How to Know If You’re on Hinge Standouts

How to Know If You're on Hinge Standouts

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We all like to feel special. On Hinge, there’s a feature that does just that. It’s called ‘standouts’. It shows you top match picks. But the big question is, are you in it? Let’s help you figure that out.

What Are Hinge Standouts Anyway? and how do they work?

Hinge Standouts is a feature on the Hinge app, different but similar to the Discover section, that showcases a daily selection of profiles.

It works like a curated list that the app believes you might have a particularly good connection with. Instead of you swiping endlessly, Hinge is basically says, “Hey, give these profiles a closer look, they might just be your type.”

But how does Hinge decide who makes the cut? What’s the algorithm?

black lady wondering how Hinge Standouts work

It’s all about your in-app behavior.

The app keeps track of the kinds of profiles you like, the prompts you respond to, and the sort of people you interact with.

It then uses this data to determine which profiles to highlight in the Standouts section. It’s Hinge’s way of making your dating experience a tad bit easier and more tailored.

There are fewer profiles here, resulting in inevitably relevant, higher-quality profiles compared to the normal feeds.

Now, Does it cost anything?

Well, while viewing the Standouts is free, if you want to send a like to someone in this section, you’ll need to use a rose. Everyone gets one free rose each week, but if you want more, you can purchase them.

How to Know if You’re on Hinge Standouts

A bit of curiosity never hurt anyone, especially when it revolves around knowing whether you’ve been placed under the spotlight in the Hinge Standouts section.

But the truth is, Hinge doesn’t directly notify you when your profile has been selected as a standout for others.

However, there are a few signs and indirect indicators that can give you a hint. Let’s delve deeper into this without any jargons or overcomplicated explanations.

Increased Profile Activity

Notice a sudden spike in likes and comments on your Hinge profile? This could very well mean you’ve been featured in Standouts.

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Being showcased there means your profile is visible to more people, which naturally could result in more activity. If you’re experiencing more interactions, especially from people who align with your interests, there’s a chance you’ve been highlighted.

Likes and Roses from Standout Users

Pay attention to who sends you likes or roses.

A snapshot of profiles on Hinge Standout
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If you find that people who’ve liked or sent you a rose have high-quality profiles, this might indicate that you are also being featured in a similar way to a similar audience, especially when you don’t often get roses on a good day.

Often, those who appear in Standouts get liked by users who have also been featured there.

Comments on Specific Prompts

If you find that people are specifically commenting or liking a particular photo or prompt that you’ve added recently, it might be a sign.

Hinge’s algorithm tends to pick up on these details and may promote your profile in the Standouts section based on these fresh interactions and content updates.

Matches Mentioning Your Feature

Once in a while, you might come across users who directly mention seeing you in their Standouts section.

It’s not common, but there are transparent and upfront users out there who won’t hesitate to tell you that they found you there. A casual mention like “I saw you in my Standouts today” is a clear indicator.

Check with Friends

This one requires a bit of investigation. If you have friends on Hinge who match your demographic and interest criteria, ask them to check their Standouts section and see if you’re there.

Keep in mind that the Standouts section is personalized, so you would ideally ask a friend who has similar interests and preferences.

Can I Improve My Chances of Being a Standout?

While there’s no exact science or guaranteed formula for making the cut, a few tweaks and practices can potentially improve your chances. Let’s discuss some key points that could make a difference:

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Update Your Profile Regularly

It’s a simple fact: Fresh content gets attention. By updating your profile with new photos or changing your prompts occasionally, you’re not just providing fresh content for viewers but also signaling to the Hinge algorithm that your profile is active.

Think of it as giving the app more data to work with. If you went on a new hiking trip or read an interesting book lately, share it on your profile.

Be Active on the App

Regularly checking profiles, sending likes, and engaging in conversations can increase your visibility. Basically, the more you interact, the more data it gets from you, and know how it aligns with your potential matches.

Generally, If Hinge sees that you’re active, your chances of being highlighted as a standout are high.

Authenticity is Key

People are attracted to genuine profiles.

Ensure that your photos are clear, recent, and a true representation of you.

Also, when choosing prompts, go for ones that genuinely resonate with you rather than what you think others might like. When you’re true to yourself, it shines through.

Feedback is Gold

Hinge occasionally asks for feedback on its suggested matches. Take a few seconds to provide that feedback. It helps the app understand your preferences better.

Over time, as the app gets to know what you’re looking for, it can lead to you being presented as a more compatible match for others.


Hinge’s standouts feature is a great way to discover profiles you might connect well with. And while it’s natural to be curious about whether you’re featured in someone else’s standouts, it’s essential to remember the core purpose of these dating apps: to find real, meaningful connections.

While it’s fun to be a standout and get more attention, remember that the goal is to find genuine connections. So, focus on building authentic relationships rather than just aiming to be a standout.

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