Does Bumble BFF Only Show Same Gender?

Does Bumble BFF Only Show Same Gender?

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Are you tired of swiping right and left on dating apps, hoping to find someone special, only to end up with a bunch of dates that just don’t click?

If this is something you face on Bumble BFF, you definitely have questions like “Does Bumble BFF Only Show Same Gender” to ask. We’d explore this in this article.

Understanding How Bumble BFF Works

Bumble BFF is born out of the recognition that friendships are just as important as romantic relationships.

Generally, it’s not always easy to make new friends, especially when moving to a new city, transitioning careers, or undergoing significant life changes.

Overview of Bumble bff
Overview of Bumble in a Nutshell

Bumble BFF aims to bridge this gap, offering a platform for people to make platonic connections in their local area or even across the globe.

The concept behind Bumble BFF is simple.

By changing your mode on Bumble from Dating to BFF, the platform’s purpose shifts from seeking romantic connections to fostering friendships.

This switch essentially opens up a whole new world, a space dedicated solely to meeting new friends based on shared interests, hobbies, or experiences.

Initially, Bumble BFF was designed with women in mind, following the “Women make the first move” approach that Bumble brought to the online dating scene.

The idea was to create a safe, empowering space for women to connect with each other and build supportive networks.

Therefore, the feature was initially set to show users of the same gender, reflecting the app’s dedication to promoting women-led connections.

While the core ethos of Bumble – promoting safe and respectful connections – remains, the BFF mode has expanded its reach to foster friendships across a wider spectrum, giving both powers to men and women.

Most importantly, it allows both genders to start conversations, regardless of who they chat with.

Does Bumble BFF Only Show Same Gender?

Typically, no. Bumble BFF does not exclusively show the same gender.

The philosophy behind Bumble BFF is to enable the creation of meaningful, platonic relationships and thereby it shows you users of all genders who have also activated the BFF mode.

This means that the platform is not designed to limit your friendship possibilities based on gender; instead, it aims to foster a diverse and inclusive environment where friendships of all kinds can flourish.

However, while Bumble BFF doesn’t inherently filter by gender, it does provide the tools for you to personalize your experience according to your comfort level and preferences.

how to change gender preference on bumble bff
Changing your gender preference on Bumble Bff

You have the ability to adjust the settings of your Bumble BFF account to display only the same gender if that’s what you prefer. This feature ensures that while the platform is inclusive, it also respects individual preferences and comfort zones.

It’s also noteworthy to mention that the algorithm of Bumble BFF is designed to take into account your location and the preferences you’ve set. It doesn’t solely rely on gender but also considers factors like age, interests, and distance to suggest potential matches.

This smart matching system aims to make your search for friends more efficient and tailored to your unique needs and preferences.

So, to answer the question, Bumble BFF does not only show the same gender, but it does provides options to cater to those who prefer to connect with the same gender.

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Tips and Tricks for Optimizing Your Bumble BFF Experience

Getting the most out of Bumble BFF involves more than just creating a profile and swiping. There are strategies and best practices that can help you maximize your experience on this social platform.

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Firstly, crafting an engaging profile is a crucial step.

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Your profile is your first impression, your digital introduction to potential friends.

Therefore, ensure that your profile picture is clear and inviting, and your bio reflects who you truly are. Discuss your interests, your personality traits, and what you’re looking for in a friendship. Remember, authenticity attracts authenticity.

And not just profile, you should be able to craft good messages that could kickstart a good conversation. This is asking open-ended questions comes in.

Also, there are ranges of filters on BFF that you can leverage to tailor your experience.

You can adjust filters such as age range, gender, and distance to align with your preferences, helping you find friends who match your lifestyle and interests.

The beauty of these filters is their flexibility; you can adjust them as your needs and circumstances change.

Being active and responsive on the app is another key to success. The more you engage with the app, the more potential matches you’ll come across.

Timely responses to messages and proactive initiation of conversations can also go a long way in fostering connections.

Otherwise, you may just end up having to either extend matches or rematch, which may require a pro feature, depending on some factors.

It’s also essential to approach the process with an open mind.

Just like in real life, not every person you meet on Bumble BFF will become a close friend, and that’s perfectly okay. The platform provides an opportunity to meet a diverse range of people, and sometimes, the most unexpected interactions can lead to the most rewarding friendships.

Despite Bumble BFF’s commitment to user safety, it’s still important to exercise caution. Make use of the app’s safety features and avoid sharing sensitive personal information until a significant level of trust is established.

To deepen your connections, take advantage of Bumble BFF’s Video Chat and Voice Call features. These features enable you to get a better sense of your matches before deciding to meet up in person.

Also, don’t be afraid to follow up on connections that seem promising. Regular communication is key to building lasting friendships. A.


Bumble BFF is a groundbreaking platform for making new friends. With its ability to show users of all genders, it promotes inclusivity and offers everyone the chance to build meaningful connections.

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