100+ together we could Hinge Answers

100+ together we could Hinge Answers

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We all have dreams and aspirations that we wish to share with someone special.

The “together we could” prompt allows us to do just that – to share a glimpse of our future with a partner.

Crafting a response that’s both engaging and genuine can be a bit challenging. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to help you get a response.

Guide to Answering the Together we could Hinge Prompt

1. Talk about your Shared Interests

Before you put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard), think about those shared interests that could be a starting point.

It could be anything from a shared love for movies to a passion for the outdoors. If you’re both into art, for example, your answer might be, “…host our own paint night, creating masterpieces while sharing laughs.”

The key here is a genuine connection over common interests.

2. Showcase Your Personality

Keep in mind you’re not just filling out a prompt; you’re giving someone a tiny snapshot of who you are. Maybe you’re a dreamer, a traveler, or a culinary wizard in the making.

Your answer should subtly reflect that. If you’ve got a playful spirit and a love for fun, an answer like “…turn our home into a mystery mansion for a night” might be your jam.

Don’t be shy about letting your true colors shine through!

3. Add a Touch of Whimsy:

Yes, be real, but don’t be afraid to add a touch of whimsy or humor. It’s the small things that make these prompts memorable.

Dream a little. How about “…embark on a culinary world tour from our kitchen”? It’s both an ambitious dream and a quirky activity rolled into one.

4. Prioritize Authenticity

This cannot be stressed enough. It’s super tempting to go overboard and create an over-the-top fantasy, but it’s crucial to stay genuine.

Whatever you choose to share, make sure it’s something you’d genuinely love to do or explore. Authenticity speaks volumes, and it’s a language we all understand.

The list of together we could Hinge Answers

We grouped these into 5 categories, all depending on the emotion you want to share with your answers.

Hinge Answers That Suits the Real You

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Check Our List Of Answers for Every Hinge Prompts

Highlighted Answer:

Together we could Hinge Answer draw portraits of each other without looking at the paper. Abstract art, here we come!

Now, let’s get into these properly:

Creative Answers 1

Together we could Hinge Answer: start our own two-member secret society – with a secret handshake and all.

Together we could:

  • “… start our own two-member secret society – with a secret handshake and all.”
  • “… embark on a quest to find the city’s best taco. We’ll need a spreadsheet, and maybe some antacids.”
  • “… host an annual ‘Ugly Sweater’ summer BBQ, because who says they’re only for winter?”
  • “… compile a photo album titled ‘Places We Got Lost’ – because it’s not always about the destination!”
  • “… challenge each other in a ‘who can wear the wackiest hat’ contest every weekend.”
  • “… try every type of dance class, even if our tango looks more like a twisted tangle.”
  • “… write goofy poems about our everyday adventures, turning the mundane into the marvelous.”
  • “… create a home museum filled with strange and wonderful trinkets we collect on our travels.”
  • “… hunt for treasure. And by treasure, I mean garage sales – because one man’s trash is another couple’s quirky living room centerpiece!”
  • “… invent our own weird holiday and celebrate it yearly, complete with traditions like the backward run or the lopsided cake bake-off.”

Funny answers 1

Together we could Hinge Answer: write a cookbook titled "101 Ways to Cook With Chocolate... and Pickles.

Together we could:

  1. “… search for Bigfoot… in our backyard.”
  2. “… draft and advocate for the rights of left-handed can openers.”
  3. “… open a detective agency for finding lost TV remotes.”
  4. “… open a gym where the only exercise is jumping to conclusions.”
  5. “… become professional hide-and-seek players, challenging kids at local parks.”
  6. “…write a cookbook titled “101 Ways to Cook With Chocolate… and Pickles.”
  7. “… start a club for people who still think disco is cool.”
  8. “… attempt to bake cookies without eating all the dough first.”
  9. “… have intense battles of ‘Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock’.”
  10. “… open a restaurant that only serves cereal – gourmet cereal!”
  11. “… master interpretive dance routines to classic TV show jingles.”
  12. “… create a mockumentary about our adventures as aspiring whistlers.”
  13. “… watch infomercials and invent our own overly specific gadgets.”
  14. “… try to converse only using song lyrics for an entire day.”
  15. “… become professional hide-and-seek players, challenging kids at local parks.”
  16. “… learn to yodel and host impromptu concerts in elevators.”
  17. “… take silly walks seriously, Monty Python style.”
  18. “… form a band using only kazoos and tambourines.”
  19. “… train to become mime artists, but only perform in our living room.”
  20. “… go on a quest to discover the ultimate dad joke.”
  21. “… create elaborate backstories for all the dogs at the park.”
  22. “… rate public restrooms based on their hand-drying techniques.”
  23. “… try to break the unofficial record for world’s tallest pancake stack.”

Creative Answers 2

Together we could Hinge Answer: make it our mission to sample and rank every kind of pie. Because in the grand pie chart of life, dessert is a big slice.

