Does Hinge Tell You If You Are a Standout?

Does Hinge Tell You If You Are a Standout?

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Imagine being picked as a favorite on Hinge. That’s what the “Standout” section is for. But does Hinge let you know? Let’s talk about this in today’s article.

Does Hinge Tell You If You Are a Standout?

The short answer? No, it doesn’t. There’s no special notification or badge that pops up on your profile when you become someone’s standout pick.

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Now, you might wonder why that’s the case. And honestly, there’s some reasoning behind this choice by Hinge. The app focuses heavily on authentic connections and privacy.

If you knew you were in the Standout section, can you act differently or alter your profile frequently to maintain that “status”? Possibly.

Keeping it on the down-low ensures that users remain genuine. However, there are ways which we shared in a previous article to know if you’re a Hinge Standout.

That said, being in the Standout section can be quite an advantage.

Think about it.

If your profile appears in that area, it means you’ve made an impression, or at least you align well with what another user is seeking.

You have a better shot at catching someone’s eye, leading to a potential match. It’s a subtle yet powerful nudge towards finding genuine connections.

But how does Hinge decide who goes in the Standout section? It’s obviously not random.

two ladies wondering how Hinge decides the standout section

Hinge uses an algorithm that takes into account your preferences, the kind of people you’ve liked, and who has liked you. Combine all these factors, and voila! You have a list of profiles that make the Standout cut.

Basically, they’re the normal profiles you find on your normal feed, but this time, more tailored.

So, while you might not get a shout-out from the app, it’s worth noting that the algorithm is working in the background to give you the best potential matches.

Now, I know some of you might be thinking, “Well, if I’m not being told I’m a Standout, how can I increase my chances of being there?” Fair question! Let’s take a look at the answer in the next section.

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How Can You Increase your chances of becoming a Hinge Standout?

So, now that we know Hinge won’t spill the beans when you’re a standout Standout section, but how can you better your chances of getting there?

1. Authenticity is Key

Being genuine might sound like the most generic advice ever, but there’s a reason it’s on the top of our list. Hinge is all about creating meaningful connections, and that starts with being yourself. How do you do that?

  • Photos: Instead of just posting your most ‘Instagram-worthy’ shots, include some candid moments. Show different facets of your life—a hobby you’re passionate about, a trip you loved, or even a goofy moment with friends. The more data you share, the more the app understands you and know how to recommend your profile to people could love a partner like you.
  • Prompts: Hinge gives you an array of prompts to answer. Instead of going for cliche responses, be a tad more thoughtful. Share stories or little quirks. Remember, it’s these small details that make you stand out.

2. Update Regularly

While it’s essential to be genuine, it’s equally crucial to keep things fresh. Think of your profile as a dynamic space, not a set-it-and-forget-it deal.

  • Photos: Life changes, and so do we. Update your photos now and then. If you recently took up a new hobby or had an exciting adventure, share it.
  • Answers: Maybe you came across a new prompt that resonates more with you. Or perhaps you thought of a funnier answer to an old prompt. Keep the content rolling.

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3. Engagement Matters

Being active on the platform increases your visibility. It’s simple: the more you engage, the more the algorithm notices you.

  • Liking & Commenting: Don’t just swipe for the sake of it. When you come across profiles that intrigue you, leave a like or, better yet, a comment. Starting a conversation can not only lead to a meaningful connection but also boost your profile’s activity.

4. Keep an Eye on Feedback

Hinge offers a feature where you can see who liked you, even if you haven’t matched yet. While this isn’t direct feedback, it’s a way to gauge what’s working on your profile and what’s not.

  • Check Likes: Over time, you might notice a pattern in the kind of photos or answers that garner more likes. This insight can guide you in refining your profile further.


While Hinge plays it cool and doesn’t directly tell you when you’re stealing the show in the Standout section, it’s all for a good cause. The aim is to promote genuine connections and encourage users to be themselves.

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