Does Bumble Show Profiles that Have Rejected you? (Yes, but..)

Does Bumble Show Profiles that Have Rejected you?

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Swipe left, swipe right – the rhythm of dating online.

But once you’ve swiped left on someone on Bumble, does their profile come back? Or more in your perspective, when someone swipes left on you, can you still be shown to them for maybe a second chance?

Does Bumble Show Profiles that Have Rejected You?

Bumble, like many other dating apps, uses an algorithm to present profiles to its users.

This algorithm is designed to create matches based on a variety of factors, including location, preferences, and even user behavior.

Now, here’s where it might be complicated…

When you swipe right on someone and you feel they swiped left (hence rejected you), can you still be shown to them for maybe a second chance?

Well, it’s not exactly that cut and dry.

You see, Bumble doesn’t disclose the intricacies of its algorithm, which makes it difficult to say with certainty what happens.

However, when a user swipes left on someone on Bumble, there’s still a slim chance Bumble would show the profile again when their filter or preference matches. Because the company understands that accidental swipes happen, hence could sort of repeat profiles.

The platform confirmed this with a Reddit comment 5 years ago…

Does Bumble Show Profiles that Have Rejected you? Reddit comment on thsi

So, where does this leave us? Unfortunately, without a concrete ‘yes’ or ‘no’. But there’s the small possibility they could still be shown your profile.

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How swiping works on Bumble

When you open Bumble, you’re presented with a stack of profiles.

As you browse through these profiles, you make a decision on each one: to swipe left if you’re not interested or right if you are. It’s a quick process, but behind each swipe lies a whole world of decisions.

You see, swiping right isn’t simply expressing an interest in another person.

On Bumble, swiping right means that you’re “beelining” for a connection. You’re telling the app, and potentially the person on the other side of the screen, that you’re open to communication.

But what happens next is where the real magic, or should I say the honey, lies.

If the person you swiped right on also swipes right on your profile, that’s a match! From there, the woman (in a heterosexual match) has 24 hours to initiate the conversation. Bumble’s designed this way to empower women to make the first move.

Now, swiping left is a different story. It’s a polite way of saying, “thanks, but no thanks.” Once you swipe left on a profile, that profile should ideally disappear from your stack, not to be seen again.

However, as we discussed earlier, the reality may not be as straightforward due to Bumble’s undisclosed algorithmic behaviors.

Profiles may come back into circulation for a number of reasons. For instance, in areas with a smaller user base, this could be a simple measure to ensure users don’t run out of potential matches.

How Bumble’s algorithm works to shows new users

The moment you join Bumble, the app starts showcasing your profile to new profiles.

The idea is to give you, the newcomer, a warm welcome by maximizing your visibility. This is the reason most people try to delete and create a new account after using the app for a while.

Now, it’s not like Bumble turns a blind eye to user preferences while doing this.

The app tries to match your profile with users who fit your specified criteria – age range, distance, and so forth. But as a new user, your profile tends to appear more frequently within those parameters.

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However, keep in mind that while this initial boost of visibility sounds exciting, it’s no guarantee of an instant flurry of matches.

Attraction is still subjective, and everyone swipes according to their preferences. But getting more visibility increases your chances of finding matches.

Interestingly, the concept of showcasing new users isn’t unique to Bumble. Most dating apps have a similar strategy – they want to provide a good initial experience, and what’s better than helping new users get a foot in the door?

So, if you’re new to Bumble, this is your moment. The app is set to parade your profile before a wider audience.

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