Do Hinge Standouts Come Back?

Do Hinge Standouts Come Back?

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Using Hinge to find a date? You might have seen standout profiles. They’re special picks, much like Tinder’s top pick. But do they come back if you don’t choose them? We’re here to explain.

Do Hinge Standouts Come Back?

Dating can be a bit tricky, especially when there are so many choices on an app like Hinge. One feature quite common on the app is the ‘standout’ feature. So this is the big question: if you swipe past a standout, will it ever come back?

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First, let’s understand what the standout feature is.

On Hinge, standout profiles are those that the app thinks might be a good match for you based on your likes and interests. It’s a way to help you find someone special more easily. It’s a lot like Tinder’s top pick.

Now, if you accidentally swipe left or simply decide to pass on a standout, is that your only chance? Well, the answer is a bit mixed.

In many cases, if you pass on a standout, it might not come back in the standout section again. But that doesn’t mean you’ve lost that profile forever.

It might still pop up in your regular feed. This is good news for those who might have swiped left by mistake or changed their mind.

Why is it like this?

Well, dating apps, including Hinge, use algorithms. These algorithms look at your preferences, the profiles you interact with, and other factors to suggest matches.

If a standout doesn’t come back in the special section, it might be because the app has other profiles it wants you to see.

But here’s a small tip: if you’re really keen on seeing a standout again, you might want to be a bit more active on the app.

The more you use it, the better the app understands what you’re looking for.

This might increase your chances of seeing that standout profile again, either in the standout section or the regular feed. Yes, of course, a standout Profile could also show up in the regular feed.

This is usually a thing when they still match your preference.

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Tips for Improving The Standouts you’re shown

Here are a few straightforward tips to help you out.

Update Your Preferences Regularly

Think about what you really want in a partner. It might be tempting to set very wide preferences to see a larger pool of people.

But if you’re serious about finding someone compatible, it’s a good idea to be more specific.

For instance, if you’ve recently discovered a new hobby or interest, make sure to add that. The more accurate your profile is, the better matches you’ll get.

Be Active with Your Likes and Comments

The more you interact on Hinge, the better the Standout Algorithm understands you.

When you come across profiles that genuinely interest you, don’t just like the photo.

Go a step further and leave a comment. It gives the app a clearer picture of your type. Just a simple “Hey, I love hiking too!” can make a difference.

Regularly Update Your Profile

It’s not just about tweaking your preferences. Keep your own profile fresh. Swap out older photos for newer ones.

Refresh your answers to the prompt questions. An up-to-date profile not only attracts more attention but also tells Hinge that you’re active. The app then becomes better equipped to show you relevant standouts.

Provide Feedback to Hinge

This might seem simple, but it’s quite effective. Hinge often asks users for feedback on its matches.

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When you’re prompted, don’t skip it. Share your thoughts. Did you like the standout? Was it off the mark? Your feedback helps fine-tune the algorithm, ensuring that future standouts are more in line with what you’re looking for.

Can you become a standout?

Alright, let’s switch gears a little. We’ve been talking about viewing standouts, but what about being on the other side of the coin? Can your profile become one of those coveted standout profiles that get highlighted for others?

The short answer: Yes, you can become a standout, but it’s not something you can directly control with a switch or a button. Your profile becoming a standout isn’t about having the most glamorous photos or the wittiest bio. It’s largely based on Hinge’s algorithm, which looks at various factors to decide which profiles to showcase.

Here’s the deal:

  • Profile Completeness: Ensure that your profile is 100% complete. Empty spaces or missing details might make your profile less appealing to the algorithm. This doesn’t mean you should add filler content. Just make sure every section reflects genuinely who you are.
  • Profile Engagement: The more people interact with your profile – through likes, comments, or messages – the better your chances of becoming a standout. If users find your profile engaging, Hinge might too.
  • Activity on the App: Being active on Hinge can increase your visibility. This doesn’t mean you should obsessively check the app every few minutes. But regular logins and genuine interactions can give your profile a slight boost.
  • Quality of Content: Make sure your photos are clear and of good quality. Your answers to prompts should be genuine and interesting. Avoid generic responses. If there’s a question about a favorite travel destination, for instance, don’t just say “the beach.” Maybe mention that little-known seaside town you love.

While becoming a standout might increase your visibility, the real goal is meaningful connections.

Focus on authenticity and genuine interactions. Whether or not you become a standout, that’s the real key to success on platforms like Hinge.

The funny part, however, is how you never know when you become a standout, unless you try learning how to.

Final Thoughts

To wrap it up, while there’s no guarantee that a standout will come back if you swipe past it, there’s still hope.

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