Here’s Why Your Hinge Standout Disappeared

Hinge Standout Disappeared? Here's why

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So, you’ve been using Hinge and suddenly the standout feature isn’t showing up? It’s normal and happens to many. We’ll help you understand why.

1. You’ve Seen a Lot of Profiles:

It might feel like there’s an endless number of profiles out there, but that’s not always the case.

Depending on where you live and your set preferences, you might have already browsed through most of the available profiles within your criteria.

Especially if you’re in a less populated area or have very specific search parameters, the pool of profiles can run dry faster than you’d expect.

Man Hinge standout disappeared for her Hinge Standout disapppearing

Keep in mind that the standout feature functions by highlighting fresh profiles you haven’t encountered yet.

If you’ve been diligent in your Hinge browsing, you might have momentarily exhausted the available list.

Don’t worry, though.

New people join every day, and others update their profiles, which could bring them into your view.

So while today might feel like you’ve seen everyone, tomorrow could bring a whole new set of faces.

2. Change in User Behavior:

When you use Hinge, the app watches how you interact.

It’s like when you visit a store often; the storekeeper learns what you like. If you often pick up chocolates, the storekeeper might think, “Ah, they like chocolates!” and show you more.

But if you stop visiting or change what you buy, the storekeeper might get a bit confused.

It’s the same with Hinge.

If you change how you use the app, maybe you’re liking fewer profiles or not messaging as much, the app gets a bit unsure.

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Basically, it’d try to figure out what you like now during this time

3. Temporary Glitches and Updates:

Let’s start with the most straightforward reason.

Sometimes, like all apps, Hinge undergoes updates or experiences minor glitches. During these times, certain features might be momentarily unavailable.

Think of it like a shop that’s closed briefly for a quick clean-up. It’s not gone forever, it’s just taking a little break.

4. The Algorithm is Working For You:

a. Learning From You:

Hinge uses an algorithm to watch and learn from your actions. For example, if you like certain profiles, it tries to show more of that type.

b. Taking Breaks:

If you’ve seen many profiles and the app feels you might like a change, it might stop for a bit. It’s like taking a short rest to come back with better choices.

c. Fresh Matches:

The app wants to give you new and exciting profiles. If it thinks it has shown you a lot of similar ones, it waits to find different ones for you.

d. Quality Over Quantity:

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Hinge aims to show you good matches, not just many matches. So, sometimes it takes time to find the best ones for you.

In simple words, the app is always trying to find the best profiles for you, and sometimes, it needs a little time to do that.

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What to do when your Hinge Standout disappears

Here are some simple steps for you to follow:

1. Take a Deep Breath and Remember It’s Temporary:

I know, it might seem like a basic step, but it’s essential. Sometimes we’re quick to think there’s a major problem when it might just be a minor hiccup. Just like how a TV show returns after a break, there’s a high chance your standout will too. Give it a day or two and check back.

2. Revisit Your Profile:

While the standout feature might be taking its time, this is a great chance to look over your profile. Maybe there’s a photo you’ve been meaning to update or a fun fact about yourself you forgot to include.

Freshening up your profile can not only make you feel proactive, but it can also boost your visibility when the standout returns. After all, you want to put your best foot forward.

Statistically, Standouts profiles have been found to be of active users.

3. Expand Your Horizons:

Have you been super specific in your preferences? Maybe you’ve only been looking for people within a two-mile radius or within a narrow age range. Consider broadening these preferences, even if just by a little. By expanding your search criteria, you’re giving the app more options to work with, potentially leading to a refreshed standout list. But remember, it’s all about what you’re comfortable with, so only make changes that feel right for you.

4. Engage with the Community:

While you’re waiting for the standout to reappear, it might be a good time to dive deeper into the regular profiles.

Sometimes, we might get so focused on the standout feature that we overlook other great profiles. Send a thoughtful message, give a like, and engage. You might be pleasantly surprised by the connections you make outside of the standout feature.

Funnily enough, profiles on Standouts do occasionally show up on the regular feeds as well. Of course, these profiles are basically not special compared to the ones you find on your regular feeds.


While it might feel a bit disheartening to not see that standout feature for a while, these reasons mentioned above are rarely personal. Tech has its quirks, and algorithms can be finicky. But with a bit of patience and understanding, you’ll be back in the standout game in no time.

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