What Happens if You Don’t Swipe on Bumble?

What Happens if You Don't Swipe on Bumble?

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Bumble, much like its contemporary dating apps, operates on a ‘swipe’ mechanism.

When you come across a profile that interests you, you swipe right to show your interest. If you’re not quite feeling it, you swipe left to move on to the next profile. But what happens when you don’t swipe at all?

What Happens If You Don’t Swipe on Bumble?

Not swiping on Bumble might seem like an unconventional strategy. Yet, it’s certainly possible and not necessarily a negative thing.

If you don’t swipe, the profiles you’ve been shown will just stay in your swipe deck until you decide to make a move, either swiping right or left. They won’t disappear, rather would be waiting patiently in your queue for your interaction anytime you resume.

This is someone complaining about it on a Reddit post…

What Happens If You Don't Swipe on Bumble?

The point here is, if you don’t swipe on a profile, you’d eventually have to swipe on that profile. It’s just a matter of time till the algorithm reshuffles the person back to you.

The only exception to this would be when they eventually misalign with the preference (in the algorithm) that initially brought them to you.

Now, you might be wondering if it’s bad not to swipe.

Well, not necessarily.

Bumble won’t penalize you or lower your profile’s visibility for not swiping on a profile. So, don’t fret about having a lower ‘score’ or decreased popularity due to your inactivity.

However, keep in mind that Bumble is designed as an active platform. It’s there for you to make connections, start conversations, and hopefully, find someone special. If you’re consistently inactive, you might miss out on new matches.

And of course, since you’re swiping less in general you would have a lesser chance of finding matches.

What Actually Happens When You Swipe On Bumble?

The moment you swipe right on someone’s profile, you’re expressing interest.

You’re essentially telling Bumble, “Hey, I think I might like this person.” However, a match isn’t immediately made.

Bumble holds onto your swipe decision until that person comes across your profile. If they also swipe right on you, voilà – it’s a match! Now, this is where Bumble differentiates itself from other dating apps.

Bumble, as some of you might know, is designed to empower women in the world of online dating.

Therefore, if you’re in a heterosexual match, only the woman has the ability to initiate the conversation. She has 24 hours to send the first message. If she doesn’t, the match disappears, poof, just like Cinderella’s magical carriage at midnight.

For same-sex matches, however, either party can initiate the conversation within the same 24-hour timeframe.

It’s also important to note that Bumble offers a ‘daily extend’ feature, giving users the ability to extend the ticking clock on one match per day if they feel the need for more time. Signing up for the Platforms’ premium feature allows you to use the “extend” feature multiple times, however.

Keep in mind, however, it’s a two-way street.

Just like you, the person on the other side has to make a decision. So, don’t get discouraged if every swipe right doesn’t transform into an instant connection. Stay positive, be patient, and remember, good things often come to those who wait!

How to Get Better Matches that Align to your Preference or Specs?

1. Nail your profile setup.

Your profile is the first thing users see, and it’s an opportunity to showcase who you are and what you’re looking for.

Be sure to include clear, recent photos of yourself, and don’t underestimate the power of your bio. Use it to express your interests, values, and what you’re hoping to find on Bumble. Authenticity attracts like-minded people!

2. Set your Filters Right

Bumble allows you to filter profiles based on several criteria like age range, distance, height, exercise habits, education, and more.

These filters can help you refine your swipe deck, presenting profiles that closely match your preferences. Just be mindful not to overdo it with too many filters as it could limit your pool of actually getting matches.

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3. Be Active and Engaged

Bumble’s algorithm rewards users who show consistent activity. By regularly swiping, updating your profile, and engaging in conversations, you’re likely to see an improvement in the quality of your matches.


While it’s not “bad” to take a break from swiping, consistent activity can improve your chances of making connections.

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