Why is my Bumble Profile still Showing even after being inactive?

Why is my Bumble Profile still Showing even after being inactive?

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You’ve signed out, deactivated, or perhaps even deleted your Bumble account, but it appears your profile is somewhat still visible.

If you’re scratching your head over this, you’re not alone. Let’s take look at some reasons why this could be happening.

Why is my Bumble Profile still Showing?

We’ve all heard the saying that ‘the internet never forgets,’ but who knew it can apply so literally in Bumble?

Not exactly ;), It doesn’t.

Now, straight to the question…

There could be several reasons behind your profile could keep showing on Bumble long after you’ve logged off for what you thought was the last time or maybe even deleted your account.

Firstly, it’s important to mention that simply logging out of your account doesn’t guarantee your profile will be removed from the platform. If this is your intention, there are several better approaches to take.

Now what if you actually deleted your account and your profile still shows up?

When you choose to delete your account, the request isn’t instantaneous. The deletion process can take some time to propagate through Bumble’s systems, during which your profile might still be visible.

So you may need to ask yourself how long your profile still shows before going further.

Or perhaps you’ve merely deactivated your account by putting it on snooze, which is not the same as deletion.

Hinge snooze is basically a ‘pause’ button. Your profile is hidden but not removed from the system. This means that if there’s a glitch, or if Bumble updates their system, there’s a chance your profile could pop back up like a Jack-in-the-box.

Officially from Bumble, even after deleting your account, it would take 28 days to be officially deleted. In fact, during this time you can file a request to come back.

time limit for bumble to purge a deleted account from their system

Lastly, the reason your profile may be showing could be because of caching as well.

If someone viewed your profile before you deactivated or deleted your account, it might be cached on their device, making it appear as though your profile is still active.

The long and short of it is this: Bumble, like most dating apps, isn’t perfect.

There can be a delay, a glitch, a cache not cleared, etc.

However, have it in your mind that your profile will be removed, as long as you’ve deleted it.

Does Bumble Normally Show Inactive Profiles?

First, a bit of context. Bumble, like many dating apps, has a vast user base.

This means that at any given time, there’s a mix of people who are actively using the app, those who might have taken a bit of a hiatus, and may even repeat profiles in some cases.

Maybe they’re taking a break, or perhaps they’ve found someone special and haven’t thought to delete their profile yet.

So, does Bumble show these less active or inactive profiles to its users?

The simple answer is yes, but with a few caveats. Bumble does show profiles that haven’t been active for a while.

However, the algorithm used by the platform tends to prioritize active users over inactive ones. So, while you might come across an inactive profile, they are generally pushed further down the queue.

Why does Bumble do this?

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Well, the primary reason is user experience. Bumble wants to ensure its users have the best chance of making meaningful connections.

By prioritizing active profiles, they increase the likelihood of interactions and potential matches. However, by not entirely removing or hiding inactive profiles, they also ensure that the pool of potential matches remains large, offering variety and choice to its users.

If you’re wondering how to distinguish between active and inactive users, it can be a bit tricky. Bumble doesn’t directly indicate the last time a user was online.

But a good tip is to look at the profile updates or any new photos. If a profile seems stagnant with no changes for a long time, it might be less active.

On the flip side, if you’re concerned about your profile being shown while you take a break, remember to either use the “Snooze” feature or delete your profile.

The “Snooze” feature allows you to pause your activity without deleting your account. That way, you can take a break without starting from scratch when you return, rather than just logging out.

How Long does it take before your profile stops showing on Bumble?

So, let’s talk about what happens when you hit that “delete” button.

When you choose to delete your profile on Bumble, you get removed from the app, meaning that other users won’t come across your profile anymore. It’s

Typically, Bumble states that it may take up to 28 days for your profile to be fully removed from the app after deletion.

This can, however, vary as we’ve in some cases. This is because ‘instant’ in the dating world can be a relative term.

But here’s the point…

During this period, your profile might still be visible to some extent, but rest assured, it’s gradually being phased out. This lag time exists because Bumble needs to sync up its servers and ensure that all the necessary updates are made across its platform.

So, why does it take some time?

From all vindication, the company is doing this to give users the chance to regain their profile within the waiting time of 28 days.

Obviously, within this time, you should have gone through all emotional questionnaires of whether your action is right or wrong.

If wrong, you’d still have some time to regain your account.


While it can be frustrating to see your Bumble profile still show up after deleting your account, understanding the technical reasons behind the delay can help alleviate concerns and remind you that the process simply takes a little time.

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