How to Get Rid of Just Joined on Hinge

How to Get Rid of Just Joined on Hinge

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Fresh on Hinge and already feeling the pressure of the “Just Joined” badge? well, there’s actually no pressure, and it may not be as bad as many people think. However, this article would take a look at how to get rid of the badge.

How the “Just Joined” Works

When you first create a profile on Hinge, you’ll notice a ‘Just Joined’ label that appears on your account. This isn’t a mistake, it’s by design.

Hinge automatically applies this tag to let other users know you’re new to the platform. It’s like a little “Hello, I’m new here” sign, virtually speaking. This is common in other online dating platforms, say Bumble with its new here badge.

The just joined badge on profiles on Hinge
The Just joined badge on Hinge

Now, why does Hinge or dating apps, in general, do this?

The main idea is transparency and awareness.

When potential matches come across your profile, this label gives them context. They understand you’re just starting out, maybe still figuring things out on the platform, or maybe even new to online dating as a whole.

And as we’ve seen in most cases, you’re likely to get more matches during this time, thanks to the badge.

In terms of duration, the ‘Just Joined’ label isn’t permanent. It stays on your profile for a short period of time. After that period, the label automatically disappears. As for why it’s not forever – well, no one remains ‘new’ indefinitely, right?

However, the story doesn’t end there. There’s a bit of a twist in this tale. How active you are on the platform can influence the duration of this label. More on this in our next section, so stay tuned.

How to Get Rid of Just Joined on Hinge

So here’s the thing: the ‘Just Joined’ tag on Hinge isn’t something you can manually remove. It automatically disappears after a certain period of time. This is approximately two weeks.

But then, there’s a workaround.

The trick is to simply be active on the platform. The more you use the app – swipe, match, and interact with others – the sooner the label will vanish. This happens because Hinge’s algorithm recognizes your activity as integration into the community.

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Remember, Hinge, is designed to be deleted; it’s a platform that encourages genuine connections, according to their claims. Therefore, showing activity and interest in your potential matches helps expedite the removal of the ‘Just Joined’ label.

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In essence, the ‘Just Joined’ tag is not a permanent feature and disappears on its own after about two weeks. You can hasten this process by actively engaging with the app and your potential matches.

But then, don’t let a simple label deter you from exploring meaningful connections on the platform. After all, everyone was ‘new’ at some point, right?

Maximizing Your Experience on Hinge as a new user

So as a new user, what can you do better? Maybe to get the algorithm favor you or to have a better experience on the platform. Let’s take a look at this briefly.

Firstly, Details matter.

Take the time to fill out your profile completely. Yes, it might seem a bit tedious, but trust me, it pays off.

From your bio to your interests and preferences, every little detail helps potential matches understand you better. It’s not just about making your profile appealing, it’s also about giving others a clearer picture of who you are and what you’re looking for.

Next, make good use of the features Hinge offers.

This platform is known for its unique prompts and video integration.

Answering prompts in a genuine and creative way can spark intriguing conversations. And adding videos can bring your profile to life, offering a dynamic peek into your world.

Don’t forget to interact.

Engagement is the key to success on any dating platform, and Hinge is no exception. Send likes, respond to messages, and don’t be that person who matches with people but doesn’t message.

As we mentioned in the previous section, being active not only helps you connect with potential matches, it also hastens the disappearance of the ‘Just Joined’ tag.

This is because most profiles would want to interact with you when they notice the active now status.


The “Just Joined” indicator is temporary, and everyone goes through this phase when joining a dating app. Rather than focusing solely on removing the label, prioritize building genuine connections, fostering meaningful conversations, and enjoying the process of getting to know potential matches

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