Together we could:

  • “… have a monthly ‘opposite day’ where we switch roles. I’m not saying I’ll be good at your job, but I’ll sure have fun trying!”
  • “… start a conspiracy theory about why socks always disappear in laundry. Let’s get those sock gremlins famous!”
  • “… dedicate a day to speaking only in song lyrics. ‘Don’t stop believin” that ‘every little thing is gonna be alright’!”
  • “… launch a mission to spot all local wildlife. Yes, John from down the street counts if he’s wearing those weird reindeer antlers again.”
  • “… create a backyard Olympics with events like ‘synchronized lawn mowing’ and ‘extreme bird-watching’.”
  • “… make it our mission to sample and rank every kind of pie. Because in the grand pie chart of life, dessert is a big slice.”
  • “… open a detective agency for missing remotes and mismatched socks. Those mysteries aren’t going to solve themselves!”
  • “… set up a theme for every day of the week. ‘Mystery Mondays’, ‘Time-travel Tuesdays’… ‘Spaghetti Saturdays’?”
  • “… build an overly elaborate Rube Goldberg machine just to serve our morning coffee.”
  • “… choreograph dramatic interpretations of pop songs and perform them at family gatherings.”
  • “… host an annual ‘misinterpretation party’ where everyone dresses up as their misunderstood version of a theme.”
  • “… create a time capsule filled with ‘current’ trends. Our future selves will surely get a laugh!”
  • “… hold goofy photo sessions, capturing our ‘most serious’ poses in the silliest outfits.”
  • “… form a niche club, like an ‘Underwater Basket Weaving Society’. The first rule? You don’t talk about… Wait, wrong club.”
  • “… turn every little dispute into a playful rock-paper-scissors battle – winner gets bragging rights until the next epic showdown.”
  • “… run a marathon. And by that, I mean a movie marathon – I’ve got popcorn ready for our next 12-hour binge!”
  • “… start a trend where birthdays involve giving gifts to others. Random acts of kindness for the win!”
  • “… transform our living room into an epic pillow fort for monthly ‘Fortress Fridays’. All are welcome – password required!”
  • “… chart a city-wide scavenger hunt, adding a twist by leaving behind silly notes or tiny trinkets for others to find.”
  • “… create a calendar of ‘Unofficial Holidays’, like ‘Mismatched Sock Day’ or ‘Indoor Sunglasses Night’.”
Together we could Hinge Answer: take silly walks seriously, Monty Python style

Together we could:

  • “… take silly walks seriously, Monty Python style.”
  • “… conquer every escape room in town.”
  • “… have picnic dinners under the city lights.”
  • “… backpack through countries we can barely pronounce.”
  • “… binge-watch every Oscar-winning movie from the past decade.”
  • “… discover the best hole-in-the-wall eateries in our city.”
  • “… dance like no one’s watching… even when they are.”
  • “… learn a new language and then travel to where it’s spoken.”
  • “… write the story of our adventures – one chapter at a time.”
  • “… cook through an entire recipe book, mishaps and all.”
  • “… find the best viewpoints for sunrise and sunset.”
  • “… create our own signature dance move.”
  • “… attend every major music festival in a year.”
  • “… run a marathon… or maybe just a half… or a fun run.”
  • “… become the undefeated champions of board game nights.”
  • “… take on the world, one shared dream at a time.”

Creative Answers 3

Together we could Hinge Answer: make a list of the funniest words in the dictionary and try to use them in our daily conversations. Callipygian, anyone?

Together we could:

  • “… launch a ‘mismatched shoes day’ and strut our stuff downtown. Left shoe red, right shoe blue, together we make quite the view!”
  • “… take turns surprising each other with bizarre DIY date nights. Fancy dinner in a treehouse, anyone?”
  • “… attempt to set a world record in the silliest category – like ‘longest time spinning a plate’ or ‘most rubber ducks in a bathtub’.”
  • “… start our own micro-nation in the backyard. All hail the benevolent rulers of Patio-topia!”
  • “… make a goal to visit all the oddly named towns in our country – from ‘Nowhere’ to ‘Why Not’ and ‘Boring’ to ‘Okay’. Road trip!”
  • “… host mismatched dinner parties – where spaghetti meets sushi and tacos meet trifle. Bon appétit!”
  • “… plan a ‘swap day’ with friends – swap jobs, homes, or routines just for the giggles.”
  • “… invent bizarre holidays and send out invitations. ‘National Spaghetti Hat Day’ is bound to be a hit!”
  • “… practice ‘shadow puppet theater’, putting on dramatic shows using just our hands and a flashlight.”
  • “… hunt for the quirkiest landmarks in our vicinity. World’s largest teapot? Smallest park? We’re on it!”
  • “… make a list of the funniest words in the dictionary and try to use them in our daily conversations. Callipygian, anyone?”
  • “… design an obstacle course using household items. The vacuum cleaner slalom is sure to be a highlight!”
  • “… spend a day communicating only in rhymes. Breakfast time, feeling fine, pass the toast and we’ll be the most!”
  • “… create our own weird and wacky workout routine – ‘couch potato lifts’ or ‘fridge door lunges’, perhaps?”
  • “… set up a ‘bad joke’ stand instead of a lemonade stand. “Why did the scarecrow win an award? Because he was outstanding in his field!”

Final Thoughts

The “together we could” prompt is more than just words. It’s an opportunity. An opportunity to dream, share, and, most of all, connect.

Dive deep, be you, and let your creativity run wild (within the bounds of reality, of course!). Good luck!

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