Bumble Ran Out of Profiles? Here’s how to get more

Bumble Ran Out of Profiles? Here's how to get more

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It’s happened to most Bumble users at least once: you’re swiping away, checking out profiles, and then all of a sudden, you get the message that you’ve “Ran Out of Profiles.”

It can be disconcerting, especially if you’re new to the app. You might be wondering if you’re doing something wrong, or if this is a common occurrence.

So, what does this message actually mean, and why does it appear?

What “Ran Out of Profiles” actually mean on Bumble

Firstly, let’s establish that seeing the “Ran Out of Profiles” message doesn’t necessarily mean that you have swiped through every single user within your set preferences and location. But, yes, that could be one point.

It’s also not neccessarily a bug. So what is it?

Bumble, like other dating apps, uses an algorithm that determines the profiles that are shown to you.

The app takes into account a range of factors including your swiping patterns, location, and preferences. Bumble’s goal is to show you profiles that are more likely to lead to meaningful connections.

The “Ran Out of Profiles” message could appear for several reasons.

One possible reason is that you have a very narrow set of preferences.

If you’re only looking for matches within a small age range, specific distance, or certain interests, then you’re naturally going to have fewer profiles to swipe through.

If you find yourself consistently running out of profiles, consider broadening your search criteria.

Your swiping frequency could also solid reason.

If you’re a very active user who spends a lot of time on the app and swipes through many profiles in a short span of time, you might run out of profiles quicker than someone who uses the app less frequently.

This is especially true if you’re in a smaller city or area where there are “fewer Bumble users at a particular time.”

If you’re thinking that it’s all down to a lack of users, you might be surprised to find out that Bumble has millions of users.

The app doesn’t show all the profiles at once and instead periodically refreshes the profiles you see based on the algorithm. So, don’t worry if you run out of profiles – the pool will refresh and you’ll get more profiles to view.

What to do if Bumble Says “Ran Out of Profiles”?

1. Broaden Your Preferences:

One of the first things to consider is your set preferences.

Advance Filters and setting preference on bumble
Advance filters on Bumble

Are they too narrow? If you’ve set a very specific age range, distance, or interest preference, you might be limiting the number of profiles shown to you.

By widening your preferences, even slightly, you’ll be able to see more profiles. It doesn’t mean you have to compromise on what’s important to you, but a bit of flexibility could present you with profiles you might have missed.

2. Update Your Profile

This might seem counterintuitive, but trust us. Taking a moment to update or refresh your profile can sometimes shake things up a bit.

New pictures or a witty profile text could not only attract more potential matches but could also recalibrate the algorithm to show you different profiles.

3. Check Back Later:

Bumble is constantly updating, and new users join every day.

If you’ve genuinely swiped through a significant portion of available profiles, give it a little time. Come back in a day or two, and you’re likely to see new faces popping up.

4. Change Your Location:

If you’re planning a trip or considering moving to a new city, why not explore the profiles there?

Distance filter on bumble
Distance filter on bumble

Bumble allows you to adjust your location settings. This is not just a fun way to get a preview of who’s out there, but it can also refresh your profile pool.

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5. Stay Active:

It’s also essential to remain active on the app. Engaging in conversations, updating your profile, and regular swiping can help keep your profile visible to others and increase the likelihood of the algorithm showing you more profiles.


While the “Ran Out of Profiles” message can be a slight hiccup on your journey with the app, it’s by no means a dead-end. Doing the steps we mentioned above can help you get started.

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