70+ ‘I will never shut up about’ Bumble Answers

70+ I will never shut up about Bumble Answers

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If you’ve ever tried your hand at online dating, you’ll know that prompts can either be your best friend or your arch-nemesis. The “I will never shut up about” prompt on Bumble is particularly intriguing. It offers a platform to showcase your passions, quirks, and memorable tales. But how do you ensure your answer doesn’t get lost in the sea of responses? Let’s dive in.

How to answer the “I’ll never shut about” Prompt on Bumble

1. Embrace Authenticity:

The beauty of this prompt lies in its invitation for genuine, unfiltered truths about you. Think about what genuinely excites you. Is it a travel escapade?

A simple life pleasure? An unexpected twist of events? Your real-life tales, interests, or even silly mistakes offer a peek into your world. Being genuine builds trust and makes you memorable.

For instance, if you genuinely feel that every cat is plotting world domination, that’s your unique take. Own it!

2. Think Relatability and Curiosity:

While uniqueness is great, you also want to strike a chord with your potential date. Think about topics that can either be universally relatable or spark a sense of curiosity. You want your date to either think, “Me too!” or “I need to know more about this!”

Like, almost everyone has had that joyous moment of finding money in old jeans. But how often do we hear about someone accidentally leading a parade? Both are equally captivating in their own ways.

3. Infuse Humor and Lightness:

Let’s be honest; dating can be a nerve-wracking journey. A touch of humor or light-heartedness can ease the tension and make your profile a breath of fresh air.

You’re not just sharing a fact; you’re giving them a glimpse into your sense of humor and perspective.

4. Paint a Mini Story:

While you have limited words, try to paint a mini-story or scenario. It provides depth to your answer and leaves a lasting impression. Instead of just saying, “I love cloud-watching,” you could express how it became your unplugged therapy for the soul. The narrative adds dimension and emotion.

It’s like the difference between saying, “I once got lost” and “I turned getting lost in a foreign country into the best impromptu holiday.” One is a statement; the other is a story.

70+ ‘I will never shut up about’ Bumble Answers

1. Funny answers

Funny answers to the I will never shut up about prompt on bumble

I will never shut up about:

  1. How I’m secretly creating a society for people who talk too much in elevators.
  2. My firm belief that somewhere, a room of squirrels is gossiping about humans.
  3. My not-so-secret mission to convince everyone that snails are just homeless turtles.
  4. My quest to prove that my cat is indeed trying to outsmart me.
  5. My spiritual connection to anyone who has tripped in public and played it cool.
  6. My campaign for recognizing air guitar as a legit Olympic sport.
  7. That one time I accidentally entered a llama costume contest. (Spoiler: I didn’t win… or did I?)
  8. How squirrels are obviously plotting world domination.
  9. My conspiracy theory about socks disappearing in the laundry as an inter-dimensional mystery.
  10. The time I accidentally sent my boss an emoji-filled text meant for my best friend.
  11. My awkward encounter with a mime in Paris (we had a “silent” misunderstanding).
  12. That day I tried to beat a pigeon at a staring contest (the pigeon won).
  13. My misadventure of using hair spray as deodorant.
  14. My wild theory that zucchinis are just cucumbers with ambition.
  15. How I once sang a duet with a parrot at a karaoke bar.
  16. The day I took a “shortcut” and ended up in another state.
  17. My award-winning (in my mind) impersonation of a T-Rex doing ballet.
  18. The unparalleled joy of finding money in an old pair of jeans.
  19. How I managed to turn every plant I owned into a survival story.

2. Personal Adventures & Mishaps:

Stories of unexpected or humorous personal encounters and experiences.

Bumble 'I will never shut up about' answer 2

I will never shut up about:

  • That time I accidentally joined a parade in New Orleans.
  • How I accidentally joined a Zumba class thinking it was a meditation session.
  • The day I took a nap and woke up in a completely different decade (it felt like it).
  • The time I mistook a celebrity for an old schoolmate.
  • The life lessons I’ve learned from mistakenly using salt instead of sugar.
  • That road trip where everything went wrong, but it turned out to be the best adventure.
  • The time I got lost in Tokyo and stumbled into a secret jazz bar.
  • How I once convinced a stranger that I was their Uber driver (don’t worry, they reached safely).
  • That eerie coincidence when I met someone with the same birthday, shoe size, and bad karaoke song choice as me.
  • The time I mistook a celebrity for an old schoolmate.
  • How I once spoke gibberish at a conference and got applauded for it.

