’s standout section? You might be wondering if you can also see them when you scroll through your regular feed. In this article, we’ll clear up the confusion.

How Hinge Standouts Works

First things first, Standouts isn’t just a random selection of profiles. Instead, it’s a curated list.

Hinge takes into account the preferences you’ve set up in your profile and the way you interact with the app.

A snapshot of profiles on Hinge Standout
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Based on this, it tries to give you profiles that align with your interests and activity. It’s kind of like when a friend knows your taste and suggests someone they think you’d hit it off with.

Now, the Standouts section updates daily.

This means that every day, you get a fresh batch of profiles that Hinge thinks might catch your interest.

So, if you don’t find someone intriguing today, there’s always a new chance tomorrow. It keeps things exciting, doesn’t it?

One more thing to note is the “Rose” feature in Standouts. You’ve probably seen that, right?

Sending a Rose is Hinge’s way of letting someone know they’re really special. But, you only get a limited number of these, so use them wisely unless you intend to spend extra bucks for more of them.

If you really feel a connection or see a profile that genuinely stands out to you, that’s when you might consider sending a Rose.

Do Hinge Standouts Show Up in Regular Feed?

In simple words, yes, they can.

Here’s the thing: the Standouts section is like a special spotlight. It brings forward profiles that might be a great match for you. But these profiles aren’t only for the Standouts section

They’re regular Hinge users, just like everyone else. So, there’s a good chance you might see them when you’re scrolling through your regular feed.

However, just because a profile appears in Standouts doesn’t mean it’ll show up in your regular feed right away.

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The regular feed doesn’t just show profiles based on match potential. It also takes into account many other things like activity and location. So, it’s a mix.

Some days you might see a Standout profile in your regular feed, and some days you might not unless you try making it a permanent feature.

In short, Standouts are a way for Hinge to say, “Hey, we think this person might be a good match for you!”

But these profiles are still part of the bigger Hinge community. So, while they get a special spot for a day in Standouts, they’re also out there in the regular feed, waiting to be discovered.

Why Do They Appear In Both Places?

If they’re in standouts, why show them again in the regular feed?

Good question. Standouts are there to ensure you don’t miss out on potential matches that you might overlook in the pool of profiles.

By putting them in the spotlight, Hinge hopes you’ll give these profiles a closer look since they’ve historically performed better.

But more importantly, we won’t overlook the fact that the app makes more money with features like Standout which prompts users to make use of Rose (a sort of premium currency on the app).

But then, the regular feed is more randomized.

It’s designed to show you a wide variety of people.

So, while you may see someone in standouts one day, they could appear in your regular feed another day.

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Benefits of This System:

  1. Multiple Chances: As mentioned earlier, by having profiles appear in both sections, it ensures you don’t easily skip past a potential match.
  2. Fresh Perspective: Sometimes, when we see a profile for the second time, we might view it with fresh eyes. Maybe you were in a rush the first time, or perhaps you weren’t in the right mood. Seeing a profile again might just change your perspective.
  3. Ensuring Activity: By circulating profiles in different sections, Hinge also ensures that active users get visibility. If someone’s profile is both in standouts and the regular feed, it means they’re relatively active, which increases the chance of meaningful interaction.


The standout feature is a good tool that analyzes those who might be particularly interesting in you based on your preferences. However, these profiles aren’t confined to just one section. They’re out there in the regular feed too

With all this said, happy matching!

And keep in mind, whether in standouts or the regular feed, always approach each profile with an open mind.

You never know where you might find your next meaningful connection.

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