How To Make Bumble Extend Match After Message?

How To Make Bumble Extend Match After Message?

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Once a match is made and a message is exchanged, what can you do to keep the conversation going on Bumble?

Without much ado, this post will guide you on how you can make Bumble extend match after message.

So let’s get started.

Can You Make Bumble Extend Match After the Message?

So can you extend a Bumble match after messaging? Typically, it’s not possible. 

Bumble’s match expiration policy is designed to encourage users to engage in conversation and get to know each other more quickly. Once a match is made, you have 24 hours to send a message or the match will disappear.

Otherwise, the match would be closed, with an option to extend only if there hasn’t been a message from any party (the woman, actually).

If there has been one, you can no longer extend the chat typically.

However, if you want to extend a match after a message has been sent, there are a few things you can try:

  1. Bumble Boost or Premium subscription: If you are a Bumble Boost or Bumble Premium subscriber, you have the option to extend one match per day for an additional 24 hours. This feature is only available before the match expires and cannot be used after a match has already expired.
  2. Re-match: If a match has expired, you might come across their profile again as you continue swiping. If you both swipe right again, you can re-establish a new match and have another 24-hour window to send a message.
  3. Connecting on other platforms: If you’ve already exchanged some messages and have a mutual interest, consider asking for their contact information or connecting on another platform like Instagram or Snapchat before the match expires.

How To Make Bumble Extend Match After Message?

As we said earlier, Bumble doesn’t offer a direct way to extend a match after messaging. 

However, there’s a clever workaround that can help you achieve the same result, rematching (which we recommend). 

So let’s explain how this works.

How Rematching Works on Bumble

Rematching on Bumble is essentially a way to give a match a second chance, even after the initial connection has expired. 

By default, when you match with someone on Bumble, the match has a limited time window before it disappears into the digital abyss. 

Once that time is up, the match disappears from your queue, and you can no longer message each other. 

However, with the help of rematching, you can resurrect that match and continue the conversation.

When a match expires on Bumble, it doesn’t mean that all hope is lost. Bumble offers a feature called “Expired Connections,” where you can view all the matches that have expired. To rematch with someone, simply navigate to the “Expired Connections” section in the app. From there, you can browse through the list of expired matches and choose the person you’d like to give another shot.

How to use it (The right way):

1. Navigate to your “Expired Connections”

To rematch with someone, start by tapping on the “Beehive” icon at the top-left corner of your Bumble screen. 

This will take you to the main menu. From there, select “Expired Connections.” 

Here, you’ll find a list of all the matches that have expired. Take your time scrolling through the list and find the person you wish to reconnect with.

2. Initiate the Rematch

Once you’ve found the person you want to rematch with, it’s time to take action. 

Tap on their profile, and you’ll be presented with an option to rematch. 

This sends a notification to the other person, informing them that you’re interested in reconnecting. 

If they’re also interested, they can choose to rematch with you.

3. Craft a Compelling Message

When initiating a rematch, it’s essential to make a strong impression with your first message. Referencing something from your previous conversation or highlighting a shared interest can help reignite the spark and show your match that you genuinely want to continue getting to know them. 

Remember, a well-crafted message can make all the difference in rekindling the connection.

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4. Be Patient and Respectful

It’s important to note that not every rematch will lead to a successful outcome. People’s circumstances and priorities can change, and they may not be as responsive as before. 

If your match doesn’t respond or shows disinterest, it’s crucial to respect their decision and move on gracefully. 

Keep in mind that online dating is a dynamic journey, and it’s all about finding the right match for you.


While Bumble doesn’t offer a direct way to extend a match after messaging, the power of rematching can breathe new life into your connections. 

By utilizing the “Expired Connections” feature and initiating a rematch, you can continue the conversation with someone who piqued your interest.

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