50+ I go crazy for Hinge Answers

50+ I go crazy for Hinge Answers Featured Image

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The ‘I go crazy for’ prompt on Hinge is a brilliant way to showcase your personality, quirks, and individual interests, just like most prompts on the platform. But the question is how can you answer them, and do it properly?

Whether you’re looking for inspiration or want us to do the hard work, so you copy and paste (oops!), this article will give you everything you need to know and answer the “I go crazy for” hinge prompts.

50+ I go crazy for Hinge Answers

For the sake of simplification, we grouped these into 6 categories depending on the feeling you want to express with your “I go crazy” prompts.

1. Personal Growth and Self Care:

I go crazy for Hinge Answers example

I go crazy for:

  • “People who don’t joke with therapies (AKA mental health)”
  • “The challenge of learning a new language.”
  • “A thought-provoking conversation that lasts until dawn.”
  • “The accomplishment of a successful DIY project.”
  • “The feeling of a fresh haircut.”
  • “A weekend with no plans or obligations.”
  • “The chance to disconnect and go off the grid for a few days.”

2. Social and Emotional Connections:

I go crazy for hinge answers – A girl with good humor

I go crazy for:

  • “A girl with good humor”
  • “A decent girl”
  • “The feeling of relief when an important deadline has been met”
  • “A surprise visit from an old friend.”
  • “The peace and quiet of a library.”
  • “The moment when the concert lights dim just before the show starts.”
  • “A handwritten letter in the age of digital communication.”
  • “The joy in a child’s eyes when they learn something new.”
  • “The moment when a movie’s plot twist is revealed.”
  • “The smell of an old bookshop.”
  • “The buzz of a busy city street.”

3. Food and Comforts:

I go crazy for hinge answers – The feeling of relief when an important deadline has been met

I go crazy for:

  • “The feeling of relief when an important deadline has been met”
  • “A homecooked meal after weeks of takeout.”
  • “The taste of a perfectly ripe avocado.”
  • “The smell of a new car.”

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3. Adventure and Exploration:

I go crazy for –The thrill of finding exactly what I need on sale

I go crazy for:

  • “The thrill of finding exactly what I need on sale”
  • “The excitement of exploring a new city.”
  • “The thrill of a last-minute travel plan.”
  • “The thrill of a spontaneous adventure.”

4. Simple Pleasures:

I go crazy for hinge answers  – My bed after a long day

I go crazy for:

  • “A good joke.”
  • “My bed after a long day”
  • “The comfort of my favorite sweatpants after a day in formal wear”
  • “The thrill of finding a forgotten $20 bill in an old coat pocket”
  • “A well-curated playlist.”
  • “A hearty laugh that echoes across the room.”
  • “The feel of freshly laundered sheets.”
  • “A long drive with no destination in mind.”
  • “The clink of ice cubes in a refreshing iced tea.”
  • “The sweet taste of victory in a board game.”
  • “The crackling sound of a vinyl record.”
  • “The feel of warm sand between my toes.”
  • “A perfectly brewed cup of green tea.”
  • “The sound of a purring cat.”
  • “The crackle of a bonfire on a chilly evening.”
  • “A foot-tapping rhythm that makes me want to dance.”
  • “The first bite of a well-deserved dessert.”
  • “The feeling of diving into a pool on a hot day.”
  • “The sensation of cool grass under bare feet.”
  • “A cozy evening by the fireplace.”

3. Nature

I go crazy for – The sight of my hometown from a plane

These answers reflect an appreciation of natural beauty and the physical world around us.

  • “The sight of my hometown from a plane.”
  • “The first snowfall of the year.”
  • “The magic of sunrise after an all-nighter.”
  • “The feel of warm sand between my toes.”
  • “The sight of cherry blossoms in full bloom.”
  • “The sight of a shooting star.”
  • “The sight of a perfect rainbow after a summer rain.”

Guide to Answering the I Go Crazy for Hinge Prompt

Step 1: Understand the prompt

The “I go crazy for…” prompt is all about passion. Hinge wants you to reveal something you deeply love, something that lights a fire in your heart.

This could be anything from a hobby, a book, a music genre, a movie, a cuisine, an activity – the list goes on. Essentially, it’s a snapshot of what makes you, well, you.

Step 2: Be specific

Just like the “My love language” prompt, the key here is to making this prompt work is specificity. For example, instead of saying, “I go crazy for movies,” dive a little deeper. What kind of movies? Are there certain directors whose work you appreciate?

Do you love films from a specific era? By being more specific, you’ll give your future matches a richer understanding of your interests, and it’s also a great conversation starter.

Step 3: Don’t be afraid to be unique

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People appreciate honesty and relatability. You don’t always need to focus on grand or impressive declarations.

Sometimes, simple pleasures like the smell of fresh coffee in the morning, the feeling of finishing a good book, or the satisfaction of a clean home can be very appealing.

These speak volumes about what you value in life.

Step 4: Keep it positive

The idea is to share something you love. Try to stay away from controversial topics or things that could lead to heated debates.

This is not the place to vent about pet peeves or contentious issues.

This is applicable to most prompts on the platform, from simple pleasures to the I geek out on prompt.


Answering the ‘I go crazy for’ prompt requires authenticity, specificity, positivity, storytelling, and conciseness. Tailoring your response with these elements will make your profile intriguing and increase your chances of finding a meaningful connection.

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