Will Tinder show you Someone who you already swiped left?

Will Tinder show you Someone who you already swiped left?

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As Tinder users, we’ve all had our share of hasty swipes. One leftward flick of the thumb and an intriguing prospect is gone – or is it? Could Tinder possibly put them back in your path again?

Let’s talk exclusively about this in today’s article.

Will Tinder show you Someone who you already swiped left?

On a high level, the answer is somewhat complex.

Tinder’s main objective is to create real matches. So when you swipe left on someone, indicating you’re not interested, the app’s algorithm generally takes that as a sign that you wouldn’t like to see this person again.

But, here’s the kicker, it’s not an absolute rule.

While it may be unlikely, there could be instances where you might come across a profile you’ve swiped left on in the past.

This happens primarily due to a couple of reasons.

One, if the user in question deletes their account and creates a new one, they’re effectively reset in the system, and their profile might appear in your swipe deck again.

You might also meet a previously rejected profile if you’ve traveled or changed your geographical location drastically.

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Tinder’s algorithm is location-centric, which means it prioritizes showing you people who are in your vicinity. So, if you’re in a new city or country, there’s a chance you might see some familiar faces, even if you’ve swiped left on them previously.

Now, before you get confused, remember that Tinder has millions of users, and the likelihood of the same profile popping up again is relatively low.

How to return a profile you swiped left on

So, what do you do if you accidentally swipe left on a profile on Tinder?

Tinder has a feature called ‘Rewind’ that allows you to go back to the previous profile you’ve swiped on.

However, it’s essential to know that this feature is only available with Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold, Tinder’s premium services.

If you have either of these subscriptions, all you need to do is tap the yellow arrow icon on the main screen, and voila, you’re back to the last profile.

But what if you’re not a Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold subscriber? Unfortunately, the free version of Tinder doesn’t come with the ‘Rewind’ function.

Your best bet in this situation is to keep using the app and hope the algorithm might bring the profile back around, though it’s a bit of a long shot.

How Swiping Actually Works on Tinder

You could argue that Tinder’s success could be attributed to its engaging mechanism – swiping.

Basically: right-swipe if you’re interested, and left if you’re not.

But, have you ever wondered what happens behind the scenes after you make that decision? Let’s explore how swiping actually works on Tinder.

Tinder’s interface is the front end of a complex algorithm that’s working tirelessly in the background. This algorithm, while covered in some secrecy, is designed to ensure a few things.

First, the people you see are within your specified radius and age range. Second, they’re active users, to increase the likelihood of a match — this also doesn’t mean inactive profiles may not show up.

Lastly, it aims to show you profiles that align with your swiping habits.

When you swipe right on a profile, that person is put into a queue of sorts.

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If they also swipe right on your profile, it’s a match, and you both are notified and can start a conversation. A left swipe, typically, removes a profile from your matches list.

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Something to note is that not all swipes are created equal.

Tinder’s algorithm is designed to learn from your swipes, helping to curate a more personalized deck of profiles over time.

Consistently swiping right, for example, could lower the quality of profiles you’re shown, as it may appear that you’re not discerning.

One other interesting part of the algorithm is the ELO score, a secret ranking system Tinder uses to rank your profile based on attractiveness, with input derived from the amount and quality of your matches, your activity level, and the completeness of your profile.

The higher your ELO score, the more attractive your profile is to others in the app’s ecosystem.


So, there you have it. While Tinder might occasionally reintroduce a profile you’ve previously swiped left on, it’s the exception rather than the norm. Also keep it in mind, each swipe is a part of the journey, and while an accidental left swipe can be frustrating, there’s always a fresh pool of matches waiting for you to discover.

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