3. Cinematic & Media Musings:

Opinions and sentiments on various media, from films to series.

Bumble 'I will never shut up about' answer 3

I will never shut up about:

  • How “The Princess Bride” is cinema’s ultimate masterpiece.
  • That twist in the final season of “Game of Thrones”.
  • The unsung heroism of background characters in famous movies.
  • My undying love for 90s cartoons and the morals they taught us.
  • The brilliance of David Bowie’s musical evolution.
  • My favorite unsolved mysteries of the universe.

4. Culinary Delights & Debates:

Praises for certain foods and beverages and contemplations on culinary choices.

Bumble 'I will never shut up about' answer 4

I will never shut up about:

  • The unmatched satisfaction of a well-cooked homemade pizza.
  • Why I’m convinced cereal tastes better at night—it’s science, okay?
  • The debate: pineapple on pizza – an innovation or an abomination?
  • My seemingly magnetic ability to find the best street food in any city.
  • The sublime magic of a perfectly brewed cup of tea.
  • My grand quest to find the world’s best tiramisu.
  • My pilgrimage to every coffee shop in Portland.
  • My mission to taste every type of dumpling across the globe.
  • The art and science of making the perfect macaron.
  • The magic of freshly baked bread smell filling up a home.
  • My quest to find the world’s most perfect cup of coffee.
  • My unwavering belief in the therapeutic power of midnight snacks.

5. Nature & Travel:

Appreciation and tales from nature’s beauty and personal travels.

Bumble 'I will never shut up about' answer 5

I will never shut up about:

  • The poetic beauty of Vincent van Gogh’s “Starry Night”.
  • The exhilarating rush of zip-lining over Costa Rican rainforests.
  • The ethereal beauty of seeing the Northern Lights in Iceland.
  • How traveling solo shaped my perspective on life and human connections.
  • The intricate beauty of spider webs covered in morning dew.
  • The majesty of whales and my life-changing whale-watching trip.

6. Quirky Beliefs & Opinions:

Passionate stances on fun and often lighthearted topics.

Bumble 'I will never shut up about' answer 6

I will never shut up about:

  • How every pet looks absolutely dashing in bow ties.
  • My passionate belief that breakfast foods can be enjoyed at any hour.
  • The curious history and evolution of memes.
  • The conspiracy theory behind socks disappearing in washing machines.
  • How every pet I meet somehow thinks I’m part of their family.
  • My obsession with figuring out what dogs would sound like if they could talk.

7. Positive Life Perspectives:

Life lessons, actions, and perspectives that promote positivity and well-being.

Bumble 'I will never shut up about' answer 7

I will never shut up about:

  • The importance of saving the bees (and how cool their waggle dance is!).
  • How plants have genuinely improved my mental well-being.
  • The beauty of random acts of kindness.
  • The joyous feeling of dancing in the rain without a care in the world.
  • How journaling every day transformed my life.
  • The profound life lessons hidden in children’s books.
  • The catharsis of screaming into the void (or at concerts).
  • How cloud-watching became my unplugged therapy for the soul.

8. Sentimental Nostalgia & Hobbies:

Sentiments on nostalgic moments, places, and personal interests.

Bumble 'I will never shut up about' answer 8

I will never shut up about:

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  • The charm and whimsy of vintage bookstores.
  • The underrated joy of board games on a rainy day.
  • My ever-growing collection of funky socks.
  • That magical moment when a song you’ve never heard before feels like it tells your entire life story.


The “I will never shut up about” prompt should be an open canvas to showcase your passion, humor, and unique tales.

Generally, when answering this prompt, you always want to maintain a blend of authenticity, relatability, lightness, and storytelling that will make your answer stand out.

Happy crafting and even happier dating!

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