Logged out of Hinge and Lost matches! How possible?

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Every swipe, every like, every ‘We Met’ story on Hinge is a part of your journey towards finding that perfect match. But what happens when a random logout seems to wipe your slate clean? This peculiar incident has left users wondering about its reasons and validity.

Logged out of Hinge and Lost matches! How possible?

The possibility of losing matches after logging out of Hinge has been one of the major worries for many users.

No serious person would want to pass up the chance to meet someone just because they opted to take a break from the app, after all.

But then, is there any truth in the myth?

Basically, it depends.

Your matches will be good if you simply log out of your Hinge account. This is pretty much the same when you log out of most social media platforms, say Facebook.

But then, just as in Facebook, if you’re not active with your account for a long time, there are chances you could lose some good opportunities.

For instance, you become less visible to other users when you log out of the app and are no longer active. This is because Hinge, alongside other dating apps, usually prioritizes active profiles.

You could also naturally lose matches within this period, especially when you’re inactive for a long time.

For instance, imagine matching with someone and having sent a message, and not get a response, for a whole month. As with most people (especially those who like to keep their match list clean with serious matches), you’ll get unmatched.

Aside from all these scenarios, however, logging out of your account shouldn’t technically cause you to lose your matches.

What’s the best way to log out of Hinge without Losing your matches?

First, remember that simply logging out of your Hinge account shouldn’t cause any loss of your matches.

It works similarly to other social platforms like Facebook or Instagram. You can log out and log back in without any changes to your connections.

However, the real concern comes into play when your account stays inactive for an extended period.

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Moreover, if you have existing matches but you’re not interacting with them, they might decide to unmatch you, especially if they prefer keeping their match list filled with active, engaging users.

It’s similar to how one might unfollow inactive profiles on other social platforms.

The good news is Hinge has thought of this, providing a feature specifically designed to give users a break without any sort of penalty. It’s called ‘Pausing Your Account.’

When you pause your account, Hinge sends a notification to your existing matches indicating that you’re taking a break. This prevents matches from assuming you’ve lost interest and possibly unmatching, as they know you’re planning to return.

Pausing your account also keeps you from showing up in the Discover section for other users, meaning you’re less likely to receive messages you don’t have the time to respond to.

However, it’s important to note that even while your account is paused, your existing matches can still send you messages.

A snapshot of the pause button on hinge:
A snapshot of the pause button on Hinge

To pause your account, go to the Hinge app’s settings, find the ‘Account’ section, and turn on the ‘Pause Your Account’ switch.

And just like that. When you’re ready to come back, simply switch off the pause button, and you’re back in the game, with all your matches intact.

What other things happen when you log out of Hinge?

When you hit that logout button on Hinge, it may seem like a straightforward action.

You’re simply stepping away from the app for a while, right? Well, on the surface level, that’s true. You’re exiting the app, freeing up some device memory, and perhaps giving yourself a much-needed break.

However, there are several implications, both immediate and long-term, that are associated with logging out.

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To start, you’re momentarily stepping away from new matches.

In addition to this, if you’re logged out and inactive for an extended period, your profile will be less visible to others.

As mentioned in previous sections, Hinge’s algorithm tends to favor active users. If the algorithm notices a lack of activity from your end, it might deem your profile as less engaging, consequently showing it to fewer users.

But what about your existing matches and conversations? Technically, these should remain intact, waiting for you when you log back in.

However, prolonged absence might cause some of your matches to unmatch you, especially if they’re keen on engaging with active users.

It’s also important to note that logging out is different from deleting the app.

Even if you’ve logged out or deleted the Hinge app from your device, your account and all its data (including your matches and conversations) still exist until you permanently delete your account from the app’s settings.


We hope this has dispelled any worries about losing matches when logging out. Keep engaging, stay active, and when you need a break, don’t just disappear – hit pause. Your matches, current and future, will far more appreciat it.

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