What does Just Joined mean on Hinge and when does it pop out?

What does Just Joined mean on Hinge

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New to the swiping journey, popular within dating apps? If you’re on Hinge you would have definitely come across the “Just joined” tag, at least more than once. But on second thought, what do they actually mean?

This article will cover what everything you need to know about the “Just joined” tag and perhaps how to get rid of them.

What does Just Joined mean on Hinge?

You’ve probably seen the ‘Just Joined’ tag on some profiles as you swipe left or right in your search for the perfect match.

This status, as the name implies, is a marker given to new users who have recently set up their accounts on Hinge. Essentially, it is the app’s way of introducing these new members to the rest of its community.

What’s fascinating about this feature is that it offers a dual benefit.

For those who carry the ‘Just Joined’ label, it can actually increase their visibility and potentially lead to more interactions. After all, people tend to be curious about fresh faces in their potential matches lineup.

And it’s understandable since they have a label that explicitly shows that they’re new to the platform.

The just joined badge on profiles on Hinge
A snapshot of the Just Joined Badge

Now, on the other hand, for older users, the tag can be an opportunity to engage with individuals who are brand new to the platform.

Understandably, people are sometimes more free to talk with people they feel superior to.

However, it’s essential to remember that while the ‘Just Joined’ status might signify a new user, it doesn’t necessarily reflect their online dating experience.

The individual might have used other dating apps or maybe had their actual account on Hinge deleted. So, don’t be quick to assume that they are new to the rules.

When does Hinge say Just Joined?

Basically, after someone sets up a new profile on Hinge, the app will assign the ‘Just Joined’ status to that user.

This status is displayed to other users, alerting them that this individual is new to the platform.

While Hinge doesn’t publicly reveal the exact timeline for how long a user keeps this ‘Just Joined’ tag, from what we’ve seen and heard, it seems to stay on for approximately two weeks.

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But there are a couple more factors that influence this, listed below

  1. Account Creation Date: The primary factor that determines when a profile is marked as “Just Joined” on Hinge is the date of account creation. Typically, users are labeled as “Just Joined” for a limited period, usually a few weeks after they sign up. This allows other users to easily identify new members and potentially engage in conversations with fresh faces.
  2. Active Usage: Apart from the creation date, the frequency and activity level of a user on Hinge also influence the duration of the “Just Joined” label. Active engagement on the app, such as regularly updating the profile, sending messages, and liking or commenting on other users’ content, can potentially shorten the period during which the label is displayed.
  3. Hinge Algorithm: Hinge’s proprietary algorithm plays a role in determining when the “Just Joined” label appears on a profile. While the exact details of the algorithm remain undisclosed, it considers various factors such as user activity, engagement levels, and overall usage patterns. The algorithm aims to ensure that the “Just Joined” designation accurately reflects the freshness of a user’s presence on the app.

Can you Hide the Just Joined badge Manually?

The ‘Just Joined’ badge on Hinge can be somewhat of a double-edged sword.

On one hand, it gives you an initial visibility boost as you’re more likely to appear in other users’ suggestions.

On the other hand, you might not want to highlight your newness to the platform for a variety of reasons, and that’s perfectly fine.

Now, you’re probably wondering: Can you hide the ‘Just Joined’ badge manually?

As of now, Hinge doesn’t offer an explicit option within the app to hide or remove this badge. It’s an automatic feature that’s applied to all new profiles, aiming to assist new users in acclimating to the platform and boosting their chances of finding a match.

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However, it’s important to remember that the tag isn’t permanent. It appears that it lasts for around two weeks or so before disappearing from your profile. After this period, you’ll blend in with the pool of regular Hinge users, without any distinguishable newness tag.

While you might find the ‘Just Joined’ badge to be a slight hindrance, it’s crucial to note that it’s actually a big advantage to new users.

We’d like to hear your thoughts on this. Would you prefer to have an option to hide the ‘Just Joined’ badge? Or do you see it as a beneficial feature?


Summing up, ‘Just Joined’ on Hinge is more than just a status. It’s an opportunity – for newcomers to dip their toes in the dating pool, and for existing users to engage with fresh faces.

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