Can You tell if Someone Paused their Hinge?

Can You tell if Someone Paused their Hinge?

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You’re getting along well with someone, there’s a promising rapport, and then suddenly, they seem to have disappearred. What happened? Did they unmatch you? Or did they simply hit the pause button on their Hinge account?

It can be a frustrating experience if you’re on the receiving end. However, this blog post will try to explain this and the possibility.

Can You tell if Someone Paused their Hinge?

Well, the straightforward answer is—it’s tough to tell.

When someone pauses their Hinge account, they essentially become invisible on the app. Their profile isn’t shown to new people, and they won’t appear in the ‘Discover’ section.

What you go through after pausing your profile on Hinge

Their existing matches and conversations, however, aren’t deleted. Instead, they remain accessible, but they’re inactive. So, if someone with whom you matched or started a conversation suddenly stops responding, they may have paused their account.

Of course, it’s also possible that they’re just busy and haven’t had the time to reply. Life happens, after all.

It’s worth mentioning that if the silence continues for an extended period, it’s reasonable to consider that they may have paused their Hinge activity, deleted their account, or unmatched you.

But the basic difference is that, for a paused account, the user would certainly return. But that won’t be the case for an account that unmatched you or got deleted.

Now, you might be wondering: why can’t Hinge just tell us when someone has paused their account? Well, it’s a matter of privacy.

People pause their accounts for a variety of reasons—they might be focusing on a particular match, they could be taking a break from online dating, or they might be dealing with personal matters.

Respecting user privacy is paramount in online spaces, and Hinge has designed its ‘pause’ feature with this in mind.

What is Best to do when you can’t find someone on Hinge

So, what’s the best course of action when you can’t find someone on Hinge?

Firstly, always have it at the back of your mind that online dating is about meeting new people, learning about yourself, and hopefully, finding a meaningful connection along the way.

If you can’t find someone on Hinge, it doesn’t necessarily mean something negative.

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They could have paused their account, or perhaps they’ve even found someone special and are pursuing that relationship.

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The first thing to do is not to panic or jump to conclusions. If you’ve been having a great conversation with someone, and they suddenly disappear, it’s natural to feel a bit taken aback. But it’s best not to take it personally.

Next, focus on what you can control.

You can’t control someone else’s actions, but you can control your response. Use this as an opportunity to engage with other matches, or to take a fresh look at the ‘Discover’ section.

Who knows, you might find someone even more interesting!

Additionally, consider the possibility that the person you can’t find might return. If they paused their account, they should reactivate it later. But in the meantime, don’t put your self on hold. Keep engaging, keep discovering, and stay positive.

Understanding how Pausing Account works on Hinge

When you hit ‘pause’, you’re essentially having a break on the app, that is approved by the company.

A snapshot of the pause button on hinge:
A snapshot of the pause button on Hinge

A typical example of the scenario here is turning off the lights in a room—you’re still there, but others can’t see you. Your profile isn’t visible to new people, and you won’t appear in anyone’s ‘Discover’ section.

However, your existing matches and conversations are not deleted or removed. They remain there. So, if you have ongoing conversations, you can pick up right where you left off when you decide to unpause.

Now, why would someone want to pause their account?

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Well, there could be several reasons. Maybe they’ve met someone they really like and want to focus on that connection.

Or perhaps they need a break from the hustle and bustle of online dating. Life can be hectic, and sometimes, we just need to hit the pause button, even in our digital lives.

But take note that, when you’re on pause, you’re not deactivated. Your account is still there, just on standby. When you’re ready to jump back into the mix, all you have to do is unpause, and you’ll be back in the game.


While it’s difficult to tell if someone has paused their Hinge account, it’s important not to let that uncertainty hinder your dating journey. Keep it in mind that everyone has their own reasons for pausing, and you may want to respect that decision.

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